Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 523

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 523: Targeted

After old devil Outlying Islands Sanren left, Ye Chuan finally relaxed in secret.

Just now, if that old devil had truly attacked, then he would have been in trouble. He might have even gotten seriously injured. And in this place where loose cultivators and devils were gathered, the consequences of being severely injured was obvious.

“It seems the condition of that old fellow is really bad and there is a big problem in his cultivation.” Watching the back view of Outlying Islands Sanren, Ye Chuan sighed in his heart. He then used a technique and placed this sarcophagus into his Cyan Lotus Space.

At that time, along with a loud rumbling sound, the ground shook as a large amount of magma erupted out. The loose cultivators and devils gathered on the summit exclaimed.

This time, there were more sarcophagi. In addition to ordinary greyish white and rare cyan sarcophagi, there was one golden sarcophagus never seen before. There was only one rune on this sarcophagus and looked simple. It was no different from ordinary sarcophagi. And at the same time, along with this sarcophagus, many blaze spirits also came out. This group of blaze spirits looked like a mighty army.

“That is the legacy of Sea Waves Great Monarch!”

“This sarcophagus is mine!”

Numerous loose cultivations and devils roared, and rushed towards that golden sarcophagus. Once this golden sarcophagus appeared, all peak loose cultivators and devils thoroughly went crazy.

Earlier when exploring the underground cave, they had noticed that the sarcophagus located deeper had fewer runes. Ordinary greyish white sarcophaguses had countless runes, cyan sarcophagus had hundred to thousand runes, but this golden sarcophagus had only one rune, this explained one point, this sarcophagus was the first sarcophagus sealed in the underground cave. It was very likely to be the first sarcophagus personally sealed by Blue Waves Great Monarch before his death. It might contain the essence of his cultivation and strength. Whoever obtains it would inherit the inheritance of a Great Monarch!

The cautious loose cultivators and devils who feared Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng completely went insane, and rushed towards that golden sarcophagus regardless of their safety. This was very dangerous, there was a great possibility that they would die, but as long as they succeed in seizing the treasure in this sarcophagus, they could reach the sky in single bound!

The risks and the opportunities were the two sides of the same coin, this huge temptation made people lose reason and risked their lives to obtain that golden sarcophagus.

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped, and looking at that golden sarcophagus, he was also incomparably excited. He wanted to give it a try to snatch it. He took a deep breath and rushed out. But, his target wasn’t golden sarcophagus, rather a cyan sarcophagus not far away.

With the appearance of this golden sarcophagus, many devils including Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng had all their attention to this golden sarcophagus. Now, they didn’t care about those cyan sarcophagi. Although Ye Chuan also wanted to make give it a try, in order to avoid exposing his identity and attract the attention of two super experts, he had to settle for the second best. Now, Ye Chuan had a greater chance to obtain cyan sarcophagus as the attention of large numbers of strong devils was attracted by that golden sarcophagus.

He quickly changed over and just before the magma splashed on him, he suddenly stopped followed by grabbing a cyan sarcophagus that spurt out from the magma……

Ye Chuan displayed the might of Cyan Feather Technique and smoothly grabbed the first cyan sarcophagus.

There was a cyan flame inside this cyan sarcophagus. Refining it, he would have the efficacy of 800 years!

The heartbeat of Ye Chuan accelerated in excitement, but he neither had time to carefully observe not break this sarcophagus. He directly put it inside his Cyan Lotus Space and rushed towards another cyan sarcophagus.

There was only one golden sarcophagus, obtaining it, one might obtain the inheritance of ancient Great Monarch and reached the sky in a single bound, Ye Chuan also wanted this kind of treasure, but was that possible?

It’s not!

People should know oneself, Ye Chuan clearly know his own cultivation. With his current cultivation base, if he wanted to seize that golden sarcophagus in the midst of these numerous strong experts, he didn’t even have one percent chance. Moreover, there was 99% chance of dying. The temptation of that golden sarcophagus was great, but it was not worth the risk. For less than one percent assurance, taking 99% risk was definitely not worth it. Even if Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng wanted to seize this golden sarcophagus, it would not be so easy.

When there was an opportunity, Ye Chuan was bolder than anyone else, he would dare to pull chestnuts out of the fire, but when the risk was too high, he was calmer than anyone else.

In his previous life, when he explored numerous ancient ominous domains, Ye Chuan had deeply understood this point. At the critical moment, if one was not sufficiently calm, then upon seeing a treasure, one would recklessly rush up. If he had done so, then he might have already died long ago before becoming the Heaven Concealing Great Sage who dominated over other Sage realm experts.

In the Wilderness World, strength was very important, it is the foundation of all cultivators. But, compared to strength, one’s mental state was even more important, and one should be able to completely control one’s heart. It was necessary to be able to calm down at a critical moment. Unfortunately, although there were countless cultivators in Wilderness World, not many understood this point. The majority of them focused solely on cultivation, seizing treasure and strength. They simply didn’t know that the mental state should also be cultivated, but even if they knew this point, only a few people could accomplish this.

Ye Chuan stood still on the ground, and when other people were fanatically chasing after the golden sarcophagus, he calmed his heart and taking advantage of this situation, he prepared to seize cyan sarcophagi. The fact proved that his decision was right.

When Ye Chuan was seizing cyan sarcophagus, the people chasing after golden sarcophagus suffered casualties. Many died frequently.

No matter where the golden sarcophagus flew, the blaze spirits clustered around it and attacked all those who got near it. Even Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, these two super experts were unable to seize it and were in sore straits. As for other people, no need to speak about their state. There was one great devil who wore armor that was impervious to flame and magma, he directly rushed forward, wanting to seize the golden sarcophagus first, the result, tens of blaze spirits attacked him with billowing flames, and this great devil had a bad end. The armor he was wearing still exists, but there was nobody inside the armor, this great devil was melted completely.

Hot headed and stupid people were always the first to die, and most of the people in the world were stupid.

Ye Chuan just sneered, indifferently looking at others, then rushed towards another cyan sarcophagus. When others were seeing their own doom, he was taking advantage of this time to obtain great fortune. There were also some loose cultivators who were seizing ordinary sarcophagi, but, most were taking the role of bystander and truly strong were chasing after that golden sarcophagus, so there was basically no one that was able to contend against Ye Chuan.

“The seventh cyan sarcophagus!”

Ye Chuan grabbed the seventh cyan sarcophagus, but just when he was about to put it away, his glabella suddenly twitched. He turned around to look and saw a blaze spirit had shot out from the magma. It ignored all the nearby devils, and was staring fixedly at Ye Chuan.

After rushing out from behind the rock, Ye Chuan had obtained the greatest harvest, thus attracting a true danger.

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