Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 52

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 52: Lady White

Under the swift and fierce attack of Ye Chuan, Thousand Legged Monster quickly suffered serious damage. At this time, only half of the huge body of Thousand Legged Monster was shown, and the other half was still under the ground.

Continuing to crawl out of the ground in hope of resolutely counterattacking and crushing Ye Chuan, or, hastily returning back underground so as to avoid the attacks of Ye Chuan dodging this calamity, wounded Thousand Legged Monster faced with these two choices.


Ear deafening roaring sound reverberated across the heavens, and the mound’s sands flew about and stones hurtled through the air, causing the leaves of the nearby trees to fall down in succession.

With the violent disposition of Thousand Legged Monster, it made the first choice. After sustaining injuries, it got insane, and rise up vigorously to counterattack.

Blocking the attack of Ye Chuan was its first mistake, and after sustaining the injury, without escaping, insanely counter-attacking was its second mistake. With two fatal mistakes, the tragedy was inevitable.

Ye Chuan uttered a long cry holding his head high, and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, he thoroughly displayed the power of nine blades and Inch Light technique which was left behind by Ghost Hand Medicinal King, the founder of Cloud Mist Sect. The insane Thousand Legged Monster was just to his liking!

Pallid light flashed and blade qi swept over.

Ye Chuan was expressionless, leaving behind fatal cuts on the body of Thousand Legged Monster. Every blade, as if performing an operation, accurately landed on the space between the two segment’s scales of Thousand Legged Monster. And with only one inch of blade entering the huge body of Thousand Legged Monster, it was unable to take the life of this Thousand Legged Monster.

Thousand Legged Monster roared repeatedly, but wasn’t able to counterattack. It only went all out to quickly bore out from inside the ground. Unfortunately, although it was fast, Ye Chuan was even faster, and his blades were fatal. Not long after, gigantic Thousand Legged Monster’s energy was exhausted due to the excessive loss of blood, and its speed gradually slowed down. Finally, its more than 100 meters long body completely came out of the ground, but it however was powerless to struggle. It already had many wounds in its body, Ye Chuan practically put it to death by thousand cuts.

After confirming Thousand Legged Monster was dead, Ye Chuan finally relaxed, and after a little rest, he began to get busy. He cut open the head of Thousand Legged Monster, and took out a piece of pale cyan colored crystal stone shaped thing. It was thumb sized, and was completely pale cyan colored as if a piece of natural gem. It was mild and moist, and he could feel a burst of pure energy fluctuation.

This is a crystal core, a piece of best quality crystal core.

Thousand Legged Monster devoured other yao beasts to live. And with Yang Qi surging, the crystal core within its body was its energy source, which happens to be the thing which Ye Chuan urgently needed.

“Unfortunately, this crystal core is still a little small, forget it, I will make do with it.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and after putting away this crystal core, he cleared the corpse of Thousand Legged Monster and swaggered off.

Helping Flame Devil treat his wound, he had lost a large amount of his vitality. So he urgently needed to compensate for his losses, strengthening his spirit. He had originally pinned his hopes in Qingyang fruit seeds, but to his surprise, he didn’t find Qingyang fruit but got a crystal core of Thousand Legged Monster. This was an unexpected happy event.

In the wilderness, the smell of blood easily attracts terrifying yao beast. Knowing this, Ye Chuan quickly went far away from this changed beyond recognition mound, continuing to soar through lofty ridges and towering mountains. Sure enough, just after he had walked away, roaring sounds of yao beasts came from the direction of the mound. He wondered how many starving yao beasts were eyeing the corpse of Thousand Legged Monster.

When it was early evening, Ye Chuan finally reached his destination.

Originate from the icy mountain, Cloud Mist river flowed down from the plateau. And hitting head on against the base, it continues to flow through 10000 li mountain range with 9 turns 18 curves, leaving a boundless clear spring. Looking down from the starry sky, this boundless clear spring was as if a sapphire inlaid in the boundless earth. This place was the beautiful Shallow Water Bay of Cloud Mist Mountain range.

According to legend, in ancient times, even female celestials were touched by this beautiful place, so they often descend to this place to groom their elegant long hairs. Under an accident arising from many causes, a passing by hunter and female celestial fell in love with each other, leaving behind a section of the sad and beautiful tale. Ever since the ancient times, there have been many passionate men and women coming here to seek the trace of ancient time’s celestial being, listening to the tales that had passed on from generation to generation among the people.

With the aid of moonlight in the sky, Ye Chuan walked about all around, looking for Qingyang fruit seed. He had been continuously paying attention to Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body, hoping to have its aid to find the treasure. Unfortunately, there was no movement of Cyan Lotus Lamp.

He suddenly heard the indistinct sound of gurgling water.


Or is it a formidable savage wilderness mutated yao beast?

Ye Chuan stopped his steps, somewhat hesitated and cautiously followed the sound of the water. After walking several 100 meters, a spring scenery slowly unfolded before his eyes.

Under the moonlight, a girl in the prime of her youth was walking towards this clear little lake. While walking she slowly removed her clothing. First, she undid her exquisite belt, baggy gown and then her exquisite underwear. Very quickly, a fair and exquisite jade body was displayed to the world. With white skin, soft and graceful build, merely a back view could cause people to skip their heartbeat.

After taking off her clothing, she soaked herself in this clear lake water and played to her heart content. She stretched out her slender limbs, then, leisurely groomed her long hair. While grooming, she sang an unknown song. Her voice was suave, and seemed to have a trace of hidden bitterness, as if a passionate woman was in the process of pouring out everything towards her sweetheart. That scene and that voice, made Ye Chuan who was listening to be somewhat absent-minded involuntarily.

Many years ago, there was once a woman who accompanied beside him who poured out all her happiness and also recount her grief to him, merely afterward……

Ye Chuan’s heart ached, recalling a segment of memory covered in dust, and accidentally stepped on the dried branch. A crisp snapping sound resounded, which spread very far away in the night sky.


The woman who was grooming herself in the water suddenly turned around, her face tense and restless. Oval face, big eyes and pointed chin, she was none other than Tuoba Xiaoniao whom he had seen in Purple Cloud Peak.

A wisp of fierce killing intent rapidly locked onto the bush where Ye Chuan was located.

After a short panic, Tuoba Xiaoniao quickly wore her baggy gown, and her big eyes firmly stared at the place where Ye Chuan was hiding. Not far away, suddenly flame torch lit up, which was accompanied by heavy hurried footsteps. It seems a group of guards was rushing over.

“It’s me, Ye Chuan.”

Seeing his whereabouts was exposed, Ye Chuan simply walked over calm and composed. Then looking at Tuoba Xiaoniao who had just come out from water, he evilly smiled and said, “My wife, it’s me. People say, the short partings make the reunion even sweeter than a honeymoon, but how come, after not seeing for just several days, you don’t even recognize your husband?”

“Are you?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao was very surprised, she had never thought that the one hiding and peeping on her was unexpectedly Ye Chuan. And recalling the absurd matter of not long before, her face turned red, soon after that was covered with a layer of coldness, “Boy, speak, what did you see?”

“I saw everything that should be seen and also shouldn’t be seen.”

Ye Chuan honestly confessed, then with honest and sincere gentleman appearance, he said, “Wife, I truly have never thought that your skin was unexpectedly so white! Tsk tsk, who said I, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother has a cruel fate? I am born under a very lucky star to be able to marry such a Lady White.”

“Surnamed Ye, you……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao gnashed her teeth, being called Lady White by Ye Chuan, she was so angry that indistinct glistening teardrops appeared in her big eyes.

From childhood till now, no man had ever touched even her little hand except her father and she had always tightly covered her body. But who would have thought that, tonight, her everywhere was unexpectedly seen by Ye Chuan!

Granted that he had seen her, but Ye Chuan unexpectedly still openly spoke out, readily calling her wife, it seems, he not only wanted to simply look, what does he want to do?

“Junior apprentice-sister, let senior apprentice-brother kill him!”

A gloomy and cold voice suddenly came through the dark.

And before the voice could fade, sword light suddenly streak across the sky, straightly flying towards the space between the eyebrows of Ye Chuan. A short and small very thin black robed youth rushed out from the dark with full of killing intent. This person seemed short, small and very thin, and was not eye-catching at all, but his sword stab unexpectedly caused rumbling thunder sound in the air. The right cuff of his robe was embroidered with a bronze cauldron, and the energy fluctuation within his body was vigorous. He was a Xiushi realm expert!

Black Cauldron Sect, Thunderbolt Sword!

This black robbed person had used the fatal move of Black Cauldron Sect. He was showing no quarters, seeing Ye Chuan, he was itching to tear the body of Ye Chuan to thousands of pieces!

“Good sword-play, who are you?” Ye Chuan swayed in succession, dodging this heavy sword. Now a trace of solemnness appeared on his face.

“Black Cauldron Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Hong Lie!”

Black robed person loudly shouted, and his voice was rather sharp and ear-piercing. After that swinging his sword, he ruthlessly stabbed towards Ye Chuan once again, he attacks got more and more intense as if tide. “Brat, originally, this noble son intended to let you live for two more days, and kill you in Great Competition. But now, since you are courting death, then I will send you on your way!”

The rumbling thunderbolt sound suddenly got dense. In an instant, black robed person, Hong Lie stabbed 17 times. And all of these stabs were targeting the vital points of Ye Chuan.

As the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, his cultivation was far higher compared to Ye Chuan. Among the entire younger generation of three large sects, perhaps only the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Five Style Sect Gushan Leng could be placed on par with him!

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