Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 53

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 53: Old Monster Tong Bi

The body of Ye Chuan suddenly softened and swayed as if boneless willow catkins. Then those swift and fierce sword qi directly hit him in the face, but sharp sword brushed past him.

After dodging those 17 sword strikes, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped.

A long hair, slowly floated down from the sky, and muffled thunderbolt sound still resounded in the sky.

Everyone simultaneously had their eyes wide open and their heart was shaken.

Hong Lei and Ye Chuan, one attacked brilliantly, this attack was as quick as lightning with great might, and another had excellent body movement, dodging so well that others couldn’t help but cheer, although it was breathtaking but was simply standing tall!

“Good, good skill, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect is indeed somewhat skilled.”

Hong Lie stepped forward with ice-cold complexion, and with his killing intent getting denser, he coldly said, “But, having sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother only at Wuzhe realm, and not even broken through to Xiushi realm, this is the disgrace of the sect. Brat, today you are dead!”

The eyes of Hong Lie flashed with pallid light, and he was about to move his hand’s heavy sword once again.

“Slow down!”

Ye Chuan said, then looking at Hong Lie, he indifferently said: “Today, do you seriously want to have life and death battle?”

“No, today you will die and I will live.” Hong Lie walked one step forward, and with ferocious complexion, he made preparation for his strongest attack. Although he looked thin, small and ugly, but this moment, the aura he displayed was a true quality of expert, which no one dared to underestimate.

“Do we have the enmity of killing father?” Ye Chuan asked.


“Do we have the conflict of interest?” Ye Chuan again asked.


“Good, I understand.”

Ye Chuan looked at overbearing and gnashing his teeth Hong Lie, then again looked at gentle and soft as if water, endearing little bird Tuoba Xiaoniao, understanding everything clearly.

Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect, although were incompatible as fire and water, but their disciples also wouldn’t go as far as to have life and death battle the moment they meet. Hong Lie was so aggressive, not because he had personal enmity or conflict of interest, but the reason was naturally obvious. Clearly, this fellow had taken a fancy on this Tuoba Xiaoniao who had returned back after the travels of many years, and hearing him addressing Tuoba Xiaoniao as a wife, he was burning with anger.

“Use your Cloud Mist Sect’s most powerful technique! Today, I will let you die convinced!” Although Hong Lie was filled with killing intent, but he didn’t attack immediately, he intentionally wanted to humiliate Ye Chuan before killing him to show his elegant demeanor in front of a beauty.

His build and appearance were the shortcomings of Hong Lie, even he himself was also well aware of this point, also, for this reason, he felt somewhat inferior and didn’t dare to open his mouth to express his love towards as pretty as flower Tuoba Xiaoniao. Today, the arrival of Ye Chuan aroused his resentment, and before he even saw Ye Chuan, he was already filled with anger. But for him, this was also a good opportunity.

Killing Ye Chuan, not only could he appease the resentment of Tuoba Xiaoniao, but he could also show his strong points and hide his weakness, showing his elegant demeanor in front of her.

“Well, look at my palm.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then slapped in the void, but his body suddenly as if ghosts fell back, and laughed heartily, “Want to fight to the death with me, first catch me, then we will talk! See you later, my Lady White, hahaha!”

Ye Chuan roared with laughter then quickly left.

“Don’t run, brat, if you are capable then don’t run!” Tuoba Xiaoniao stomped her foot, then chased after him while feeling angry and also ashamed.

Ye Chuan running away in just this fashion was also not too deficit. He saw everything from head to toe, then thought to sneak off, where was such cheap advantage?

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, then suddenly accelerated. After that he turned his head and seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao was chasing after him, he evilly smiled and said, “Why? My wife, are you too reluctant to part with Your Excellency the husband, and also urgently wants to have a bridal chamber with Your Excellency the husband?”

“Brat, you……” Tuoba Xiaoniao flustered, with Ye Chuan calling her wife in public, she was so ashamed that she wanted to look for a hole to crawl into it, and she nearly stopped her footsteps because of this.

At that time, ear-piercing sound suddenly resounded.

Hong Lie didn’t utter a word, but his face was twisted, he was so angry towards Ye Chuan that he was spouting smoke through his seven orifices. The Thunderbolt sword in his hand was so fast that its rumbling thunderbolt sound disappeared and was replaced by ear piercing sonic boom. Two legs exerted strength on the ground, then rushing straight behind Ye Chuan, he angrily wanted to cut Ye Chuan into two half from the waist.

Come on!


Ye Chuan who was running for the life suddenly turned around and indifferently faced murderous-looking Hong Lie. And in the instant when latter’s Thunderbolt Sword was about to chop him, he bent his finger and flicked. The air suddenly undulated, rising the circles of ripples. In the middle of this layer upon layer of ripples, a huge finger appeared out of thin air, advancing towards the sword in the hand of Hong Lie.

Illusory Magic Finger!

Ye Chuan suddenly launched an attack, and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he struck out a fatal move.

Running away was just a bait, and calling Lady White was also him intentionally enraging Hong Lie. And when he was careless, he suddenly launched a counterattack.


Tuoba Xiaoniao and Black Cauldron Sect’s guards simultaneously cried out in alarm. Ye Chuan’s this move not only came all of a sudden, but also was great in strength and was terrifying.

A Wuzhe realm disciple, how could he display this kind of technique?

People were shocked and confused, even after thinking until they break their head, they didn’t understand this.

“Hahaha, mantis stopping the carriage, just a pipe dream.”

People cried out in alarm, but Hong Lie was heroic, not only didn’t he dodge, instead he accelerated and meet this attack head-on with his full power sword chop. ‘Ding’ sound resounded, the Thunderbolt Sword in his hand trembled, nearly flying out of his hand, and Ye Chuan was greatly shocked as if he got an electric shock, and with his face becoming ghastly pale, that finger in the sky also disappeared without a trace.

The might of Illusory Magic Finger was alarming, unfortunately, the current realm of Ye Chuan was still too low. Drawing the support of Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he was barely able to use it with great effort, and could only frighten the people, but if he truly wanted to inflict heavy injury to Hong Lie and this kind of expert, then it obviously was insufficient.

However Ye Chuan had already expected this result in advance, Illusory Magic Finger was also not a killing move, the real killing move was still yet to come.

After smoothly blocking the attack of Ye Chuan, Hong Lie roared with laughter, then holding his sword, he rushed towards Ye Chuan once again. And just when he was about to ruthlessly cut Ye Chuan, a cold wind suddenly came through his neck, and he immediately had a strong sense of danger. Turning his head and turning around his body, he quickly retreated back. He did all these without stopping. And after withdrawing three meters, he vaguely saw a golden light flashing in the sky, and entering the body of Ye Chuan. It was not a flying sword but was better than flying sword.

In the plan of Ye Chuan, Golden Cicada King was the real killing move. Although Hong Lie was a Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Black Cauldron Sect, but under carelessness, Hong Lie nearly fell into the trap, suffering the defeat!

“Wife, don’t yell attack or kill like this when we meet each other again. A wife shouldn’t instruct husband, next time, if you are not obedient, then I will spank your buttocks.”

Ye Chuan secretly thought it was a pity. The complexion of Hong Lie was ghastly pale, and the energy fluctuation within his body was steadily rising, but Ye Chuan didn’t even take a single glance at him, merely looking at Tuoba Xiaoniao for a while with a smile, he swaggered off. Behind, Hong Lie had the heart to chase, unfortunately, he missed the good opportunity, and only looked at the distant back view of Ye Chuan helplessly.

Circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he dashed off full speed. The speed of Ye Chuan was so fast that many Xiushi realm experts could only see his dust and have no hope of catching up!

However, just when Ye Chuan thought that he could leave safely, suddenly he had a feeling and stopped his steps, then alertly looked in front of him.

“Hahaha, not bad, kid, you are sufficiently vigilant, and really have some skills, not really a total failure. But, after humiliating our Black Cauldron Sect, you want to leave just like this, do you think it’s possible?”

A hoarse voice came through the dark, and an old man with a grizzled beard walked out from the dark. His figure was very short, he seemed similar to a child in height, but his arms were very long, while standing, his arms almost touch the ground, and he was carrying over ten thousand jin heavy bronze cauldron on his shoulder. With his every step, the ground would shake and his steps would leave behind a deep footprint.

“Xiaoniao greets Elder Tong Bi!”

“We pay respect to Protector Elder!”

Seeing this strange old man who had walked out of the dark, the people of Black Cauldron Sect simultaneously bowed to make their salutations.

A heavy pressure suddenly spread all over the air, pressuring Ye Chuan. After a crackling sound, the spine of Ye Chuan was forced to bend.

Just after he had dodged sinister and dangerous situation of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Black Cauldron Sect Hong Lie’s hunt, Ye Chuan met even more formidable opponent. Now this person known as Old Monster Tong Bi who was the Protector Elder of Black Cauldron Sect suddenly blocked his path!

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