Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 518

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 518: Great Monarch World

Everyone opened their eyes wide, waiting for more treasures to spurt out.

But, even after waiting for a while, the ground just swayed more and more violently, but no treasures could be seen. Even the amount of magma being spurt out became lesser and lesser, as if the magma underground was already exhausted. But, at the same time, ear piercing whistling sounds came from underground. Those sounds were similar to the sounds of flying swords when they flew at full speed.

On top of the mountain, everyone was very alert and tense.

This temporary calm was the prelude of even more violent storms. The loose cultivators and devils who had experienced many stormy waves understood this point. But, what they didn’t understand was, what kind of restriction was underground? What kind of treasures will be spurt out next? And what kind of danger would they meet?

The longer they waited, the more nervous they became.

Even these two unstoppable super experts, Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, hand a hint of solemnness. Qing Tianhou was very eager, his eyes never left the magma inside the crater as if he was ready to jump straight into it to explore deep inside and collect all treasures. But after thinking again and again, he didn’t dare to take action.

When all was said and done, this was a grave of a Great Monarch, and deep inside, there were ancient restrictions laid down by Blue Waves Great Monarch before his death. Although his cultivation was heaven-defying and far surpassed ordinary Sage realm experts, Qing Tian also didn’t dare to be careless here.

Jiang Tunsheng standing on the opposite side of this crater also clearly had misgivings. Although the Emperor Bow in his hand was powerful, it was also not unequaled. Even he might be trapped if he encountered a truly heaven-defying restriction.

The two super experts didn’t dare to act rashly. Ye Chuan naturally will also not act rashly. He lowered the big bamboo hat he was wearing and restrained his energy fluctuation and aura, hiding behind a rock. Occasionally, some people would see his figure, but they just thought that he was a cowardly loose cultivator and ignored him.

Ye Chuan was staying still, but his divine sense was slowly spreading. First, he scanned the surrounding topography, then, counted the numbers of loose cultivators and devils here as well as their cultivation base. Finally, his divine sense passed Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng and entered the crater, exploring the mystery below the magma.

After the war in Bellowing Waves Island, the spirit of Ye Chuan had yet to completely recover, so he was very cautious. Slowly, the mystery below the magma appeared in his mind.

There was a huge cave underground. The Flame Mountain practically had a boiling hot magma inside. IN a sense, this Flame Mountain was a huge bottle, the crater was small bottle mouth, and inside the bottle, there was no water, rather boiling hot magma that could instantly melt flesh and bones.

If this bottle suddenly explodes, then what would happen?

Ye Chuan suddenly thought of a situation and shuddered. But, he continued to send his divine sense further down and he was all the more shocked.

The underground cave was filled with boiling hot magma, but there were sarcophagi hung on the walls all around. No one knew what stone was used to forge these sarcophagi, but even after existing in the boiling hot magma for millions of years, there was not a single damage. And after carefully sensing them, he discovered that many profound and mysterious ancient runes were carved on those sarcophagi. The deeper the location, the older the sarcophagi and lesser ancient runes were carved on them but they were also more profound and difficult to comprehend. It appeared as if these sarcophagi were not sealed in the same period of time, rather were sealed in different time periods. The runes on the sarcophagi were equivalent to some kind of marks, the lesser runes implied they were sealed in an earlier time period.

There was a treasure sealed in every sarcophagus, and with so many sarcophagi, how many treasures were sealed in this underground cave?

In the deepest part of this cave, what kind of sarcophagi and treasures were sealed in the earliest time period?

Ye Chuan’s heart shook, but he urged his divine sense to continue spreading downward. Roughly ten meters underground, there were sarcophagi everywhere on the walls; then 50 meters underground, there was no big change in the circumstances; but roughly after 70 meters, the circumstances began to change. Sarcophagi were still hung on the walls, but there were blaze spirit statues around them.

Could it be that these blaze spirits are the guardian of these sarcophagi? Are they guarding the treasures and restrictions here?

Recalling the blaze spirit that had appeared in that flame valley, Ye Chuan had a thought. He then carefully spread his divine sense towards those blaze spirits, wanting to sense the circumstances. The result, when his divine sense was still 3 meters away, he suddenly felt something was wrong. An invisible energy surged and a blaze spirit beside a sarcophagus suddenly opened her eyes.

Ye Chuan exclaimed and retracted his divine sense at the fastest speed from this underground cave.

Along with muffled groans, the loose cultivators and devils gathered here on the summit became pale in succession. Their spirit was injured. Some people even bled from the corner of their mouth and eyes. That was the sign of their spirit suffering a serious injury.

When Ye Chuan was exploring the underground world with his divine sense, numerous loose cultivators and devils were also doing similar things. Everyone was puzzled and wondered what kind of treasures were sealed underground. The result, those who had low cultivation base, their divine sense only reached 10 or 20 meters deep, and were only able to sense numerous sarcophagi hung on the underground cave; those who had a bit stronger cultivation base were able to spread their divine sense to more than 70 meters, and like Ye Chuan, they suffered the invisible attack, but, only a few were able to sense something was wrong and escape unscathed like Ye Chuan. Not everyone was so lucky.

The exploration of the underground world quickly displayed the gap in the cultivation base of everyone.

Ye Chuan took a quick look around and memorized loose cultivators and devils who posed a threat to him. There were not many of them, roughly twenty or thirty, and most of them were peak Daoist Master realm experts. Only a handful of them were Rank 7 Daoist Master realm experts. In addition, without exception, all of them had a distinctive fate technique or protective treasures. But, truly powerful experts were still Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng.

When others were forced to retreat under the invisible attack, these two super experts were still standing still with their eyes closed. They continued to spread their divine sense downward, 80 meters, 90 meters, 100 meters……

These two super experts displayed their techniques and explored this dangerous underground world to their heart’s content as if no one else were present. They wanted to find all the mysteries of the underground world.

A competition between experts doesn’t necessary need to be a life and death battle, any move anywhere can be a competition.

Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were exploring the mysteries of the underworld world, but at the same time, they were also competing against each other. They wanted to see who can last longer and who would be the first to explore all mysteries. For the experts of their realm, wherever their divine sense goes, it was their sphere of influences. Once the oldest sarcophagus was found, they would retract their divine sense and enter the magma to capture the treasure sealed inside that sarcophagus. That treasure would very likely be the most precious treasure of this Great Monarch grave and it might also contain the essence energy and technique of Sea Waves Great Monarch. And whoever obtains it, he would inherit the legacy of this Great Monarch!


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