Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 526

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 526: Gift you this treasure

A huge shadow suddenly appeared behind that ferociously attacking blaze spirit.

Ye Chuan used Peerless Style Technique again and appeared behind the blaze spirit. He then used a cyan sarcophagus to smash this blaze spirit to death. An arm guard fell from it and another time and space gate appeared on the ground.

The old devil Outlying Islands Sanren was nearly injured heavily by this blaze spirit, but because of his move, Ye Chuan was able to escape and also kill this blaze spirit.

Ordinary people would find it hard to carry this heavy sarcophagus, but in the hands of Ye Chuan, its weight was just right. This displayed how violent his strength was. In just one move, this blaze spirit was smashed to death.

“Thank you, Your Excellency!”

The old devil wiped the sweat from his forehead and respectfully thanked like a junior in front of Ye Chuan.

He was an old devil who had ran wildly in nearby water for a long time, he wasn’t even afraid of Sect Master of Thunderbolt Sect, but in front of Long Yi, he was courteous like a junior.

The Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect who had already broken through to Half Sage realm several thousand years ago, in front of such personage, being courteous like a junior wasn’t losing face.

“Get up, it should be that should thank you.”

Looking at the respectful old devil, Ye Chuan didn’t tell his true identity. He paused for a bit, then tossing the cyan sarcophagus on his shoulder to the old devil, he said, “I give you this sarcophagus and that arm guard, cultivate well.”

Ye Chuan spoke and left, instantly disappearing in the midst of the crowd.

Behind, the old devil was stunned and subconsciously caught the cyan sarcophagus tossed over by Ye Chuan.

This was not ordinary sarcophagus, rather a cyan sarcophagus. If the cyan flame sealed inside was refined, then the cultivation of one would progress by 800 years! It was so hard to snatch, but Ye Chuan gave it to him so easily.

When the old devil had made the move, he hadn’t even thought about getting a reward. At that moment, he had acted subconsciously. Even he himself didn’t understand why he made such a move. But, now it seemed that he had made the right move!

Who didn’t want the treasures sealed inside the sarcophagi here?

The old devil Outlying Islands Sanren also wanted them. He also wanted to refine a large number of cyan flames, making his cultivation advance by leaps and bound. Merely, the number of cyan sarcophagus was very few, and it was very hard to snatch them. But now, he had easily obtained a treasure that would advance his cultivation by 800 years once refined, and even more importantly, he had won good impression of Ye Chuan, afterward, if he encountered any issues in the cultivation of ancient Avatar Technique, then…..

The old devils were excited. His eyes were somewhat moist as a long lost emotion appeared in his heart.

The generosity of Ye Chuan and the ruthlessness of Qing Tianhou formed a sharp contrast for him.

After relying on Qing Tianhou, he had originally thought that he found a big backer, but facts proved that, this backer Qing Tianhou was basically unreliable. Qing Tianhou who had come from the Outer World only had power and ambition to conquer the world in his eyes. All the loyal men under him were ants in his eyes. He would smile a little at them when needed, but become ruthless when needed to deal with them. Ye Chuan was completely different, he showed generosity in action and his words made people feel warm.

The old devil stood still and after thinking for a while, he decisively made a decision and left.

The ground was still shaking violently as more and more magma and treasures were spurted out from the ground.

On the summit, there was great chaos.

But, all the loose cultivators and devils who were somewhat capable were chasing after the golden sarcophagus. Everyone was eager to seize that legendary 18 Demongods Banner. They had less than ten percent chance, but that was enough to make them take a great risk. The two super experts, Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, were also similarly chasing after this golden sarcophagus.

If someone looked down from high altitude, then one would see a shocking scene at this moment.

On this summit where not even a blade of grass grew, there were big and small cracks everywhere, and it appeared as if the entire mountain would explode at any time. In addition, from time to time, a large amount of magma would be sprayed out from underground, and golden sarcophagus would glide on this magma with numerous blaze spirits around it. And wherever the golden sarcophagus went, people would follow and they would be attacked by those blaze spirits.

The loose cultivators and devils were like frantic ants, but Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were like two sharp blades, one on the left and the other in the right, they slaughtered blaze spirits around the golden sarcophagus.

At this moment, Qing Tianhou was expressionless, and his entire body was already bloody but he still was incomparably fierce. Like a Slaughter God that came from the Outer World, he killed many blaze spirits. Each slash of his halberd would see the blood of one blaze spirit. Sometimes, his one slash would even take down a group of blaze spirits.

Qing Tianhou like close-quarter combat and he was also good at it. State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng however was different, holding Emperor Bow, he moved all around blaze spirits. If blaze spirits rushed towards him, he would quickly retreat to dodge, and if blaze spirits retreat, he would closely chase after them. And every time he pulled Emperor Bow, one blaze spirit would certainly fall with their glabella pierced through by an arrow without exception. His movement was elegant and wasn’t valorous like Qing Tianhou, but when it comes to the efficiency of killing, he was not any inferior. If Qing Tianhou was Slaughter God, then, Jiang Tunsheng was Arrow God.

Before they broke into Lost City, these two super experts had fought in Bellowing waves Island, and after entering this Great Monarch grave, they were competing again. They wanted to see who could snatch the 18 Demongods Banner sealed inside this golden sarcophagus. With their cultivation base, no matter who obtained this 18 Demongods Banner, their fighting power will vastly increase, enough to kill the other party on the spot.

For numerous loose cultivators and devils, this 18 Demongods Banner sealed in the golden sarcophagus was an ancient killing weapon which could make them reach the sky in one leap after refining; but for Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, this was not only a big killing weapon, it was also something that was that could overwhelm and crush the other. Ordinary people were fighting for this treasure, but they were fighting for their lives. They would rather destroy this golden sarcophagus along with 18 Demongods Banner, but absolutely must not let this treasure fall into the other’s hands!

The battle was getting fiercer and fiercer, but no one noticed that, a loose cultivator wearing a big bamboo hat had joined the battle without anybody knowing. He slowly advanced in the midst of the crowd, approaching the golden sarcophagus. But, unlike other loose cultivators and devils, he didn’t rush into the magma, rather kept some distance. He was tall and had extraordinary temperament, but his facial features couldn’t be seen because of the big bamboo hat.

Ye Chuan had quietly joined the battle for golden sarcophagus without anybody knowing. He mixed into the crowd, waiting for an opportunity.

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