Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 515

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 515: Blaze Shield

After separating from the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect, Ye Chuan disguised himself again. He still wore the big bamboo hat on his head, but he now wore a tattered armor on his body. He disguised as an overseas loose cultivator and left hastily, rushing towards the top of the Flame Mountain. Without the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect dragging him behind, in addition, he was more and more worried about Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others, his speed became faster the more he advanced.

There were cracks everywhere on this mountain and red magma could be seen everywhere. The more one climbed up the mountain, the more dangerous it was.

Ye Chaun was very careful, he stayed as far as possible from those cracks. The scene of countless fiery snakes jumping out from the magma in that valley was still fresh in his mind. Before he found Zhu Sijia and others, he didn’t want to encounter that terrifying blaze spirit

After an hour, Ye Chuan reached the midway point of this mountain. On the way, he didn’t encounter that terrifying blaze spirit, but he encountered several overseas loose cultivators. All of them had unfamiliar faces. It seemed that they had just broken into this Great Monarch’s grave. Perhaps, they felt safety in numbers, or perhaps, they had yet to experience the power of Flame Mountain, they were rushing forward while chatting and laughing in excitement. Upon seeing the very careful appearance of Ye Chuan, some often turned around and talked while pointing at him.

“Look at that fellow, he doesn’t even dare to jump over a crack, just seeing a magma, he is afraid and is going around them, did he also break in to seize the treasure?”

“Yes, breaking in alone without any skill, isn’t this just courting death?”

“Instead of caring about what other people are doing, increase your speed, Old Sand has messaged that he has found a treasure near the summit, if we are too slow, then other people will snatch it!”


More than a dozen loose cultivators were rushing towards the summit, but their cultivation base couldn’t be considered high nor low. That short person who had turned around and looked at Ye Chuan with disdain was at best only rank 4 Daoist Master realm. He was running forward like a crab, and he had an extra-large sword on his shoulder. He had great momentum and emitting dense killing intent. But, if they truly encountered danger, then he might not even have a chance to attack.

Ye Chuan just lowered his head and quietly advanced. He had withdrawn his energy fluctuation, disguising as an ordinary loose cultivator. He pretended to not hear the words of this group of cultivators. But, when this group of over a dozen loose cultivators was about to disappear into the distance, Ye Chuan suddenly raised his head and looked up.

A treasure is discovered near the summit?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, and looking at the disappearing back view of those loose cultivators, he coldly smiled and followed them from far away.

At this late hour, he naturally wouldn’t lower himself to the same level as these ignorant loose cultivators, but, the treasure they spoke about at the summit however quickly attracted Ye Chuan’s attention. Everyone had broken into Lost City for treasures, in the places with treasures, he might find the trace of Zhu Sijia and others. Of course, it was also possible that he might encounter Qing Tianhou, State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng and other formidable opponents and even that terrifying blaze spirit.

Ye Chuan became all the more careful and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he gingerly followed behind. And when they were about to arrive at the summit, they were able to feel a boundless energy fluctuation from underground along with a special aura of ancient treasures. On the summit, there were craters of magma everywhere. Occasionally, magma would erupt out from those craters. There were many loose cultivators and devils around. They were staring at those craters, waiting for treasures to come out. Sure enough, a magma erupted, bringing along a fiery red shield with many ancient runes carved on it. It emitted a majestic energy fluctuation.

“Hahaha, it is the blaze shield, this shield is mine!”

“Scram, I will kill whoever blocks me!”


The eyes of loose cultivators and devils standing on the summit shone, then they flew up, vying to snatch that treasure.

All the things found in the grave of Great Monarch wouldn’t be an ordinary item. Even for a fragmented stone stele, many people had already come into blows not to mention this blaze shield. In an instant, more than a dozen experts flew up. Some grabbed the void, wanting to be the first one to seize the boiling hot shield, some people threw the rope, and some people even directly rushed towards the shield, wanting to grab it with their hand. They didn’t ignore how hot the shield was, everyone used their technique to fight for it. Soon, screams resounded as people fell on their blood pool. People killed each other with red eyes, but even more loose cultivators and devils joined in. This scene was just like loose cultivators and devils vying for Fiery Dragon Grasses in the flame valley.

Ye Chuan stood far away behind a rock and watched critically. This shield appeared pretty good, but the opportune moment had yet to appear. He wouldn’t easily make a move. In order to take precaution against contingencies, he pulled down his big bamboo hat in order to avoid being recognized.

After a fierce battle, a peak Daoist Master old devil snatched this blaze shield. The latter wore a cyan robe and held a huge sickle. He cut five formidable opponents around him into two. Only after that, no one dared to fight against him.

“Hahaha, I already said that this shield is mine, who still dares to vie for it!”

The cyan robed old devil laughed and put away the blaze shield. He then stood at one side of a crater, waiting for another treasure to come out. The magma erupted again and everyone cried out in alarm and retreated hastily, but this old devil stood still. Watching carefully, one could see a cyan light was circulating on his cyan robe, all magma was blocked three inches away from him. Clearly, this cyan robe he was wearing was not an ordinary item.

This old fellow is not bad!

Ye Chuan inwardly became carefully and remembered the appearance of this cyan robed old man. And after looking around a few times, he unexpectedly discovered a familiar face. Outlying Islands Sanren was also here. He was standing at one side of the crater holing his dragon-headed cane. He was very focused. After he was forced to retreat by Ye Chuan, this old devil had been worried, worried that he was having qi deviation. In addition, since Qing Tianhou was unwilling to help him, he was forced to break into this grave to look for a fortune. He wanted to see whether he could find some treasures or pills that could resolve his disaster.

In this grave of Great Monarch, not only treasures were sealed, many high-grade pills were also sealed. The overwhelming majority of loose cultivators and devils had broken into this grave of Great Monarch for treasures, but Outlying Islands Sanren was different. He just hoped to find anything that could resolve his situation. Behind him, people would frequently ridicule while pointing at him, making him rather embarrassed. He wished to flip out, but he had no time, he was focused on waiting for the next treasure to come out.

“I didn’t expect this old devil to be so cute, I just casually said something, but he truly believed it.”

Behind the rock, Ye Chuan smiled.

At that time, in order to make this old devil retreat, he concealed himself in the dense mist and had deliberately exaggerated his condition. He had just discerned that the cultivation of this old devil was not too right and his qimen acupoint was blocked, as for everything else, he didn’t know. But to his surprise, this old devil truly believed that he was having a qi deviation and was very worried.

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