Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 520

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 520: The best opportunity

A loud sound of explosion resounded in the underground cave, and when it was transmitted above the ground, it turned it a rumbling sound.

The ground swayed even more violently and a large amount of magma continuously erupted out.

But, Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng didn’t stop seizing the treasures. Their cultivation was also soaring, reaching the amazing heights! After a loud rumbling sound, under the great techniques of these two experts, two sarcophagi sprang out from inside the magma. But, just when the two of them were pulling their respective sarcophagi, along with after violent shaking, a loud rumbling sound resounded, and more than ten sarcophagi were spurted out from the magma.

These sarcophagi were greyish white in color. Their quality was far inferior to those cyan colored sarcophagi dragged out from deep underground. Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were not interested in them. But, the eyes of many loose cultivators and devils shone. After a slight hesitation, upon seeing two super experts didn’t seem to be interested in them, they quickly rushed over and vied for those sarcophagi. On the summit, another fight broke out. This time, it was even more chaotic.

Since more than dozens of treasures had sprung out, just seizing one or two would be a great harvest. And after refining them, their strength would definitely soar. Who could endure such temptation?

Almost all loose cultivators and devils gathered here on the summit had rushed up. Even Outlying Islands Sanren who originally just wanted to seize a pill also was no exception. There was no one in the world who would discard a treasure in front of their eyes. The only exception was Ye Chuan who was still hiding behind a rock.

Looking at more than a dozen treasures flying in the sky, Ye Chuan was also tempted. His blood and qi sheeted with excitement, but looking at Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, he felt danger as if two sharp blades were hanging above his head, so he forcibly suppressed his impulse to rush out and continued to wait.

The more chaotic the battle, the easier it was to fish in the muddled waters. In addition, it would also not be easy for Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng to recognize him. In order to seize a treasure, the people were fighting chaotically, but this amount of chaos was not enough for Ye Chuan. The time was not right yet.

The true hunters know how to hide and wait, and attack at a critical moment.

Now, Ye Chuan was a hunter, quietly waiting patiently for the most opportune moment.

The dozens of sarcophagi flew chaotically all around in a limited space as if they were trapped by an invisible barrier. But, the loose cultivators and devils that were vying for these treasures were fighting more and more intensely, and this summit was getting more and more chaotic. Some people were able to grab a sarcophagus, but before they had time to take a closer look, it would be snatched by other people; some people were very ferocious, forcibly making all loose cultivators and devils around him retreat, and firmly grabbing a sarcophagus, they would run away without even looking what was sealed inside; some people were unlucky, they were accidentally sucked into the sarcophagi and sunk into the magma along with those sarcophagi. In the end, they didn’t obtain any treasure and also lose their life.

Now, Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were not interested in ordinary treasures. They especially seized cyan colored sarcophagi. But, even without the obstruction of these two super experts, it was not easy to seize the treasures. On the contrary, while fighting for treasures, they would get in the way of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng. Fortunately, these two super experts were occupied, competing with each other in seizing treasures, otherwise, many loose cultivators and devils would have lost their lives.

The eyes of Ye Chuan who was hiding behind the rock were blazing like torches, and the energy fluctuation within his body was riding as he prepared to make a move.

The reaction of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng made him see the opening. He could rush out and seize one or two treasures taking this chance when these two experts were not paying attention. If he was lucky, then he might be able to obtain a powerful treasure, and smoothly make a breakthrough after refining. But, he still suppressed the impulse in his heart and patiently continued to wait.

The ground shook again and again, and magma erupted out from the crater. Even before all the treasures spurted out were seized by people, another batch of treasures were spurted out. This time, other than ordinary greyish white sarcophagi, there were three cyan sarcophagi.


Qing Tianhou was somewhat surprised, but he quickly moved. The halberd in his hand shone with pallid light and chopped a devil into two halves and grabbing the empty void, he pulled a cyan sarcophagus. After breaking it, a green flying sword appeared on his palm. He immediately spat out a mouthful of vitality and refined it. Then, a fierce killing intent spread all around, beheading several loose cultivators within the radius of three meters.

Perhaps, the restriction had weakened, or perhaps, there were some changes, the treasures sealed deep underground were spurted out. And seeing how powerful the flying sword in the hands of Qing Tianhou was, people crazily stepped forward and rushed towards the remaining cyan colored sarcophagus in succession. Although they were drooling with envy, no one dared to even have a thought of fighting Qing Tianhou for that flying sword, they could only try their best to compete for the treasures inside the remaining two cyan sarcophagi.

“All the cyan sarcophagi are this Lord Hou’s, who dares to snatch the things of this Lord Hou!”

Qing Tianhou coldly snorted and rushed forward. Instantly, within the radius of several meters, ice-cold blade light wreak havoc. And along with screams, more than ten experts fell. Those who were nearest to those cyan sarcophagi died faster.

The loose cultivators and devils who were rushing forward with excitement instantly turned pale and simultaneously stopped their steps.

Overbearing, cruel, ruthless!

Once Qing Tianhou made a move, many died. He wanted to forcibly snatch all high-grade treasures. But, no one dared to vie with him for these treasures.

“Hahaha, that’s good, scram, don’t block this Lord Hou!”

Qing Tianhou roared with laughter, but when he was about to seize those two cyan sarcophagi, the ground suddenly shook and along with a rumbling sound, boiling hot magma erupted out like a flood. In addition, over a hundred sarcophagi were spurted out. Just cyan sarcophaguses numbered more than ten.

And at the same time, over a hundred blaze spirits statues were also spurted out from deep underground. And after coming into contact with outside air, those statues emitted red light and suddenly opened their eyes. Next, they began to massacre crazily.

Several devils and loose cultivators didn’t have time to dodge and were instantly burned into ashes by these blaze spirits. Qing Tianhou with great momentum instantly attracted blaze spirits the most. More than a dozen blade spirit rushed towards him. After the battle, all those blaze spirits were killed, but Qing Tianhou was also injured. His battle robe was burnt in numerous places. Now, he was no longer clam like before. But, before he had time to take a breather, more than a dozen of blaze spirits rushed towards him again.

The grades of treasures spurted out from underground were getting higher and higher, but the danger had also increased sharply. Now, the summit was completely chaotic. Even Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were able to escape unscathed. They suffered the attacks of numerous blade spirits. Seeing these two were struggling to defend themselves, some daring devils secretly schemed to kill these two experts and seize the treasure they gathered

In the past, these devils didn’t dare to have any thoughts on these two super experts because they could do nothing due to their heaven-defying cultivation base. But, not the chance had appeared, their moves were especially ferocious. What about Half Sage realm expert? For seizing rare ancient treasures, everyone was ready to risk everything. The blaze spirits were already ferocious enough, but after their death, not only would a treasure drop, even a time and space gate leading outside the grave would appear. But, with numerous treasures in front of them, fewer and fewer people decisively left.

Ye Chuan who was patiently waiting behind the rock for the opportune moment suddenly stood up and taking a deep breath, he rushed towards a greyish white sarcophagus. He wasn’t targeting a high grade, taking advantage of the time when Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were busy fighting for cyan sarcophagi against numerous devils and loose cultivators, he wanted to grab one or two treasures first. Any treasure sealed inside this Great Monarch grave was extraordinary even if it was sealed inside the most common sarcophagus.

After waiting for so long, this was the opportune moment he was waiting for!

Ye Chuan’s speed was very fast, he headed straight towards the target in the midst of the crowd.

When Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were busy dealing with others, it was the best opportunity for him to seize some treasures!

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