Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 522

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 522: Old devil’s sore straits

The loose cultivator holding the spear was the first to rush up. He directly thrust his spear towards the chest of Ye Chuan. His momentum was so strong that it appeared as if he would pierce through Ye Chuan.

The sharp tip of his spear was glimmering, clearly was smeared with poison. In addition, many runes were carved on its body. It seems that it was not an ordinary treasure.

A hint of seriousness appeared on the face of Ye Chuan as he raised the warhammer to block.

Ding, the whistling spear bent ninety degrees. An ordinary spear should have been broken at this point, but this spear was not damaged at all, moreover, rebounded back.

“Brat, give me your life, this lordship will bury you with my third brother!”

This loose cultivator roared loudly. Looking at the white beard on his chin, he looked like an old man, but his temper was still hot. He gnashed his teeth and thrust his spear, wanting to pierce through Ye Chuan.

Meanwhile, another whistling sound resounded as an arrow shot towards the glabella of Ye Chuan.

The other loose cultivator with longbow had shot an arrow while rushing forward. This arrow was fierce and quick. It was stronger than the attack this bearded old man.

Instantly, Ye Chuan was seized by two experts.

Although the cultivation of these two couldn’t be considered very powerful, at most was only Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, they had a great tacit understanding. In addition, under their fury, their attacks were more ferocious. After witnessing Ye Chuan smashing the fatty to death, they gnashed their teeth and spared no effort to attack.

Ye Chuan swayed left and right, dodging the powerful arrow. Then, taking a step forward, he arrived in front of the bearded old man.

“Big brother, watch out!”

The loose cultivator with longbow warned loudly. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not high and he just had a bit more strength, his speed was too astonishing. He was so fast that other people couldn’t clearly see his movement, they could only see afterimages.


The bearded old man was surprised. But, after hesitation for a bit, he didn’t retreat, rather attacked with his spear, gritting his teeth.

“This spear is not bad, but the spear technique is too bad!’

Ye Chuan sneered and continued to push forward. And, when the spear was just about to reach his body, he suddenly raised his left hand and firmly grabbed it. Then, with a pull, the bearded old man was forcibly pulled over, and the warhammer in the hand of Ye Chuan smashed his head, turning into a smashed watermelon.

“Big brother……”

The loose cultivator with longbow wailed mournfully. Now, he was so angry that he couldn’t wait to swallow Ye Chuan whole. But, he quickly jumped to one side, opening a distance between them. Then, aimed the arrow at the glabella of Ye Chuan. Compared to the fatty and bearded old man, this fellow was clearly more experienced. His skill was also not bad. Unfortunately, before he could release the arrow, a shadow appeared in front of him.

After ruthlessly smashing the head of the bearded old man, Ye Chuan had immediately flung the warhammer towards the loose cultivator with a longbow. That loose cultivator was prepared, he didn’t have time to dodge and was smashed to the ground. Just then, a wave of boiling hot magma fell down, engulfing him. He was directly melted by this magma. He didn’t even have time to scream and died quietly.

Where did this fellow suddenly come from?

Ye Chuan looked around and more than ten loose cultivators and devils around him subconsciously retreated.

He had killed four experts in the blink of an eye, especially the last one that was smashed to death, that truly was too ferocious!

Seeing the strength of Ye Chuan, the heart of surrounding loose cultivators and devils trembled.

“This sarcophagus is this lordship’s, who wants to snatch it, step forward!”

Ye Chuan looked at these more than ten loose cultivators and devils. He wanted this effect! He shocked numerous loose cultivators and devils without alerting Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng. He then flew towards the sarcophagus not far away. But, just when he grabbed it, a wind suddenly blew over from the left side.

The old demon, Outlying Islands Sanren, had suddenly rushed out from who knows where. He thrust his dragon headed cane like a spear towards the vital part of Ye Chuan. His cane made people feel great danger compared to the spear of that bearded old man. Even before he was stabbed, just the wind itself made Ye Chuan feel tingling pain.

Seeing the strength of Ye Chuan, ordinary loose cultivators and devils were afraid and didn’t dare to make a move, but this great devil who had traveled unhindered all over the seas was fearless.

Outside this Great Monarch grave, Outlying Islands Sanren was meek in front of Qing Tianhou, but his cultivation was not low at all. Taking advantage of this unguarded state of Ye Chuan, he suddenly attacked before Ye Chuan seized this sarcophagus. His true target was the pill Ye Chuan had obtained before. Regardless of whether that pill would work or not, he first wanted to seize it first.

The ground swayed more and more violently, and more and more treasures were spurted out. The situation was very chaotic and it was hard to see who did what. Unfortunately, Outlying Islands Sanren just happened to see Ye Chuan obtaining that fiery red pill, so he had the thoughts to attack Ye Chuan.

With a heavy sarcophagus on his shoulder, many people eyeing covetously around him, and even a blaze spirit rushing towards him from the crater, the sneak attack of Outlying Islands Sanren placed him in a dangerous position. It was not difficult to doge, but he must abandon the sarcophagus first. He didn’t have time to place it in his Cyan Lotus Space.

Surviving or seizing treasure, which was important?

Anyone with a rational mind would choose the right choice, Ye Chuan was also the same, but he didn’t dodge hastily and also didn’t abandon the sarcophagus. He didn’t even prepare to block, he just intentionally lowered his voice and coldly said to Outlying Islands Sanren, “What, old fellow, do you want to snatch the thing this old man liked?”

Outlying Islands Sanren who was attacking ferociously suddenly stopped and watched Ye Chuan in disbelief and muttered, “You……, you are…… Thunderbolt Sect’s Tai…… Taishang Elder……”

The familiar voice made this Outlying Islands Sanren suddenly recall a person. That person was Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, Venerable Thunderbolt, that had made him retreat in the past. Under his guidance, some doubts on his cultivation were resolved. And under the latter’s hints, he was able to sense that his cultivation had gone awry and he was about to have qi deviation.

A legendary expert that had already broken through to Half Sage realm several thousand years ago. No wonder, he was so strong, and his such attack, wasn’t that just courting death?

Outlying Islands Sanren was greatly scared and he retracted his dragon headed cane that was just half an inch away from Ye Chuan. Even though Ye Chuan didn’t seem to have any intention to block, he didn’t dare to stab him.

“Heh heh, you are sensible. What, you also like this sarcophagus? Do you want this old man to give it to you?” Ye Chuan sneered and lowered his voice, pretending to an old man.

“No……, no, this little one doesn’t have such intention, this little one has committed a crime!”

Outlying Islands Sanren hastily shook his head. The more relaxed Ye Chuan was, the more restless he felt as if he had run into a disaster. He sweated profusely, then putting away his dragon headed cane, he fled in defeat.

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