Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 517

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 517: Unstoppable

People didn’t have to wait long. After a violent shaking of the ground, a large amount of magma gushed out along with a treasure. This time, three pieces of treasures were sprayed out at the same time. An unknown pill, a cloak and a spear, all of them were fiery red in color and were sealed inside three different sarcophagi.

Ancient treasures, three at the same time!

The loose cultivators and devils who were gathered at the summit were excited. Their eyes burned with enthusiasm again. Soon, someone had already taken the initiative to rush forward.

The scene of that cyan robed old devil trapped in the sarcophagus had made everyone shudder, but no one could endure the temptation upon seeing three treasures at the same time. The old devil Outlying Islands Sanren was practically the first person to rush forward. His target was only one, it was that unknown fiery red pill sealed inside a sarcophagus.

After the cultivation of Ancient Avatar Technique went astray, the thing he feared the most was qi deviation. Now, in his eyes, the value of a medicinal pill was far above other treasures. Regardless of whether this pill could resolve his condition, he had to seize it first!

Behind the rock, Ye Chuan also stood up. He was eager to give it a try.

Since he had entered this grave, he had always been careful, not daring to act rashly, but looking at those three ancient treasures hovering in the air, moreover, feeling the energy fluctuation coming from those sarcophagi, he couldn’t help getting excited. But, just when he was about to fly out, his heart jumped as he felt danger. Shortly afterward, a familiar aura came from far away and a whistling sound could be heard.

Qing Tianhou?

The heart of Ye Chuan shook and he subconsciously squatted again. Then, looking back, he saw a tall figure flying over. He had a sharp and long halberd in his hand. His dense killing intent, suppressed people with invisible pressure. He was none other than Qing Tianhou.

At that time, another whistling sound came from the other side of the Flame Mountain, accompanied by another great pressure.

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng and Qing Tianhou had arrived at the same time along with powerful momentum.

All the loose cultivators and devils here simultaneously trembled.

The arrival of these two super experts brought unprecedented pressure. No matter how powerful the loose cultivators and devils were, they couldn’t help trembling in fear.

The three treasures were still hovering in the air, although they were sealed inside sarcophagi, their powerful energy fluctuation had spread all around. At that time, a sarcophagus with fiery red cloak sealed inside just happened to fly past that old devil with a distinctive weapon. That old devil hesitated for a bit and gritting his teeth, he courageously stepped forward, wanting to grab this treasure.

With an ancient treasure floating right in front of his eyes, who could endure such temptation?

This old devil had already obtained the blaze arm guard, but like that cyan robed old devil who was trapped in the sarcophagus, he was also not satisfied with only one.

“All the treasures here is this Lord Hou’s, old fellow, before you have any thoughts about this cloak, did you ask this Lord Hou?”

Qing Tianhou coldly looked at this old devil and grabbing the empty void from far away, he actually seized this sarcophagus.

This old devil trembled. He knew full well that he was not the opponent of Qing Tianhou and wisely retreated. Unfortunately, although he gave up, Qing Tianhou didn’t let this matter drop. This old devil only saw a hint of white light and a chilling blade light was already right in front of him. This blade light was very fast and ferocious, he hastily raised the broom and also a comb-like distinctive weapon to block.

Clang, a metal colliding sound resounded, and this old devil who was killing all around trembled, then the distinctive weapon in his hand along with his body was cut into two. That arm guard he had snatched with great difficulty also fall from his body. Qing Tianhou then grabbed it and put it away after taking a quick look, then using some strength, he tapped the sarcophagus in his hand.

The sarcophagus that didn’t even melt in magma changed into dust, and a majestic energy fluctuation suddenly gave rise to a strong wind. The loose cultivators and devils standing around shook and they were unable to stand properly. But Qing Tianhou was absolutely still, he reached out his big hand and grabbed this blaze cloak sealed inside the sarcophagus, then spitting out a mouthful of vitality, he refined this blaze cloak on the spot and wore it. Instantly after that, a red light circulated around his body and he vaguely seemed to have transformed into a blaze spirit, the embodiment of flame.

With one move, Qing Tianhou had forcibly crushed the restriction of the sarcophagus which had even killed that cyan robed old devil who was peak Daoist Master realm expert. In addition, just after arriving at the summit, he made a move and killed one old devil and seized the blaze cloak, displaying his heaven-defying cultivation base.

On the summit, the complexion of people simultaneously changed, seeing the ferociousness of Qing Tianhou again.

Behind the rock, Ye Chuan was also greatly shocked. The restriction of the sarcophagus, he was sure that he would be able to break it, but it was difficult to forcibly crush it like Qing Tianhou. The action of Qing Tianhou seemed simple on the surface, but his technique was extraordinary. Behind his powerful strength, he also had extraordinary knowledge.

“Lord Hou, your cultivation is even more consummate now, congratulations, I will kindly accept this pill and spear.”

On the other side, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng faintly smiled, then raising the Emperor’s Bow, he shot two times and the other two sarcophagi explode. He then grabbed the void, pulling those fiery red pill and spear, and put them away. He was not any inferior to overbearing Qing Tianhou!


The complexion of Ye Chuan changed and his pupils shrunk.

After his reincarnation, Qing Tianhou was the strongest opponent he met so far. The only one who was comparable to him was Jiang Tunsheng, this State Teacher of Da Qin Dynasty. Although White Haired Empress of Heavenly Yao Sect, Zhao Tianbi, was also very powerful, compared to Qing Tianhou, she was slightly inferior.

“What? Your Excellency State Teacher, do you want to fight for another three hundred rounds again?” Qing Tianhou raised the sharp halberd and pointed at Jiang Tunsheng’s throat. He was emitting dense killing intent without any expression.

“Fight ten fight, Qing Tianhou, do you think this lordship fears you?”

Jiang Tunsheng sneered and the Emperor’s bow in his hand shone with pallid light. He then added, “But, if we fight again, I fear that that old fox, patriarch of Sea Demon Clan, will take advantage of our battle to lead us by the nose and secretly find the real Lost City. At that time, once he obtained the ancient holy item of Sea Demon Clan, in this racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, both you and I will have a hard time, avoiding the dangers!”

“Humph, not necessarily!”

Qing Tianhou coldly snorted, but he didn’t move. Clearly, he didn’t want to fight Jiang Tunsheng at this moment.

Now far away, Ye Chuan who was hiding behind the rock was overjoyed hearing the news. Hearing the words of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, he knew that they had clearly not encountered Zhu Sijia and others. Or perhaps, they had encountered them, but Sea Demon Patriarch and others narrowly slipped away.

Ye Chuan who had been worried finally relaxed a little and watched the changed calmly.

The ground shook even more violently as if the entire Flame Mountain was about to explode and cave in, and a large amount of magma continued to gush out from the crater. Ye Chuan wanted to see what kind of treasure would be sprayed out next.

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