Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 535

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 535: Underground Cave

After more than an hour, Ye Chuan and the old devil Outlying Islands Sanren arrived in front of another ancient grave.

On the surface, this ancient grave was no different from other graves around. There was a dark tombpassage that was slanting downward towards the unknown destination and also a fragment of tombstone on the ground beside it. Looking over, the tombstone was blank. Nothing was written on it. Unlike the previous Great Monarch Grave, it seemed to be a nameless ordinary grave.

“It seems we are already late.”

Ye Chuan looked around and noticed a lot of footprints along with broken pieces of weapons and armors. Clearly, many loose cultivators and devils had already broken into it.

“Yes, we are late, those fellows were truly fast, but something is wrong, how can they……”

The old devil suddenly looked at Ye Chuan and both of them had the same thought.

In this tall mountain, there were countless such nameless graves, in addition, the entire place was shrouded with dense mist. As a result, it still took them a while to get here even though they had a map, but how did many loose cultivators and devils arrive here so quickly? Moreover, how did they find the correct grave accurately?

“Zhong Moli, are there many maps like this?” Ye Chuan asked. He was also puzzled.


The old devil shook his head and said, “I found this map many years ago in ancient ruins, it’s the only copy, it is impossible to have the second map like this.”

“This is strange!”

Ye Chuan squatted down and carefully examined the tombstone’s fragment.  It was neat and smooth, clearly, it was cut off by someone. Moreover, that attack was very powerful, there was a long blade scar on the ground. Looking at this blade scar, it seemed to be the handiwork of Qing Tianhou. That fellow had also arrived here.

“Your Excellency, it is very likely that that great devil Qing Tianhou had come here. Now, he might be inside this nameless grave, how about we first……” The old devil Zhong Moli also saw the blade scar left behind by Qing Tianhou and was shocked.

After pledging loyalty to Ye Chuan, although he saw the hope of resolving his calamity, the current cultivation realm of Ye Chuan was even inferior to his, if they encountered that fellow Qing Tianhou here, then they might not be his opponent even if they cooperated.

“No matter, let’s go in and take a look. Here, wear this bamboo hat!”

Ye Chuan took out a big bamboo hat from his Cyan Lotus Space and handed it over to the old devil. He then took the initiative to step into the dark tombpassage. And after taking a few steps, he suddenly felt as if the sky and earth were spinning, and when he came back to his senses, he was already in a different world.

This was a huge underground cave. There were grotesque stones everywhere and stalactites were hanging down from the ceiling. There were also big and small crossroads at sixes and sevens along with a continuous sound of dripping water. The walls and ground were wet because of groundwater seeping out from the cracks of the rocks, and many places were covered with moss.

This was not an illusion formation, rather a true world.

One grave one world, there was a different world in every grave!

Ye Chuan carefully looked around and began to advance slowly. The old devil followed behind him. Now, both of them were wearing a big bamboo hat and dressed as ordinary loose cultivators. Before long, a corpse lying on the puddle of water appeared in front of these two people.

The old devil walked over, turned over this corpse to look and said, “He is an overseas loose cultivator. He should be the person from the eastern sea area of Bellowing Waves Island. There are several wounds on his body, but the one that is truly fatal is only in one place.

The old devil said while tearing the clothing of this corpse. On the abdomen, there was a fist-sized hole. The edge of this wound was uneven. It seemed that he was not pierced by any weapon, rather a claw of some kind of yao beast had torn it open. In the air, there was a thick aura of yao beast and they could even vaguely hear the roars of unknown yao beasts.

The air suddenly seemed to get cold.

The old devil shivered and quickly stood alertly. He was also an experienced great devil, but seeing the wound in the abdomen of the corpse, he still couldn’t help feeling chill. Since there were many yao beasts in this strange underground cave, if they were careless, then not to mention an ordinary loose cultivator, even a peak Daoist Master realm expert might also die without knowing how he died.

Ye Chuan also took out the Iron Blooded Banner, similarly feeling danger. He then carefully advanced. And to be on the safe side, he also summoned Six Winged Golden Cicada, making this little fellow explore the path ahead.

“Your Excellency, is this Golden Cicada your second avatar?” After walking for a while, the old devil couldn’t help asking curiously.

“It is not my avatar, it’s just an ordinary yao beast.”

Ye Chuan explained briefly. Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets was his fate technique in this life, so he didn’t want to speak much about it.

The old devil readily took a hint and no longer asked more about it. Then, the two advanced silently for a while and discovered many corpses. Each corpse had different wounds and there were swords, armors and other weapons scattered on the ground.

“Your Excellency, look!” The old devil suddenly exclaimed.

On the stone wall covered with moss, there were several blackened pits, in addition, there was lingering restriction fluctuation in the air. It seemed that some kind of treasure was sealed there, unfortunately, they two were too late. Someone else had already taken away the treasure.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan just took a glance and walked forward. There was a corpse whose blood had yet to dry and even was somewhat warm, this clearly showed that he had died not long ago. So increasing their speed, they might be able to catch up to others and take a share of the spoils.

The two people sped up, walking deeper into this underground cave. Along the way, they encountered more corpses. There were loose cultivators with average cultivation base and there were also great devils with extraordinary cultivation base. The state of their corpses clearly showed that, some had died in a direct fight, and some died from an indescribable attack with a fist-sized hole on their stomach.

After walking for a while, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped.

In the front, there was another corpse, he similarly had a bloody hole on his stomach. But, unlike other corpses, this person was tall and big, moreover, he wore a distinctive battle armor with a rare wave pattern carved on it. He was not a loose cultivator, rather a sea demon warrior.

Ye Chuan rushed up and wanted to use a secret technique to save this sea demon warrior. Unfortunately, the corpse was already cold. He had died for a long time. Now, even if he had an elixir of life, it was impossible to save him.

Zhu Sijia, Sea Demon Patriarch and others had truly come here. What kind of dangers did they encounter? Where were they now?

The complexion of Ye Chuan became ice-cold but his heart was tense.

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