Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 530

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 530: Price

In an instant, Ye Chuan was teleported outside the Great Monarch grave, returning to the tall mountain shrouded with dense mist.

He looked all around, but this place with mist spread all over was very quiet. This tall mountain with ancient graves everywhere in itself resembled a huge grave.

His wounds of stomach and shoulder were dripping with blood. Ye Chuan looked down and examined his wound and felt lucky. If the wound was a bit deeper, then he feared that the blade of Qing Tianhou might have cut him into two. But, he didn’t have time to waste, he immediately put away the golden sarcophagus and left without even wrapping the wounds.

Caught unprepared, the people were confused by the conch sound, but after a short time, they would wake up. If he didn’t leave now, then perhaps, he would instantly be surrounded.

The complexion of Ye Chuan was stretched taut. The 18 Demongods Banner was the earliest treasure sealed inside this Great Monarch grave and it might be the most valuable treasure there. Thus, people will not easily give it up. Sure enough, just after he left, many figures appeared outside the Great Monarch grave. Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng were also among them.

“Chase, that kid is seriously injured, he has definitely not run far!”

“There is the blood trail on the ground, follow it, quick!”

Everyone shouted and spread out all over, wanting to kill Ye Chuan. Many ordinary loose cultivators also joined the ranks to chase Ye Chuan.

In the Great Monarch grave, numerous experts had been eyeing the golden sarcophagus, so they thought that it was even harder than reaching the sky to seize the golden sarcophagus. But now, it was different, experts had spread out all around, so there was a comparatively smaller number of experts to compete. In addition, they had the cover of mist. If they find Ye Chuan, then they might successfully obtain the golden sarcophagus. Ye Chuan was severely injured, so now, it was not whose cultivation was higher, rather who was luckier. If one was lucky, then they could seize the golden sarcophagus without anybody knowing!

The loose cultivators and devils that rushed out from the Great Monarch grave quickly went into action. Among them, there was no lack of very experienced yao beast hunters. They followed the blood trail of Ye Chuan in the midst of the thick mist. But, after chasing for a while, this blood trail disappeared.

Everyone worked together to search this mountain, but they still gained nothing. Even Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, these two super experts, were also at their wits’ end. They could sense neither Ye Chuan’s aura nor his spirit fluctuation as if the latter had already left the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan. Or perhaps, he fell into some kind of abyss and died. Even after searching again and again for several hours, and even searching the foot of the mountain, they gained nothing, so they had no choice but to climb up the mountain.

But the more they climbed up, the denser the mist, and the more powerful the restriction fluctuation was, thus it got harder to advance. But on the mountain, perhaps, there were more Great Monarch grave that no one had ever entered with many treasures sealed inside, so people gave up the chase and left in succession. But, Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng were still standing opposite to each other in the midst of the dense mist. Don’t know when they met, but they were watching each other with a cold gaze as if they were about to fight to the death.

“At that time in Great Monarch grave, you obviously could have killed that brat, why did you let him go?”

Qing Tianhou fiercely glared at Jiang Tunsheng and his killing intent soared.

Caught unprepared, he was affected by the conch sound and felt dizzy for a moment, but he still severely injured Ye Chuan with his blade. At that time, although Jiang Tunsheng had also a chance to make a move, he just aimed at the Ye Chuan and let Ye Chuan escape without releasing his arrow. He just watched Ye Chuan disappearing into the time and space gate. This made Qing Tianhou hate Jiang Tunsheng, and he also was unable to understand his purpose.

“Qing Tianhou, since you didn’t have the ability to kill him even though you were so close to that kid, who else can do it? Moreover, at the last moment, you wanted me to shoot that heavily injured kid so that you can take advantage of that moment, and seize that golden sarcophagus?” Jiang Tunsheng sneered and paused for a moment, then added, “The thing I cannot obtain, don’t think that you can obtain it!”


Qing Tianhou was furious. His blade trembled as he wanted to fight to the death with Jiang Tunsheng, but looking at the mountain shrouded with dense mist, he hesitated for a while and suppressed his anger. He then turned around and flew away, leaving behind his cold voice, “Old man, you better pray that you have a breakthrough in your cultivation, otherwise, you will not be able to walk for long in front of this Lord Hou. The day this Lord Hou breakthrough to Sage realm is your day of death, hahahaha……”

Qing Tianhou roared with laughter as he left to look for more treasures and opportunities.

They had broken into this racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan with great difficulty, now was not the time to have a fight to the death with Jiang Tunsheng. Whoever seizes more treasures, he would have a greater chance to breakthrough to Sage realm faster and he would also be the last one to laugh.

For cultivators, powerful strength and cultivation were eternal pursuits. Ordinary cultivators were like this, when one was in Wuzhe realm, one would long to breakthrough to Xiushi realm, and when one was in Xiushi realm, one would long to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm. Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, these kind of super experts were also the same. They had already reached peak Half-Sage realm, but they still long more powerful strength and spared no effort to breakthrough to Sage realm!

At that time during the attack of Cloud Mist Sect, although State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was powerful, he was far from being as heaven-defying as his current self. This was because, on one hand, he now had Emperor Bow, and on the other hand, he had just sent his avatar at that time, displaying only the strength of peak Daoist Master realm. Now, he had come with his real body, and he was not any inferior to Qing Tianhou.

Looking at the departing back view of Qing Tianhou, Jiang Tunsheng stood still with a heavy heart and sighed, “At the last moment, considering Zixia, I let that kid go, was that worth it? If Zixia heard this, she might be very happy, but was it really worth it for her to pay such a heavy price for such a licentious and heartless kid, eternally unable to see the sunlight, ai……”

Jiang Tunsheng was dejected, he then sighed again and left. Behind, underneath an unassuming grave, the soil gradually loosened and slowly a head came out.

When everyone was chasing, Ye Chuan hadn’t left far. He had hidden nearby. He had used a secret technique to bury himself underground and retract all his aura and energy fluctuation. In addition, due to the dense mist and restriction fluctuation everywhere, he successfully passed this danger.

“At the last moment, that State Teacher had intentionally let me go?”

Ye Chuan was shocked. He had successfully escaped from numerous loose cultivators and devils, but he was unable to be happy and doubts appeared in his heart. “This old man, what is his relation with Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia? How come he let me go for her shake? Furthermore, what happened to Zixia? What kind of price did she pay?”

Ye Chuan suddenly became confused and a very bad feeling appeared in his heart.

After thinking carefully, it had already been a long period of time since he had last contacted Hong Zixia. After Daqin Dynasty attacked Cloud Mist Sect, he had not seen her again. In that battle, Jiang Tunsheng had suddenly arrived and no was able to block him, fortunately, Hong Zixia arrived in time, and this drew White Haired Heavenly Empress later. This suppressed Jiang Tunsheng. But, what exactly happened to Jiang Tunsheng later? What about White Haired Heavenly Empress and Hong Zixia? Ye Chuan knew nothing. Everything that happened after he fell unconsciousness, he knew nothing.

Originally, Ye Chuan thought that Hong Zixiya had followed her master White Haired Heavenly Empress to return to heavenly Yao Sect and she was cultivating in ease to take command of Heavenly Yao Sect, but hearing the words of Jiang Tunsheng, it seemed that the situation was completely different!

“Zixia, where are you?”

Ye Chuan was worried. He couldn’t wait to return to the mainland and clearly investigate Heavenly Yao Sect.

At this moment, the sweet voice and expression of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia appeared in his mind. They had gone through thick and thin in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Later, they pair-cultivated Demonic Dragon Sutra. Gradually, recalling every time he spent with her appeared in his mind and his desire to return to the mainland became stronger and stronger.

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