Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 514

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 514: A concubine has a mind, but the husband has no intention.

Ye Chuan made unconscious Ye Lanqing sit in front of him. He then gently removed her clothing, and when only the last piece of underwear was left on her body, he hesitated a bit.

In terms of appearance, Ye Lanqing was not as good as Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao, but compared to other women, she was good looking, was not bad. She was young and beautiful, her skin was fair and smooth, especially her twin peaks, they would overshadow many women. Now, with only a piece of underwear left, her twin peaks appeared all the more towering and firmer. It seemed as if this extremely thin underwear was already unable to hold them any longer and they were about to burst out. This made Ye Chuan had a sudden impulse to fondle them.

“Sin, what a sin!”

Ye Chuan shook his head and forcibly suppressed his impulse. He then reached out to take off the last piece of underwear. He intentionally restrained himself to look at those impressive twin peaks and turned Ye Lanqing around.

A shocking wound appeared in front of Ye Chuan.

The originally smooth and tender skin of Ye Lanqing was now filled with blood bubbles, and her skin had begun to fester. The skin around those blood bubbles was blackish red and reddish black. The bones inside were also almost burnt. The temperature around the wound was burning hot and her body emitted a burning smell. This was the sign of fire poison spreading to her internal organs.

Ye Chuan didn’t dare to waste any time. He took a deep breath and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he used a technique and placed his hands on her back, injecting his boundless pure energy.

Fire Poison could burn a person to ashes, if one was not treated in time, then even if one was peak Daoist Master realm expert, one would kick the bucket.

The injury of this female disciple Ye Lanqing seemed frightening, but it was still fine as she was lucky enough to have Ye Chuan at her side. This move of Ye Chuan was not to completely force out the fire poison from within her body, rather to control the fire poison within her body and stop it from spreading. After her condition was stabilized, others could slowly expel the fire poison. Naturally, it was difficult. An ordinary person absolutely couldn’t control and confine fire poison once it had entered the body.

Soon, beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of Ye Chuan, but he continued to circulate Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

Without the suitable pills, if one wanted to forcibly control the fire poison, then it was a great test of cultivation base and experience. As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan was sufficiently experienced, but his current cultivation base of Rank 6 Daoist Master realm was a bit low, thus, he used up a lot of vitality. Fortunately, the pale complexion of Ye Lanqing gradually became rosy and her breathing also stabilized as the fire poison within her body was controlled.

Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, it was still a bit lacking, if he had broken through to Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, then wouldn’t have been so strenuous.

Ye Chuan sweated profusely and he stop to take a rest. Then, he used Dragon Slaying Flying Sword to cut off the rotten flesh on the back of Ye Lanqing.

Now, the fire poison within her body was already controlled, and her internal injury was also stable. He only needed to scrape bones to deal with her injuries. These rotten fleshes were already rotten to the core, if he left them behind, then not only it would be hard to recover, it would even affect the surrounding flesh and blood.


Unconscious Ye Lanqing screamed in pain and trembled. The severe pain on her back had woken her up.

“Don’t move, hold on for a while!”

Ye Chuan quickly pressed a few acupoints of Ye Lanqing, making her unable to struggle. He then used sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword to cut off the remaining rotten flesh. His motion was smooth and quick. At this moment, the faster the better, slowing down would just cause greater pain.

Ye Lanqing calmed down for a moment, then convulsed and turning around, she screamed and bit the shoulder of Ye Chuan. The acute pain on her back made her completely lose control.

A blood flowed down from the left shoulder of Ye Chuan, but Ye Lanqing bit harder and harder as painful howls often escaped her mouth.

Ye Chuan however didn’t even bat an eyelid as if he didn’t see the injury on his left shoulder. He also didn’t stop the madness of Ye Lanqing. He just continued to control his flying sword to cut off the remaining rotten flesh. And after scraping clean, he helped her stop bleeding and used her undercloth to bind up her wound. He then took out Pei Yuan Pill from his bosom and fed it to Ye Lanqing.

After her bone was scrapped and her bleeding was stopped, Ye Lanqing weakly collapsed. Without Pei Yuan Pill to help her recover her strength, even of fire poison no longer spreads, she might not survive.

“Ah……, wuwu……”

Painful groans still leaked out from the mouth of Ye Lanqing. Although her wounds were already wrapped up, she was still trembling.

“Well, everything is over.”

Ye Chuan gently patted Ye Lanqing, making her calm down. After such a high intensity work, he was also a little tired as he spent a lot of vitality. Now that the condition of Ye Lanqin was stabilized, it was time to leave.

“Don’t, don’t go, don’t leave me!”

Ye Lanqing no longer bit the shoulder of Ye Chuan, but as if she sensed something, she tightly hugged Ye Chuan. Her impressing twin peaks were stuck on the chest of Ye Chuan. “Take me away, take me together with you, don’t leave me, okay?”

“You should heal here first, this elder will come back soon after dealing with a small matter.” Ye Chuan replied.

“No, you are not our Thunderbolt Sect’s Elder.”

The slender hand of Ye Lanqing entered the robe of Ye Chuan and felt about the board chest of Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan had deliberated lower his voice and pretended to an old man, but although a voice could deceive people, his young body couldn’t deceive others. Ye Lanqing could smell a youthful aura on Ye Chuan. He was full of youthful spirit and full of vigor and vitality, how could he be an advanced aged old man?

Muddleheaded Ye Lanqing had come back to her senses at unknown time. She looked at Ye Chuan with her tearful eyes and asked, “You are not our elder, noble son, tell me, who exactly are you? Take me together with you, okay?”

Every young girl longed for love, and every young girl also had their dream lover.

Originally, in this trip to Lost City, her father was unwilling to let her participate. But, she had secretly followed in. She wanted to seize this chance to take a breather outside and also experience the outside world. And two years ago, her father had expressed to his thoughts to betroth her to Big Senior Apprentice Brother Big Waves. Big Waves naturally was happy, but Ye Lanqing was unwilling. It was not that Big Waves wasn’t good enough, rather he was too good. His moral character was very good and he was diligent, unfortunately, he was not her type.

She liked a kind of unrestrained man who was a bit bad and also somewhat mysterious. Ye Chuan in front of her eyes just happened to that kind of man. And with her womanly instinct, now, she had already confirmed that Ye Chuan was absolutely not the legendary Taishang Elder.

“Qingqing girl, it seems the fire poison has burnout your brain, rest well. This elder has already grown old, as for you all young men and women, romance is in the air. Your Big Senior Brother Big Waves is very good, don’t let him down.”

Ye Chuan reached out his hand and pressed a few acupoints of Ye Lanqing, then the latter fell unconsciousness and weakly collapsed in his arms.

A concubine has a mind, but the husband has no intention.

Ye Lanqing was pretty and her impressive twin peaks gave him a deep impression, unfortunately, there were already Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, junior sister Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao in his heart. In this lifetime, he was unwilling to incur more affection. He placed Ye Lanqing on the ground and left after covering her with a robe.

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