Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 525

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 525: 18 Demongods Banner

The ground continuously shook and different sized sarcophagi were became sprayed out one after another. At that time, an ear-piercing sound came.

Ye Chuan who was hesitating turned around and saw a shocking scene.

In the midst of the large crowd of ferocious blaze spirits, an ice-cold blade light shone, and instantly, at least a dozen blaze spirits fell. Then, a tall figure flew out and sweeping over numerous blaze spirits, he ferociously shopped the golden sarcophagus with his blade.

Qing Tianhou!

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk as his heart trembled.

Just being chased by one blaze spirit, he was in danger again and again; but even under the siege of hundreds of blaze spirits, Qing Tianhou not only didn’t fall, instead was killing all around!

Peak Half-Sage realm, this was the gap!

This Qing Tianhou who had made a name for himself just in a few years after he came from the Outer World was so ferocious! No wonder, even Daqin King who was known as the overweeningly ambitious emperor through the ages had to offer amnesty and conferred him the title of duke!

People exclaimed, and before they had hardly finished exclaiming, Qing Tianhou chopped down again. Crack, a crack appeared on the golden sarcophagus that was a hundred times harder than ordinary sarcophagus and incomparably majestic energy fluctuation gushed out from inside the sarcophagus. Now, from the crack, people could vaguely see 18 faced banners.

What is that?

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk. He could sense boundless pressure from this 18 faced banners. Without a doubt, this was a set of ancient killing weapons. Each faced banner had majestic energy, adding up the energy of 18 faced banners, their might was incomparable!

“18 Demongods Banner, this is the legendary 18 Demongods Banner!”

“Step aside, this 18 faced banners is mine!”

The experienced and knowledgeable old devils around the crater exclaimed. Soon after that, they crazily rushed forward. They had thoroughly went insane.

Ever since the ancient times, many legends regarding Lost City, the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, had been circulating in the nearby sea areas. Among various legends, the legends regarding various kinds of ancient treasures were most fascinating. Among those treasures, there was a unique 18 faced banners. According to the legend, whoever obtains and successfully refines it, he will be able to summon 18 ancient demongods, thus known as 18 Demongods Banner. A single Demongod was already a heaven defying existence, they were above Sage realm experts, and summoning 18 of them together, who will be the opponent?

After discerning what treasure was sealed inside the golden sarcophagus, the loose cultivators and devils went insane. Originally, a legend was just a legend, no one knew whether it was true or false, but now that the legendary treasure had truly appeared before their eyes, in addition sensing the majestic aura of that treasure, they were endlessly excited. From several thousand years old devils to ordinary loose cultivators, everyone simultaneously rushed up ready to risk everything, hoping to obtain this treasure.

If they were able to seize this legendary 18 Demongods Banner, then that was not as simple as reaching the sky in a single bound, rather was trampling the sky!

Ye Chuan stood still, but he was also very excited in his heart. He stared at that 18 Demongods Banner inside the golden sarcophagus without blinking his eyes.

After hearing the exclamation of loose cultivators and devils, he quickly understood what kind of treasure this was. Originally, he just wanted to seize some cyan sarcophagus taking advantage of the chaos, or even seizing many ordinary greyish white sarcophagus was enough. But, once the 18 faced banner inside the golden sarcophagus became visible, the treasures in other sarcophagus became flat and insipid.

Even if he seized hundreds of ordinary treasures or even a thousand, it was incomparable to obtaining this single treasure 18 Demongods Banner. If he could obtain this single treasure, he would gladly give up all other treasures!

At this moment, even Ye Chuan who had always been clam without forgetting the initial intention was also involuntarily excited.

This time, why did he come here from far mainland?

Didn’t he come to sea to look for opportunities and also to look for ancient treasures that would help him make a breakthrough and advance his strength by leaps and bounds? The 18 Demongod Banner inside that golden sarcophagus was a very rare opportunity. With this kind of treasure, he didn’t need to fear not breaking through to peak Daoist Master realm, moreover, he could skip a realm and crush Half Sage realm experts; and if he breakthrough to Half Sage realm, he could even behead Sage realm expert, this would enable him to look for the enemies of the past life and take revenge!

The heart of Ye Chuan accelerated. The blood and qi within his body seethed along with ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans.

It was undoubtedly dangerous to compete against Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng for this 18 Demongods Banner. That was also outside his plan, but if he missed such an opportunity, then he would regret throughout his life!

A heat wave suddenly came from the left side.

The glabella of Ye Chuan who was preparing to make a move suddenly twitched as he felt danger. He turned to look and saw another blaze spirit was rushing towards him. Taking advantage of the time when he was in a daze, its one palm was already just three meters away. The palm was bright red as if a scalding hot iron. If he truly got hit by this palm, then he might be melted in an instant. Even before the palm had made a contact with his body, just the palm wind alone was so hot that he felt like he was in an alchemy furnace, all of his blood was boiling.

Taking advantage of the moment when Ye Chuan was absentminded, a blaze spirit had made a fierce attack.

Compared to the previous blaze spirit, this blaze spirit was even more ferocious and faster. Ye Chuan had reacted instinctively, but it was already too late to dodge.

With a low roar, Ye Chuan instantly raised his strength to the limit, since he couldn’t dodge it, he could only meet tough with toughness. Even if he was instantly burned into ashes, he would never fall without putting up a fight.

“Your Excellency, watch out!”

A figure suddenly rushed out from one side, and the dragon headed cane in his hand stabbed straight towards the heart of this blaze spirit. If the latter didn’t change its move, then it would naturally be able to heavily injure caught ungraded Ye Chuan, but it itself would also be pierced by the dragon headed cane!

In the imminent peril, the old devil Outlying Islands Sanren had suddenly made a move to help Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan was startled. He had not expected this old devil to come to help him. The blaze spirit had also not expected, thus it paused for a moment, and shortly afterward, it continued to attack Ye Chuan, indifferent to the weapon at the side. It appeared as if it wanted to exchange its life for Ye Chuan’s. In order to protect the treasures of this Great Monarch grave, these blaze spirits were incomparably ruthless!

The old devil was shocked and sweated profusely. He had not expected this blaze spirit to be so ferocious! He had been watching Ye Chuan in secret, and when he saw Ye Chuan was in danger, he rushed out to help, but, he was still a step late!

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed, then appeared three steps away. The blaze spirit had only paused for a moment, the average person wouldn’t have seen any difference, but it was enough for Ye Chuan. He instantly used Peerless Style Technique to dodge.

The attack of the blaze spirit hit the empty air. It then gritted its teeth and roared, then suddenly turning around, it glared at this hindrance Outlying Islands Sanren and spat out a mouthful of vital flame, wanting to burn him to ashes. It completely ignored the dragon headed cane that was about to stab it.

The complexion of old devils greatly changed and instantly shivered. This blaze spirit unexpectedly wasn’t holding back at all. It now wanted to exchange its life with him, but he didn’t want to perish together. But, he was helpless, he was already too close to this blaze spirit, so he didn’t have time to dodge. He wanted to help Ye Chuan, but to his surprise, he himself fell into a great danger!

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