Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 516

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 516: A sarcophagus restriction

Along with the continuous splashing sounds, the boiling hot magma sprayed out again and again.

More and more loose cultivators and devils rushed over upon hearing the news and gathered at the summit. They stared at the crater without even blinking their eyes, waiting for a treasure to come out.

The summit was getting more and more crowded. The loose cultivators and devil who had come later would squeeze forward in fear that they would fall at the back and return empty-handed. The result, before a treasure had appeared, many people were already fighting just for a good location. The final winner was either overwhelming group of people who had a secret agreement to cooperate, or great devils who killed people like flies.

When practically everyone was squeezing forward, Ye Chuan however had retreated ten meters away. He was watching everything while hiding far away.

With so many experts gathered here, now the battle was even more ruthless. Those who rush forward would die quickly.

Ye Chuan was very cautious, with Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, these two heaven-defying experts, hanging over his head like a blade which could fall at any time, he had no choice but to be very alert.

Rumble, a treasure along with magma erupted out from underground.

This time, a blaze arm guard had appeared in front of people. It sunk and rose on the magma.

“Haha, a blaze arm guard, this is also mine, everything is mine, the set of blaze suit is mine, hahaha!”

That cyan robed old devil holding a sickle roared with laughter and charged forward. After the blaze shield, he wanted to snatch this blaze arm guard too.

All the things that were found in this grave of Great Monarch were not ordinary items. Just a blaze shield or a blaze arm guard, their power was extraordinary. If one could collect the entire set of blaze suit, then one’s fighting power would definitely advance by leaps and bounds. According to the legend, once one collected the entire sect of blaze suit, one could dominate the embodiment of flame, and even could easily crush blaze spirit.

Many impatient loose cultivators and devils also quickly made a move. Although the cyan robe old devil holding a sickle was powerful, no one would easily give up such a precious treasure.

A fierce battle broke out. Screams after screams resounded as many loose cultivators and devils fell. Often, some retreated after getting injured, but even more were thrown into the boiling magma. And at the same time, the earthquake and the eruption of magma got more violent. Even some people who were just clustering around without stepping forward to fight for the treasure were engulfed by the magma falling from the sky. Even just a splash of a few drops of magma would make people feel tingling pain.

As for Ye Chuan, he swayed and dodged the splash of magma, and looking at this tragic battle, his complexion was stretched taut. Even after so long, he didn’t find any trace of Zhu Sijia and others. Slowly, he began to get worried.

This place was already the summit of Flame Mountain, and ancient treasures were being sprayed out from the crater in succession. If Zhu Sijia and others had come here, then it was impossible that there was no news of them. Since he couldn’t find any traces, there were only two explanations, either they encountered a powerful enemy and were delayed there, or they didn’t break into this grave of Great Monarch!

Thinking about arrogant Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng who similarly had no trace, Ye Chuan was worried.

If Zhu Sijia and others had unfortunately met those two heaven-defying experts, then perhaps no one could escape unless they had already met Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and Plague Archfiend Abasi.

After the fierce and tragic battle, the blaze arm guard fell in the hands of another devil. This devil had a distinctive weapon in his hand which resembled a broom or a comb. There were many barbs at one end which would tear the flesh of his opponent. After fighting several rounds, the cyan robed old devil holding a sickle didn’t dare to rush again.

With so many loose cultivators and devils gathered here, the fight was ferocious and unpredictable. As for Ye Chuan, he just watched secretly and became even more cautious. He looked around to find any traces of Zhu Sijia and others, but he could see nothing, therefore, he was unable to control himself and crushed several message talismans. If Zhu Sijia and others were in this grave of Great Monarch, then they would definitely sense the fluctuation of these message talismans.

After a slight pause, even more magma gushed out from the crater and the earthquake became even more intense. And after a rumbling sound, another treasure appeared in the midst of the magma. That was a fiery red battle armor. But, unlike previous two, this battle armor was sealed inside a sarcophagus. No one knew what kind of stone was used to forge it, but even in the midst of this boiling hot magma, it was fine.

“That is blaze battle armor, it’s mine!”

“Old devil, you are not satisfied with just blaze shield, do you truly think that everyone else is air?”


The loose cultivators and devils who were waiting for a long time rushed over again and began to fight violently. This blaze battle armor was clearly superior to the previous blaze shield and blaze arm guard. Once it was refined and worn, not to speak anything else, they would at least not need to fear this scorching hot magma and directly seize even more treasures in this magma.

On the summit, a new round of fierce battle began. This time, even more people participated.

The blaze battle armor sealed inside the sarcophagus emitted boundless energy fluctuation, and vibrated along with the entire sarcophagus while circling all around the sky, passing through the pillars of boiling hot magma. It appeared as if it wanted to break off a restriction binging it and fly away. On several occasion, some people clearly had successfully seized the sarcophagus, but before they could put it away, the sarcophagus would slip out of their hands and fly away. In the end, after the fierce battle and chase, that cyan robed old devil holding a sickle grabbed it.

“Hahaha, second treasure, this blaze battle armor is mine!”

The cyan robed old devil roared with laughter, then he reached out his hand inside the sarcophagus to grab the sealed blaze battle armor. But, while people were still hearing his laughter, a terrifying scene appeared in front of everyone.

When the fingertip of that cyan robed old devil touched the blaze battle armor, his body suddenly trembled as if he was electrocuted, then, he was absorbed into the sarcophagus. After that, the heavy sarcophagus flew out again, rushing into the boiling hot magma and finally sink into the crater.


In the sarcophagus, the cyan robed old devil struggled while screaming, but after a moment, he was dragged into the magma of the crater and disappeared.

The people around the crater stopped and sweated profusely.

Treasures were being sprayed out from below this crater, but it could also swallow back the treasures, what was that restriction?

After witnessing a terrifying scene, everyone was shocked.

This was not some hidden treasures, rather was a trap. The more powerful a treasure, the harder to obtain it, in addition, the slightest bit of carelessness would lead to death!

People came back to their senses and began pale. Some people wisely retreated to one side, but there were still many loose cultivators and devil standing beside the crater. They were unwilling to give up easily, but they clearly looked serious.

Next, what treasure would be sprayed out? What kind of restriction would it have?

Looking at the crater which often sprayed out magma, people were full of expectation but were also nervous at the same time. Far away, Ye Chuan who was hiding behind the rock was also shocked and reassessed the restrictions of this Great Monarch’s grave.


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