Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 534

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 534: Tracks

Dong! A muffled sound resounded as Ye Chuan hit the golden sarcophagus with his palm.

The golden sarcophagus was already cracked by the halberd of Qing Tianhou, but the attack of Ye Chuan did nothing. Not even a single additional crack appeared on it.

The eyes of Ye Chuan however still blaze like a torch. He circulated ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and attacked again without any hesitation. This time, along with the sound of explosion, even the ground shook, but, the golden sarcophagus remained unchanged.

Ye Chuan was greatly shocked in his heart.

In the Great Monarch Grave, he had seen each blade slash of Qing Tianhou had left behind a big crack on it, as if it was not that difficult to break open this golden sarcophagus. But now, as he sees it, he was so wrong.

It was not that this sarcophagus was not solid enough, rather Qing Tianhou was too powerful.


Ye Chuan didn’t believe that he couldn’t even dent it. He used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to launch a fierce attack. His fists heavily fell on the golden sarcophagus like the rain. Each fist brought along an ear-deafening sound. The dense mist around him also seethed violently under his energy fluctuation.

The old devil had his eyes wide open. The more he watched, the more he was unable to cultivate calmly.

The attacks of Ye Chuan appeared unremarkable, but every punch had amazing power behind it. Even he might not necessarily be able to directly withstand it. But, what surprised him even more was, even under the ferocious attacks of Ye Chuan, the golden sarcophagus was practically unscathed. Clearly, it was already cracked, but it appeared as if it was impossible to break it open, making it impossible to take out 18 Demongods Banner.

An ancient great killing artifact, let alone refining it, even taking out was a big problem.

Ye Chuan stopped and took out his Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, Iron Blooded Banner and other treasures to attack. Unfortunately, the golden sarcophagus remained unscathed. Perhaps, his cultivation base was limited and far inferior to Qing Tianhou, or the restriction on the golden sarcophagus become more stable as the sarcophagus was cracked, it was very hard to break it open.

“It seems I truly don’t have fate with this treasure, I can only look at it but cannot eat.”

Ye Chuan made a bitter smile and stopped attacking.

He had tried everything, but he truly couldn’t do anything. It seems he could only store it in Cyan Lotus Lamp, and in the future, after he had broken through to rank 7 Daoist Master realm, or even Half Sage realm, he had to try to break it open again. The great killing artifact left behind by ancient Great Monarch, it indeed was not so easy to obtain!

“Your Excellency, let me give it a try.”

The old devil walked over and stood in front of Ye Chuan. Then, taking a few deep breaths, he used all his strength and raised his dragon headed cane. Instantly, an ear-deafening dragon roar resounded as this cane chopped down along with a vague phantom of a dragon.

Boom! The golden sarcophagus still remained unscathed. The dragon headed cane in his hand however snapped into two.


The old devil sweated profusely and his face turned green and then pale, looking at his snapped dragon headed cane.

He wanted to show his powers in front of Ye Chuan, the result, not to mention achieving any result, he even broke his dragon headed cane.

“Not bad, Zhong Moli, since you nearly break open this sarcophagus, take this flying sword.”

Ye Chuan patted the shoulder of the old devil and took out a flying sword with unique shape from his Cyan Lotus Space. It resembled a coiling poisonous snake.

Blacksnake Flying Sword!

Ye Chuan took out the treasure of Blacksnake Clan and bestowed it over to the old devil who had just lost dragon headed cane. “This flying sword is called Blacksnake Flying Sword. It is ferocious and poisonous, don’t easily use it. In addition, this flying sword seemed to be blessed by heaven defying expert before, so although I have already gotten rid of the brand left in it, you still have to be careful. Nourish it within your body for at least forty-nine days to completely refine it, then you can use it.”

Ye Chuan instructed. Although Blacksnake Demongod and Ghost King Dushen had gone to Undead World, Blacksnake Monarch hidden behind Blacksnake Demongod still existed, so he didn’t dare to easily use it.

“Yes, this subordinate understand, I will be careful!”

The old devil bowed and took the Blacksnake Flying Sword. Then, feeling the energy fluctuation of this flying sword, he excitedly said, “Your Excellency, this……, is this the well-known treasure, Blacksnake Flying Sword, of the eastsea Blacksnake Clan?”

Although Bellowing Waves Island was far away from the east sea, Blacksnake Clan of the east sea was infamous. This old devil knew it. When he traveled all around more than ten years ago, he had crossed path with Blacksnake Clan. At that time, he was almost caught in the trap of Blacksnake Clan and then he learned the power of Blacksnake Clan.

“Yes, this is the well-known Blacksnake Flying Sword of Blacksnake Clan.”

Ye Chuan understood the meaning of the old devil. And after nodded his head, he added, “Some time ago, I passed through the east sea and annihilated Blacksnake Clan on the way. That Blacksnake Clan isn’t any good, but this flying sword is not bad, refine it properly. Now, let’s go and see the third grave on the dotted line!”

Ye Chuan put away the golden sarcophagus along with human faced snakes, Six Winged Golden Cicada and Hei Chui in his Cyan Lotus Lamp. Then, he advanced towards the third grave on the map. Behind, the old devil followed after putting away the Blacksnake Flying Sword within his body to refine it slowly. Following Ye Chuan, not to mention he got benefits, now he was confident in resolving his calamity.

Even Blacksnake Clan that dominated the eastern sea was annihilated, what kind of power did Ye Chuan have?

The old devil followed behind Ye Chuan but he was unable to calm down his heart.

He clearly knew the power of Blacksnake Clan, as a result, he was shocked by the power of Ye Chuan again. Fortunately, he made a wise choice this time and didn’t confront Ye Chuan.

In the midst of the dense mist, the two flew forward, passing one grave after another.

Here, even an experienced yao beast hunter would find it difficult to navigate. There was dense mist everywhere, only relying on the direction of the mountain, one could judge one’s position.

Ye Chuan advanced while frequently observing the Sea Demon Map. He continuously adjusted the direction as he rushed towards the third grave marked on the dotted line.

The old devil had already broken into the first grave. He discovered a command plate of Sea Demon Clan inside. The second grave was the Great Monarch Grave, he had broken in not long ago. Although he didn’t see any trace of Zhu Sijia and others, his harvest was great. As for the third grave, he didn’t know what was waiting.

The speed of Ye Chuan increased. He looked forward to meeting with Zhu Sijia and others and he also was looking forward to finding real Lost City.

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