Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 527

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 527: Snatching food from tiger’s mouth

The ground continued to shake and blaze spirit continuously rushed out from underground, joining the ranks of guarding golden sarcophagus. But, under the crazed attack of people, the number of blaze spirits guarding golden sarcophagus became fewer and fewer. The loose cultivators and devils displayed their life techniques and attacked jointly. The blaze spirits were unable to resist. In particular, under the hands of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, the numbers of casualties among blaze spirits increased.


A cold blade light streak across the sky.

A group of spirit blazes that were standing at one side of golden sarcophagus fell at the same time and an opening instantly appeared.

“Under this Lord Hou’s Qingtian Blade, no one can live!”

Qing Tianhou was very valorous, he rushed forward while roaring and ferociously chopped down at the golden sarcophagus again. Kacha, more cracks appeared on the golden sarcophagus. Now, it appeared as if a cracked eggshell that would break into pieces upon a light touch.

“Hahaha, 18 Demongods Banner, this treasure after all is this Lord Hou’s!”

Qing Tianhou roared with laughter, and brandishing his halberd again, he killed several blaze spirits that were flying towards him. He then reached out his hands to grab the golden sarcophagus. What a terrifying power, in addition, his momentum was unparalleled!

So powerful!

Was this fellow truly made from iron? Even after such a fierce battle and injuries, he unexpectedly was still so valorous!

The loose cultivators and devils were shocked and sweated profusely.

And under the threat of death, even though they were not far away from the golden sarcophagus and there were not many blaze spirits blocking them, and they could reach the golden sarcophagus in two steps, after witnessing the valor of Qing Tianhou, no one dared to move.

This fellow could kill a dozen of blaze spirit with one blade slash, who could withstand the blade slash of this fellow?

The people were nervous, they looked at the golden sarcophagus that was not far away from them with red eyes, but they didn’t dare to move. They helplessly watched 18 Demongods Banner falling in the hands of Qing Tianhou.

“Not necessarily, Qing Tianhou, can you take this lordship’s arrow?”

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng neither panicked nor became impatient. He also didn’t urgently rush over to seize the golden sarcophagus, rather took out a golden arrow from his back and nock this arrow in the Emperor Bow.

Qing Tianhou who was about to grab the golden sarcophagus suddenly stopped, and in the next second, he suddenly raised his hands to protect his glabella. Ding, a wisp of golden light hit his halberd and he was sent flying as his purlicue tingled.

After coming to Overseas World in person, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng had been using only Emperor Bow to kill the opponent with invisible arrows. On his back, he however had several golden arrows. He had never used them. Only now, the true first arrow was shot, and just this one arrow nearly took the life of Qing Tianhou!

The Daqin Dynasty was a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. The might of this Emperor Bow Jiang Tunsheng had borrowed from Daqin King far exceeded the imagination of people.

People were shocked including Ye Chuan who was mixed in the crowd. But, He didn’t retreat, instead, he stepped closer to the golden sarcophagus.

“Don’t bother and give up! Qing Tianhou, in the future, if you want to know how powerful this 18 Demongods Banner is, then come to look for me in the capital. Rest assured, as long as you know your place as the duke, His Majesty will guarantee your prosperity!”

Jiang Tunsheng sneered and took the initiative to seize the golden sarcophagus.

The crowd of people got noisy. Seeing Jiang Tunsheng was about to seize this golden sarcophagus, loose cultivators and devils were sad and unwilling. A legendary big killing weapon that could crush even a Sage realm expert was about to fall into the hands of another before their own eyes, who would be willing?

The people wanted to make a move, but looking at the Emperor Bow in the hands of Jiang Tunsheng, no one dared to make a move. Even without that golden arrow, just the invisible energy arrow was enough to pierce through their head.

At that time, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly spread out from within the body of Qing Tianhou.

Seeing Jiang Tunsheng was about to seize the golden sarcophagus, Qing Tianhou made a move. No one knew what kind of pill he swallowed or what kind of secret technique he used, but his energy fluctuation was rising rapidly and in one step, he appeared in front of Jiang Tunsheng. Then, a blaze light swept towards the waist of Jiang Tunsheng with the intention to slash him into two pieces. “Jiang Tunsheng, Do you think that only you have a backer? This sarcophagus is mine!”


This move was Qing Tianhou was so fast that even many peak Daoist Master loose cultivators and devils were unable to see with their naked eyes. But just hearing that void breaking sound, they felt intense danger in their heart. If this blade of Qing Tianhou was directed at them, then no one would survive!

The complexion of Jiang Tunsheng changed greatly, and he instantly moved sideways, leaving behind afterimages. It seemed that his technique was somewhat similar to Ye Chuan’s Cyan Feather Technique, but it was even more powerful. He was able to move instantaneously within a limited range. He reached far away with heavy golden sarcophagus on his shoulders. Unfortunately, his opponent was also not ordinary, Qing Tianhou used his own technique to keep up the pace.

Now, the decisive battle between two super experts appeared in front of people.

In the past, no matter whether they were fighting against a large number of blaze spirits or fighting against each other, they didn’t go all out. Now, at the final moment, both of them went all out, even preparing to exchange a life for a life. The blade of Qing Tianhou was unstoppable. As for the arrows of Jiang Tunsheng, they were mighty. Soon, both of them were riddled with injuries and became bloody. As for the golden sarcophagus, it had already fallen on the ground, no one was able to successfully seize it.

There were some extremely daring devils. Seeing 18 Demongods Banner near them, they were unable to endure their impulse. They gritted their teeth and rushed out, wanting to seize it taking advantage of the time when these two super experts were fighting like mad. The result, before they reached the golden sarcophagus, they were either killed by the blade of Qing Tianhou or were shot to death by Jiang Tunsheng. Even without personally targeting them, they died under the aftereffect of their battle.

Ye Chuan however stayed still and continued to lurk in the crowd, but the distance between him and the golden sarcophagus had decreased. In the midst of the fierce battle, no one noticed that a small ground wave had already approached the golden sarcophagus. It paused for a moment, and the instant the arracks of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng collided, a whip suddenly sprang out from underground and pulled this golden sarcophagus underground.

When everyone feared underground magma, Ye Chuan however did exactly the opposite. He had used Tentacle Talisman within his body to pull golden sarcophagus underground which was equivalent to snatching food from tiger’s mouth. Instantly after that, he also sank into the ground, then he spread out his divine sense and ran away with golden sarcophagus while dodging the underground magma.

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