Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 532

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 532: Seven large graves

This was a soft sheepskin. It was already tattered due to age. Thus, the patterns drawn on it were somewhat fuzzy, but looking carefully, one could see that this was a map.

At the center of this map, there was a tall mountain, and on the tall mountain, there were big and small graves everywhere. As for around this tall mountain, it was a blank space shrouded with thick mist. At one glance, one could see that this was the map of Sea Demon Clan’s racial holy land.

Ye Chuan was excited and he quickly looked for the real location of the Lost City on this map.

If he found Lost City, then there was a high chance that he would find Zhu Sijia and others. At that time, he could join them and quickly leave this sea area after taking the holy item of Sea Demon Clan and return to the mainland!

After unwittingly learning the circumstance of Hong Zixia was not good, Ye Chuan was anxious to return, but the tall mountain of the map was also shrouded with dense mist and there were graves everywhere, in addition, the map was tattered and fuzzy, how could he know the location of Lost City?

Ye Chuan carefully looked for a while but he still gained nothing. It seemed that this was not a secret map from Sea Demon Clan, rather the map casually made by a certain loose cultivator or great devil, nothing worth mentioning was marked on this map.

“Your Excellency, look here, isn’t this just happen to be the Great Monarch Grave we broke in? And here, isn’t there a dotted line?”

Zhong Moli walked forward and said pointing on the map.

After accidentally obtaining this map more than a hundred years ago, he had repeatedly studied it. He had long noticed many details that went unnoticed by ordinary people.

At first glance, the place pointed by Zhong Moli seemed to be an unassuming little dot on the map, representing a grave, not different from the other graves. But, from the surrounding topography, it was truly identical to the Great Monarch Grave. And upon the careful look, one could further see a faint dotted line passing through this grave. And following this dotted line, one could see that this dotted line passed through seven graves on the map.

These seven graves spread across the mountain, from top to bottom. There were not in any particular order, merely, this faint dotted line passed through them. Starting from the foot of the mountain, this Great Monarch Grave was located in the second position of this dotted line.

“Your Excellency, if my guess isn’t wrong, then the real racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan is inside one of these seven graves.”

The old devil paused and added, “The first grave marked by the dotted line is near the foot of the mountain, I have already broke in and explored it. There were also many treasures sealed inside, but someone else had basically taken them away. Other than traces left behind by ordinary loose cultivators, I found something else.”

The old devil said as he took out a command plate from his bosom. Many waves like lines were carved on it as if an ocean world was sealed inside this command plate.

“This is…… command tablet of Sea Demon Clan!” Ye Chuan’s eye shone.

“Yes, it is the special command tablet of Sea Demon Clan, without a doubt, Sea Demon Clan had definitely been inside that grave. Moreover, they seemed to be in haste as they dropped this command plate inside.” The old devil hesitated for a while and added, “Your Excellency, I think even the descendants of Sea Demon Clan didn’t know the real location of Lost City, so they were also looking around. To be precise, they were looking among these seven graves! As long as we are quick enough, we can break into the real Lost City before them and take away their holy item!”

In order to gain the trust and help of Ye Chuan, the old devil went all out, he told all his findings of over a hundred years without any reservation.

Now, the most urgent matter for him was to resolve his calamity and survive. Any treasure was less important. Without life, what was the use of any treasure?

Ye Chuan who was in front of him was his only hope.

“Not bad, this map has some value, at least it is better than this cane in your hand.” Ye Chuan looked up and said.

With this map, there was a high chance of finding Lost City and Zhu Sijia’s group. He no longer needed to run all around like a headless fly.

“Your Excellency, then my calamity……” The old devil was excited hearing the words of Ye Chuan.

“Difficult, very difficult.”

Ye Chuan still shook his head. He already had a thought in his mind, but he didn’t agree immediately and said, “In the Great Monarch Grave, I owed you a favor, in addition, now you have already given me this map, normally, I would have agreed to help you. But, helping resolve the life and death calamity of other people is honestly too dangerous. Even I don’t have a hundred percent certainty. The slightest bit of mishap and both you and I will be annihilated. Besides, not too long ago, didn’t you threaten Ye Lanqing and other female disciples? If I hadn’t encountered them, then wouldn’t……”

The face of old devil became red and said with an awkward smile, “Your Excellency, that……, I was just scaring them. You also know that Overseas World is filled with loose cultivators and devils everywhere, if one is not fierce enough then one would be annihilated, so……, so even though I am not fierce enough, I at least wanted to pretend to be fierce so as to make others not dare to easily look down upon me……”

The old devil stuttered with some embarrassment.

Not long ago, he was threatening female disciples of Thunderbolt Sect to violate and kill, but now, he was stuttering, wanting to pledge loyalty. No matter how thick his skin was, he was ashamed.

“Oh, so it was like that, now I understand.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and looking at this old devil with a red face, he said with a bright smile, “There is a matter I want to make clear first. Actually, I am not Thunderbolt Venerable, the Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Elder. I am not even a person from this Overseas World, I am just an unqualified disciple of a third-rate sect of the mainland. What do you say, do you still want to pledge loyalty to me?”

Ye Chuan said while talking off his big bamboo hat, revealing his face.

Looking at Ye Chuan who was younger than the Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect, the old devil was somewhat dumbfounded, but he came back to his sensed before long. He then hastily nodded his head and said, “Yes, I, Zhong Moli, will pledge loyalty to Your Excellency, I beseech Your Excellency to bestow kindness. Your Excellency can rest assured, I absolutely will not speak about your true identity, I don’t know the Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect and also have never seen him.”

In the Wilderness World, there were countless techniques. There were many who forcibly seized other’s body or reincarnate. The most taboo thing for this kind of people was exposing their previous identity. It was to avoid getting killed by the strong opponents of his previous life before his cultivation was sufficiently strong.

The more Ye Chuan denied it, the more this old devil believed that Ye Chuan was the legendary Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, and he became all the more respectful.

Seeing the expression of this old devil, Ye Chuan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, and he also didn’t feel like explaining, “Zhong Moli, have you considered it clearly?”

“Yes, I have considered it clearly, Your Excellency, please save me.” The old devil firmly nodded his head without any hesitation, “Your Excellency can rest assured, I can take an oath, if I betray you in the future, then I……”

“Enough, I don’t need your oath, you only need to absorb this drop of essence blood.”

Ye Chuan interrupted the oath of the old devil and using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, he forced out a drop of blood and flicked it into the glabella of the old devil.

The heart of old devil stopped for a moment. He now understood that the might of Ye Chuan was far beyond his expectation. He became more respectful and became even more fearful, not daring to have even a thought of betrayal.

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