Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 524

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 524: Choose

Ye Chuan didn’t hesitate. He turned around and left. Even with a heavy sarcophagus on his shoulder, his speed was still astonishing. While running away, he used a technique to put away this sarcophagus, unfortunately, it was already too late. That blaze spirit rushed over and spat out a mouthful of vital qi. When this vital qi encountered the air, it turned into a flame and whistled towards the back of Ye Chuan.

The technique of Ye Chuan was interrupted. He had to concentrate on dealing with this attack. His body suddenly began to sway rapidly.

Since he had already witnessed the injury of Ye Lanqing, the female disciple of Thunderbolt Sect, Ye Chuan didn’t dare to rashly take this move head-on. He just dodged it.

The blazing flame bushed past Ye Chuan, nearly burning the robe of Ye Chuan.

Then, Ye Chuan ran even faster without looking back. But, just after he had taken three steps, a flame wall suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

The blaze spirit behind him was not only chasing, it was also using deadly moves. It appeared as if it wouldn’t let Ye Chuan go until he died.

As long as a cultivator had grabbed a sarcophagus, he would attract the attention of the blaze spirits. It seems the mission of these fellows was to guard every sarcophagus and not let anyone take the treasures away. Ye Chuan had seized many cyan sarcophagi, thus he had attracted the attention of blaze spirits. Although most of the blaze spirits were guarding the golden sarcophagus, this single fellow still rushed over and attacked ferociously, wanting to kill Ye Chuan at the fastest speed.

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped running blindly, rather drifted like a leaf. Even though he still carried a heavy sarcophagus on his shoulder, he looked light like a feather without any weight. The blaze spirit repeatedly attacked, and often shoot out boiling hot fireballs, but all failed.

Since he couldn’t get rid of this blaze spirit even after running at his top speed, Ye Chuan quickly changed his tactics. Although he repeatedly dodged the attacks of the blaze spirit, the distance between them quickly decreased.


The blaze spirit whose attacks had failed again and again accelerated upon seeing the hope to catch Ye Chuan. It then placed his palms in front of its chest and a scorching hot flame appeared between his palms. This flame became bigger and bigger, and also brighter and brighter. In the end, the temperature reached so high that the surrounding air made crackling sounds as if they were about to get burned.

“Look, over there, that kid is screwed!”

“These blaze spirits are too fierce, retreat, quickly retreat!”

The nearby loose cultivators and devils noticed the activity of this side and hastily withdrew far away.

All truly powerful experts had gone to chase after that golden sarcophagus, hoping to reach the sky in a single bound. Thus, all those left in the vicinity of Ye Chuan were ordinary characters. Most of them were just Rank 3 Daoist Master realm or so. In the process of vying for sarcophagi just a moment ago, a lot of people had eaten loss in the hands of Ye Chuan, now, seeing that Ye Chuan was dying in the hands of that blaze spirit, they were gloating over his misfortune while watching. There were even some people who were ready to make a move. They were waiting for a chance, as long as Ye Chuan fell, they would rush over to seize the sarcophagus in his shoulder.

In the midst of the crowd that was gloating over, there was a pair of doubtful eyes.

The old devil Outlying Islands Sanren had unwittingly noticed the movement of this side and come over to watch. Then, seeing Ye Chuan was repeatedly close to death in the hands of this blaze spirit, his eyes were filled with doubts.

A legendary senior expert who had already broken through to Half Sage realm several thousand years ago, how come he was unable to defeat just one blaze spirit with his strength? Looking at the other side, even the joint attack of several blaze spirits was insufficient to kill Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, moreover, such a crowd of blaze spirits was just able to block them outside the golden sarcophagus. Since all three of them were Half Sage realm expert, how come the disparity was so big? Could it be……

The old devil was confused as a doubt about the identity of Ye Chuan began to appear in his heart.

The ground swayed and a large amount of magma erupted, and this boiling hot magma just happened to block the path of Ye Chuan.

In addition, the eyes of the blaze spirit that was preparing its deadly attack shone. It then suddenly accelerated and the flame between his palms became even more terrifying.

Since there is nowhere to go in the front and there is a blaze spirit chasing behind him, this kid is screwed!

The onlookers were nervous, waiting for the scene of Ye Chuan being burned into a coke. But, at that time when everyone was thinking that Ye Chuan was certain to die, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped, turned around, and lifting the heavy sarcophagus from his shoulder, he ruthlessly slammed down!

Dong! The blaze spirit with threatening momentum was sent flying. It didn’t have time to use that terrifying flame between his palms.


Ye Chuan roared and chased after that blaze spirit. He then circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and swung the heavy sarcophagus again.

He had been waiting for this moment!

On the surface, Ye Chuan was being chased by the blaze spirit until he had nowhere to go, but in fact, he had been secretly leading this blaze spirit, deliberately circling around the summit. And at the same time, he was prepared and waiting for a chance to counterattack. And when the blaze spirit had ferociously rushed towards him with its full speed, thinking it was a chance to kill Ye Chuan, it didn’t know that that was the godsend chance for Ye Chuan.

Dong, dong, dong, the blaze spirit was repeatedly smashed, and its body quickly became bloody.

The complexion of onlookers paled. Every time Ye Chuan smashed the blaze spirit with the sarcophagus, their heart trembled as if they were the one being smashed by the sarcophagus. The fellows who were preparing to rush over just a moment ago became pale, but they were also glad that they didn’t act rashly. The old devil Outlying Islands Sanren also wiped the sweat on his forehead and didn’t dare to let his imagination run wild.

The attack power of these blaze spirits that had rushed out from underground was ferocious. Even this old devil had no confidence to win against even one blaze spirit, and he also had no confidence in being able to injure them like Ye Chuan. If he was not the Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, then who else could be so ferocious?

The old devil was shocked and hid among the crowd. As for Ye Chuan, after seizing the chance to attack, he continuously attacked and didn’t give this blaze spirit any chance to take a breather. Under the continuous violent attacks, this blaze spirit who was caught unguarded was unable to do anything. Very soon, the blaze spirit that was ferociously chasing after Ye Chuan just a moment ago became a pool of blood. It was smashed into pieces. Instantly after it fell, a ring fell out of its body and a time and space gate appeared out of thin air.

Should he stay to snatch more sarcophagus or take this chance to leave?

Ye Chuan picked the ring that had fallen on the ground, then he looked at the time and space gate and again looked at many loose cultivators and devils along with two super experts chasing after the golden sarcophagus, and hesitated.

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