Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 538

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 538: The power of a king

Roar! Without giving much time to think, Diamond Ape King angrily roared and rushed towards Ye Chuan and the old devil.

Ye Chuan turned pale. He was unable to move his body under its pressure. The old devil also felt similar pressure and his face was also pale. Even, his legs were trembling.

Although Diamond Ape King was huge in build, its speed was astonishing and its big fist was quickly approaching them.

“Your Excellency, you go first!”

The old devil yelled and gnashing his teeth, he rushed forward and brandished the Iron Blooded Banner, trying to block this powerful attack of Diamond Ape King. Dong, the Iron Blooded Banner squarely hit Diamond Ape King, but, the latter stood still without any injury. The old devil however let out a muffled groan and vomited a mouthful of blood while taking a few steps back.

A peak Daoist Master realm against Half Sage realm, this gap was difficult to surmount.

The cultivation base of the old devil was also pretty good, he was the great devil of the nearby sea areas, unfortunately, this Diamond Ape King was even more powerful. It seemed that it was even more powerful than similarly Half Sage realm Plague Archfiend Abasi. And even though it was injured, its combat power was astonishing.

Along with a roar, a powerful energy fluctuation spread all around.

Smelling the blood of the old devil, numerous Diamond Apes roared from all sides and more and more came over as if the entire population of apes and monkeys inside this ancient grave world was gathering here.

In the front, there was a time and space gate not far away. If they were able to step inside it, then they would exit this ancient grave world, but, the Diamond Ape King blocked their path. Now, if they attempted to breakthrough from the front, they had the certainty of only thirty percentage; if they tried to retreat, then they would be surrounded completely, next, they would be attacked from all sides and die. Both choices were very dangerous.

What should they do?

Ye Chuan was tense and quickly sized up the situation around him.

Roar! Before Ye Chuan could observe carefully, the fierce Diamond Ape King charged again.

This time, its momentum was even more powerful. After a roar, a golden light circulated around its body and its hooked nails also had a layer of golden light. They looked deadly like a great killing artifact. If its ten fingers even touched them, then they would definitely leave behind a bloody hole.

“Zhong Moli, left side, run to that rock in the middle of the pond, quick!”

Ye Chuan roared, making a prompt decision. At the moment of life and death, he didn’t retreat in fear, rather meet it head-on. He crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and punched ferociously.

Dong, the two fists collided. The fist of Ye Chuan and Diamond Ape King met each other.

Diamond Ape King shook and its wounds began to bleed. As for Ye Chuan, he let out a muffled groan as he was sent flying and stopped only after colliding with several apes and monkeys.

So powerful!

Even the strength of 180,000 jin is unable to shake this fellow?

Ye Chuan was shocked. But, he didn’t have much time to think as the Diamond Ape King charged again. This time, it roared so loudly that the entire underground square shook and attacked Ye Chuan, wanting to crush the head of Ye Chuan.

The Diamond Ape King whose wounds were reopened was furious and attacked. This time, its attack was even more ferocious. Although it was seriously injured, the power behind its attack was no laughing matter. It appeared as if it couldn’t feel pain and it was just a killing puppet!

A red light flashed as the Iron Blooded Banner was swung hard.

At the critical moment of life and death, the old devil also made a move. He didn’t vainly try to directly block this Diamond Ape King, rather he brandished Iron Blooded Banner and sent ordinary apes and monkeys that were blocking his path flying. He then gritted his teeth and rushed towards the pond while brandishing the Iron Blooded Banner. Behind, Ye Chuan rolled over on the ground, dodging the attack of Diamond Ape King and closely followed behind the old devil. Then, a red light flashed as Dragon Slaying Flying Sword flew out of the mouth of Ye Chuan and pierced the forehead of an ape. The two cooperated to break out of this encirclement.

Water was dripping down everywhere in this underground cave. This underground square was no exception, in addition, all water seemed to have flowed here from everywhere around this underground cave, forming a pond. This pond didn’t look deep, and there were half submerged several boulders in it.

But can such a small pond stop this ferocious Diamond Ape King?

The old devil was nervous and afraid. He didn’t know why Ye Chuan had ordered to break out from the direction with this small pond, but he didn’t hesitate to comply with his instruction.

After colliding with Diamond Ape King, his purlicue was torn, but at this critical moment, he exploded with his peak Daoist Master realm cultivation base and brandishing Iron Blooded Banner, he sent flying all apes and monkeys blocking the path, forcibly opening the path ahead. He was responsible to sweep ahead and Ye Chuan was responsible for the defense. His Dragon Slaying Flying Sword killed all the approaching apes and monkeys.


The Diamond Ape King roared and charged again, instantly reducing the distance between them to less than three meters. His steps instantly shook the entire underground square as it ferociously chased after Ye Chuan and the old devil.

“Run quickly!”

Ye Chuan pushed the old devil and immediately afterward, he jumped hight and against collided head-on with Diamond Ape King.

An invisible shockwave spread out with their two fits as the center.

Instantly, the entire underground square shook, the towering stone pillars also swayed as if they were about to collapse. The apes and monkeys who were too late to dodge were sent flying far away.

The Diamond Ape King roared as it heavily fell to the ground. The wounds on its body worsened and bled profusely. Now, its entire body was covered with blood. As for Ye Chuan, he was sent flying like a kite with broken string and fell into the cold pond. His right hand hung down loosely and he couldn’t even move it. That one punch of the Diamond Ape King had nearly crushed the right-half of his body.

After condensing the tenth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Ye Chuan had finally met an opponent whose physical strength was above his.

Compared to Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, this Diamond Ape King was not necessarily comparable to them and its cultivation base was also not necessarily comparable to them, but its physical strength was definitely at the level of Half Sage realm. Even after such heavy injuries, it had such strength, if it was not injured, then what kind of strength would this ape have?

Ye Chuan was shocked in his heart. He then gritted his teeth and used Cyan Feather Technique to fly to a large rock in the middle of this pond, and stood back to back with the old devil. At that time, roars resounded as numerous apes and monkeys rushed over from all directions, encircling them in this small pond.

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