Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 537

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 537: Diamond Apes

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan put away Six Winged Golden Cicada that had returned from exploring ahead, then rushed towards the time and space gate beside the golden stone pillar.

The true treasure of this grave was already taken away by the people who had come before and there was also no trace of Zhu Sijia and Sea Demon Clan, so staying behind just to entangle with these apes and monkeys didn’t have any benefits. Even if they could find some treasures, all were low grade treasures.

Ye Chuan made a quick decision and rushed towards the exit, thinking to immediately chase after Zhu Sijia and others.


The apes and monkeys around suddenly roared at the same time, then rushed up in succession. Their speed was astonishing.

“Your Excellency, be careful, these are the legendary Diamond Apes.”

The old devil suddenly rushed up and blocked those apes and monkeys. Then, dong, dong, several apes and monkeys were sent flying.

After his weapon dragon headed cane was broken, the combat power of the old devil had reduced greatly without a proper weapon. But, as a peak Daoist Master realm expert, he was still able to display powerful combat power. He moved all around Ye Chuan, sending all approaching apes and monkeys flying away. His momentum was powerful, but he quickly felt the pressure.

The apes and monkeys that were sent flying quickly got up and rushed towards them again. In addition, more and more apes and monkeys rushed over from all directions. These fellows were born with strangely thick skin and rough flesh, thus, even if a powerful punch landed on them, unless they were coincidently hit on their vital parts, they would just be sent flying, nothing more. It was hard to kill them in one shot. On the contrary, if their sharp claws hit them, then they would at least tore out skin and flesh. Soon, many bloody wounds appeared on the body of the old devil, the wound on his stomach was especially frightening. The sharp claw had nearly pierced through his stomach.

Ye Chuan brandished Iron Blooded Banner in time and sent more than five apes and monkeys flying.

Ye Chuan also made a move and cooperated with the old devil. Then, they attacked while rushing towards the time and space gate that was nearly seventy meters away now. Even the Iron Blooded Banner was hardly able to injure these monkeys and apes. Their skin and flesh were truly too thick. But compared to the punch of the old devil, his attack covered a large area. Still, more and more apes and monkeys rushed towards them, but, they were unable to approach close to Ye Chuan and the old devil, thus, their sharp claws were also useless. Originally, the old devil had rushed forward to protect Ye Chuan, but now, with the help of Ye Chuan, he was finally able to relax a little.


An ape was so angry that it roared and suddenly charged forward, ignoring the Iron Blooded Banner in the hands of Ye Chuan and it tried using its head to confront the tough with toughness.

“Courting death!”

The eyes of Ye Chuan were ice-cold. He circulated ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and swung the Iron Blood Banner. Bang, the head of this ape exploded like a rotten watermelon. Regardless of humans or apes, the skull was especially hard but also very fragile. One would certainly die once one’s skull explodes.

A casualty finally appeared in this fierce battle.

The group of apes suddenly became chaotic. After witnessing the attack of Ye Chuan, they were somewhat frightened. But soon, they angrily beat their chest and rushed forward while roaring, initiating a desperate charge. Instantly, Ye Chuan felt a heavy pressure. He was unable to move even a step forward under the siege of numerous apes. The old devil ferociously attacked sparing no effort, but without a weapon, he was in a great disadvantageous position. Although the Blacksnake Flying Sword was powerful, he had yet to completely refine it, so he didn’t dare to easily use it.

“Zhong Moli, take this!”

Ye Chuan tossed the Iron Blooded Banner to the old devil and took out Dragon Slaying Flying Sword for himself. Then, along with a red flash, one ape was beheaded instantly.

The Iron Blooded Banner was best to use in a group and chaotic battle. As for the sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, it was best to kill in one shot!

Ye Chuan used Dragon Slaying Flying Sword with all his strength and focused on attacking, leaving all the defense to the old devil. Soon, they repelled the first wave of attacks. And taking advantage of the time when the attack of these apes had weakened, Ye Chuan took out another treasure, and a sea conch sound quickly reverberated throughout this underground square. Immediately afterward, numerous apes with dense killing slowly stopped.

At the critical moment, Ye Chuan used Ancient Sea Conch again.

In the Great Monarch Grave, this treasure had caused a miraculous effect. Similarly, these apes were also caught unprepared now. But, he didn’t know why, although they were slowly stopping, they were still conscious, they continued to siege them, some even instinctively rushed forward as if they were innately immune to the sound attack.

“Run quickly!”

Ye Chuan yelled. The duration of his sound attack was limited. If they don’t run now and wait until the other apes also thoroughly regained their consciousness, then they would be in trouble.

The old devil spared no effort to speed up. He then brandished the Iron Blooded Banner, wanting to send all the apes that were blocking their path flying. But, the speed of Ye Chuan was clearly faster, he ran forward and used his shoulder to send all the apes blocking his path flying. Instantly, the 70 meters distance quickly shrunk to less than 20 meters, as long as they could take a few steps more, they would enter the time and space passage and leave this ancient grave world.


A loud roar suddenly resounded. Even the old devil with peak Daoist Master realm cultivation base felt tingling pain in his ears and almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

In front of two people, an ape with golden fur had appeared all of a sudden. Compared to other apes and monkeys, its build was several times larger. It was like a mountain in front of them. Just its fists were bigger than a human head and its hooked nails were also longer than a chopstick. It looked especially terrifying.

Diamond Ape King!

At the final moment, the king of these apes and monkeys appeared and blocked these two people.

Ye Chuan instantly felt that the momentum of this Diamond King was unexpectedly similar to the momentum of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, these two super experts, which made him feel that he wouldn’t be able to defeat it. It seemed that it was at least equivalent to a Half Sage realm expert. Fortunately, this fellow was seriously wounded. They don’t know who inflict those injuries to it, but this made Ye Chuan and the old devil see a slim chance of survival.

This fellow, could it be that it suffered the joint attack of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng?

Recalling the marks left behind by Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, the eyes of Ye Chuan shone.

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