Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 521

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 521: Innate strength

In the midst of boiling hot magma, sarcophagi were fluttering all around, causing people to chase them and fight against each other. If they were careless, then boiling hot magma would splash on them and their flesh would melt, leaving behind only eerie bones, and shortly afterward, even the bones would also be melted.

After the emergence of those blaze spirits, the situation at the summit had become more dangerous and more chaotic.

The eyes of Ye Chuan were blazing like torches. His speed was sometimes fast and sometimes slow like a fluttering leaf. He dodged all magma, chasing after a sarcophagus.

This was a greyish white sarcophagus. The treasure sealed inside couldn’t be seen clearly, but from the appearance of the sarcophagus, it was certain to be an ancient treasure. After cyan colored sarcophagi were spurted out from underground, truly powerful devils and loose cultivators chase them, so Ye Chuan didn’t have a hard time. The majority of cultivators that were contending against him were Rank 7 Daoist master realm. But, they were not Ye Chuan’s opponent after he had broken through to Rank 6 Daoist Master realm and condensed the tenth Heaven Swallowing Talisman. He swayed left and right, and rushed forward, passing magma pillars, instantly reached close to a sarcophagus.

“This sarcophagus is this lordship’s, scram!”

A tall bald loose cultivator rushed up from one side and ruthlessly smashed his hammer towards the head of Ye Chuan. His speed was a bit slower and had fallen behind Ye Chuan, so unwilling to helplessly watch Ye Chuan snatch this sarcophagus, he immediately made a deadly move.

Ye Chuan suddenly turned around and no one saw what treasure he used, but a sound of collision resounded.

Kacha, this overbearing bald loose cultivator’s rib were broken. The strength behind the attack of Ye Chuan was beyond his expectation. In an instant, this bald loose cultivator felt as if he was not hit by a person, rather was smashed by ancient battle behemoth, or to say, he was slammed by a huge mountain. He was unable to endure this attack and exploded. Just before he died, he saw Ye Chuan smoothly grabbing his hammer.

“This warhammer is not bad, it’s a bit lighter, but thanks anyway!”

Ye Chuan coldly glanced at this ignorant bald loose cultivator and flew towards the nearby sarcophagus. He didn’t want to kill people so as to avoid attracting the attention of Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng. But, if someone didn’t have eyes and was courting death, then he also wouldn’t be lenient.

Bang, Ye Chuan raised this warhammer that was nearly 50,000 jin in weight and smashed down. In his hands, it appeared very light like a child’s toy, but this one smash broke the sarcophagus that even magma couldn’t melt into pieces. Then, Ye Chuan grabbed a fiery red pill. It was hot and was emitting pure energy fluctuation. It resembled the legendary blaze pearl.

Ye Chuan had no time to carefully examine it. He quickly put away this fiery red pill, then rushed towards another sarcophagus, holding the warhammer.

“Enough, brat, it’s our turn now!”

“Why are you speaking so much nonsense? Kill directly, but be careful of his warhammer, don’t let him approach you!”

Three loose cultivators rushed over at the same time. They clearly had agreement in secret. One was holding a shield for defense, one was holding a sharp spear, especially responsible for attack, and the remaining one was with longbow. He shot arrows without speaking. He wanted to directly kill Ye Chuan. His move was quick and ruthless.

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed left and right, dodging the shark arrow. Next, his figure got dimmer as he displayed Peerless Style Technique. He crossed three meters in one jump, reaching right behind that loose cultivator with a shield.

“Watch out!”

The other two warned. The fellow with the shield was also feeling the situation was anything but reassuring. He used his left leg as a fulcrum and turning around, he lifted the heavy shield. Dong, after luckily blocking the warhammer of Ye Chuan, he was forced to take a few steps back.


Ye Chuan was surprised. He had thought that he would kill this fellow with this attack, but to his surprise, the shield of this fellow was actually so hard. This fellow was not tall, he was short and fat, and wore a tattered armor. Looking at him, his cultivation was at most Rank 7 Daoist Master, but his ability was not low. He was at least more powerful than that bald loose cultivator.

“Big brother, Second brother, don’t move, let him come, see how I will smash him to death!”

The fate loose cultivator roared angrily and rushed up. Then, he ferociously smashed his heavy shield on the ground. He wanted to turn Ye Chuan into a grounded meat.

Just now, the smash of Ye Chuan’s warhammer had torn his perlicue and he had nearly dropped his shield. In the past, he had always been proud of his innate strength, but today, he almost dropped his shield. He was so embarrassed that he was angry.

“Good, that’s perfect!”

Ye Chuan sneered and looked at this fatty as if he was looking at a corpse while circulating ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. Just now, he had not even used 70% of his strength, now however was different, he circulated all his Heaven Swallowing Talismans to prepare for the strongest attack.

The fatty furiously rushed towards Ye Chuan and punched. As for Ye Chuan, he just waited to see whether this fatty truly had innate strength or not.

Dong, the moves of two people collided.

The fatty had innate strength and he was good at using it. In the past, he had forced people to submit with just this move. Ye Chuan also didn’t use any other technique, just confronted the tough with toughness.

Ye Chuan was forced to retreat a few steps. His breathing became rough and his perlicue tingle and his arm was aching. Looking below, he saw the warhammer was dented a little. As for this fatty, he was standing absolutely still, it appeared as if he occupied advantage, but after a short while, he opened his mouth and vomited a mouthful of blood. Upon careful look, one could see bits and pieces of internal organs in it.

“You……, who are you?”

The fatty asked pointing at Ye Chuan. But, before Ye Chuan had any time to answer, he collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing. It seems the strength of Ye Chuan was above his. As a matter of fact, his internal organs were smashed by the hammer of Ye Chuan.

A Heaven Swallowing Talisman gave him the strength of 18,000 jin, and ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans gave him the strength of 180,000 jin!

Such a strength, other than abnormal monsters, who could possess?

Honestly speaking, the strength of this fatty was not low, unfortunately, it had not reached the point of being abnormal, and he had met Ye Chuan, this monster. If fatty was even a bit intelligent, then he should have retreated and joined with his two companions. But, he attacked by himself, the result, he lost his life under the attack of Ye Chuan.

“Third brother!”


The other two loose cultivators screamed. It was already too late to rescue him, so they roared angrily and rushed towards Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan appeared quiet on the surface, but the Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body were surging as he held up this warhammer to fight back.

Seeing the sarcophagus not far away was going to drift away, he didn’t want to continue fighting, but the other party was unwilling to let him go, so he could only kill them quickly and decide what to do next!

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