Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 529

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 529: Conch Sound

“Boy, hand it over, this golden sarcophagus along with the treasure sealed inside it is not something you can swallow.”

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng slowly walked forward. He also recognized Ye Chuan.

Although the big bamboo hat had covered most of Ye Chuan’s face, for the experts of Jiang Tunsheng level, not to mention just disguising, even if one used a technique to transform into another person. They could recognize a person because although the appearance could be changed but the aura and spirit fluctuation were unique, and everyone had different.

“What if I don’t have it over?” Ye Chuan asked. His legs were firmly nailed on the ground and he was enduring the pressure of these two super experts, circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was surprised. And seeing the current cultivation realm of Ye Chuan, a hint of appreciation flashed through his eyes, but he indifferently said, “I said, this is something you can swallow, moreover, even if you have obtained it now, you will not be able to keep it. If you don’t hand it over, then do you think you will be able to walk out alive from this Great Monarch Grave?

Ye Chuan remained silent and looking at the situation around him, his heart sunk even further.

But, this thing obtained with great difficulty, who would be willing to hand it over just like this?

Ye Chuan was unwilling, and it was not his style. He just calmly thought of countermeasures.

Jing Tunsheng no longer urged him. He gave Ye Chuan time to think over. Qing Tianhou however was impatient. He stepped forward and coldly said with dense killing intent, “Boy, hand over that golden sarcophagus and pledge loyalty to this Lord Hou, this is the only way you can survive, otherwise, you will die a miserable death, and even your sect will be eradicated!’

The killing intent of Qing Tianhou was soaring. He was prepared to kill at any time like a Slaughter God.

Ye Chuan however remained indifferent to this threat. But, many blaze spirits seemed impatient too, and red radiance circulated around their body.

“Give me that golden sarcophagus and I swear that you will live a wealthy life and I will make his Majesty bestow you Cloud Mist Sect, in addition, guarantee your and your sect’s safety, how about it?”

Jiang Tunsheng continued to move forward, slowly getting closer and closer. And without waiting for Ye Chuan to answer the threat of Qing Tianhou, he offered attractive conditions.

One was ferocious and was filled with dense killing intent, and the other was making an attractive promise. Both of them similarly wanted the golden sarcophagus on the shoulder of Ye Chuan, but their means were completely different.

Qing Tianhou was aloof and arrogant. In his eyes, it seemed that everyone under heaven was ants. Jiang Tunsheng however was different. He would not discard the things he targeted, but he could make some compromises and concessions.

Ye Chuan who seemed to be dead for certain suddenly turned into something these two super experts vie for.

The ground however continued to sway and a large amount of magma erupted out frequently. But, the eyes of everyone was on Ye Chuan. They wanted to see what Ye Chuan would choose.

Ye Chuan didn’t reply and seemed to be in a dilemma.

Under this heavy encirclement, it was almost impossible to leave with the golden sarcophagus. But, there was a problem handing it over to either Qing Tianhou or Jing Tunsheng. If he handed it over to Qing Tianhou, then he would also have to pledge loyalty to him and heed his command hereafter; and if he handed it over to Jiang Tunsheng, he would thoroughly offend Qing Tianhou and he wouldn’t be able to guaranty the safety of the sect hereafter.

“Kid, last chance, hand it over, otherwise, you are dead today, no one can save you!”

Qing Tianhou took a step forward. Now, he was less than seven meters away from Ye Chuan, but his killing intent was still increasing with impatience.

The ground shook more and more violently and the restriction fluctuation in the air became stronger. If this continued, then no one knew what kind of changes would occur in this Great Monarch Grave. In the unlikely event, if there was a guardian more powerful than these blaze spirits, then no one might be able to obtain this golden sarcophagus.

“It is not impossible to hand this golden sarcophagus to you, but, I must look for my companion first and ask whether he agrees or not.”

Ye Chuan threw the golden sarcophagus on the ground with a reluctant appearance, then he took out a conch from who knows where and gently blew it. The sound was gentle and it was transmitted to far away. It appeared as if he was truly calling for his companion, separated in this Flame Mountain.

This kid knows his place!

The eyes of onlooking loose cultivators and devils shone, watching the golden sarcophagus on the ground. Now, they were just looking for a chance to seize it. Even the complexion of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng tightened up, and looking at each other, their energy fluctuation reached an extreme level. Now, the golden sarcophagus was an ownerless item, so like when the golden sarcophagus had just come out from underground, everyone could fight for it.

Many blaze spirits also prepared to rushed forward in a tight formation, but before they had a chance to make a move, they suddenly fell into a daze.

Ancient Grave Conch!

Taking advantage of the moment when everyone was paying attention to the golden sarcophagus, Ye Chuan used Ancient Grave Conch he had obtained not long ago. He had launched a wide range attack. In front of this heavy encirclement and pressure of these two super experts, this was the only way to break out! When the conch sounded, the first to fall for it wasn’t loose cultivators, rather numerous blaze spirits.

“Not good, this conch sound is strange!”

“This kid has lied, watch out!”

Numerous loose cultivators and devils reacted and screamed subconsciously. They wanted to rush up and seize the golden sarcophagus taking advantage of this chance, but everyone felt dizzy. In an instant, it became silent around and they couldn’t even see bright red magma. It appeared as if the time was frozen for a moment.


Qing Tianhou roared and attacked. The moment he felt something was wrong, he immediately launched a ferocious attack.

Bang, the ground suddenly shook violently and a large amount of magma rose to the sky.

Qing Tianhou whose killing intent was soaring slipped and nearly fell on the ground. And in that moment, all the cries of people suddenly disappeared, only a strange conch sound resounded in his mind which seemed to urge him to sleep. Looking up, he saw Ye Chuan was close at hand, but his figure changed into three, four……, as he felt dizzy.


An ice-cold blade light streak across the sky. Although Qing Tianhou was feeling dizzy, he still made a blade slash. This blade cut Ye Chuan and made a bloody rain.

“Qing Tianhou, in the future, I will repay you twice the favor!”

Ye Chuan let out a muffled groan, then picking up the golden sarcophagus, he swatted a blaze spirit to death. The latter collapsed and a Raging Flame ring fell and a time and space gate appeared. Ye Chuan couldn’t afford to pick up this Raging Flame ring, it was important to save his life first. He immediately entered the time and space gate with the golden sarcophagus and disappeared without a trace.

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