Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 512

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 512: Blaze Spirit

“Quick, run quickly!”

“This is a cursed valley, run quickly!”


The loose cultivators and devils inside the valley finally reached. They immediacy ran towards the exit, unfortunately, they were already too late.

From inside the cracks everywhere, magma suddenly erupted out.

This boiling hot bright red magma engulfed them, and even a peak Daoist Master realm expert was unable to endure and screamed. They felt unbearable pain as their skin festered and even their bone melted. Now, they could only wait for the magma to completely swallow them in fear.

In the vast valley, as if a huge underground fountain, magma suddenly erupted into the sky. It looked dazzling and beautiful as if some kind of fireworks, but whoever was touched by it died. What was even more terrifying was, large and small fiery snakes flew out along with the eruption of magma, and they took advantage of this occasion to pounce on people. There were many people who had survived the erupted magma by luck, but in the next moment, they died under the attack of numerous fiery snakes.

There was a very powerful devil. A dozen or so fiery snakes had bound his body, still, he was able to rush towards the exit, but just when he was about to reach the exit, a huge python suddenly sprang out from underground and biting his left leg, he was dragged into the bright red magma. After that, some bubbles appeared on the boiling hot magma and it became calm again.

More and more fiery snakes jumped out from the magma. There were big and there were also small, they heavily surrounded people inside. The loose cultivators and devils who were desperately fighting against each other just a moment ago discarded their resentment and cooperated to rush towards the exit, but under the attacks of fiery snake and magma, even though they were risking their lives to rush outside, more and more people died.

The temperature inside the valley steadily rose. The bright red magma seemed to have erupted out from the earth’s core, making the temperature boiling hot.

At an unknown time, a human-shaped flame had appeared above the tallest rock in the valley. The brighter this flame became, more magma gushed out from underground, and the fiercer the attacks of fiery snakes became.

“That is the blaze spirit, everything is under her control, kill her!”

“Right, let’s kill her together!”

The loose cultivators and devils who were trapped inside the valley roared loudly and rushed towards that human-shaped flame above the rock.

After the news of the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan was opening spread, many loose cultivators and devils had rushed over immediately. Among them, there was no lack of old fellows who were several thousand years old or even over ten thousand years old. These old fellows were very experienced, they quickly recognized the human-shaped flame above the rock.

Outside the valley, the pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk. Now, he finally understood from where that indescribable feeling of danger was coming. It was not some ancient restrictions, also not Qing Tianhou, rather was from this blaze spirit.

Thirteen people turned around and hastily rushed towards the blaze spirit. Among them, there were three peak Daoist Master realm experts. Under their sudden joint attack, even a Half Sage realm expert might not be able to escape unscathed, but that blaze spirit standing on the rock remained still as if she was just a flame without life and independent consciousness. But, just when those thirteen experts reached close to that rock, this blaze spirit waved her hand.

Rumble, bright red magma erupted out from all around and blocked these experts like a water screen. Immediately afterward, the ground cracked and caved in, moreover, everything around changed into the ocean of magma and numerous fiery snakes jumped out from the magma and bound these people.


Loud screams resounded throughout the sky as these experts died practically at the same time in the magma.

The blaze spirit standing on the rock had initiated a violent attack taking advantage of the favorable weather and geography. In this Flame Mountain, regardless of boiling hot magma or terrifying fiery snakes, she could freely manipulate them as if they were her limbs. All people who had approached her only had one end, death!

“Run, run quickly!”

“Save me, big brother, save me……”

The remaining loose cultivators and devils were terrified and were even more desperate to run towards the exit. Now, everyone only had one thought, escape from this hell, the farther the better. At this moment, no one cared about Fiery Dragon Grasses in the magma, if they lose their life, then what’s the use to the worldly treasures? Everyone understood this principle, but unfortunately, when they were bewitched by Fiery Dragon Grasses, they were already too late to react.

The blaze spirit standing on the rock uttered a long, loud cry and countless fiery snakes poured towards the escaping people, and this valley quickly turned into a slaughterhouse, not a single one was able to escape alive from this valley.

“Let’s go!”

Outside the valley, Ye Chuan instructed and turned away, leading the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect far away from this terrifying valley.

With the experience of Yellow Sands Ancient City, Ye Chuan could tell that that blaze spirit was very likely to be a key point of this Great Monarch grave. If he killed her, then not only he would be teleported out, he would also obtain a treasure. And since this blaze spirit was a lot more powerful than that sand demon, the treasure sealed inside was very likely to be even more powerful, or even might be an ancient great killing weapon.

Each ancient great killing weapon was no small matter, they even contain the greatest fate. Ye Chuan was also perturbed, he had come from far for this kind of great killing weapons and fortune, but, he just thought about it, he didn’t dare to step forward and attack recklessly.

Those thirteen experts who had rushed over were instantly killed. Although Ye Chuan had broken through to Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, he still knew perfectly well that rushing over was just courting death. He knew that the current him was not the opponent of that blaze spirit. Besides, before finding the whereabouts of Zhu Sijia and others, he was unwilling to easily leave this Great Monarch grave. Perhaps, Zhu Sijia and others were trapped in certain corner of this grave, waiting for him to come and rescue them.

“Quick, keep up the pace!”

“Quickly follow the elder, hurry up!”

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect were badly scared. They gritted their teeth and spared no effort to follow Ye Chuan.

Just a moment ago, if it was not for Ye Chuan stopping them, they would have rush into that valley. Then, one could well imagine their bad end. They would have died without leaving any trace.

Another long, loud cry came from behind along with hissing sounds.

The blaze spirit that was standing on the rock ferociously glared at the back view of Ye Chuan’s group and spat out a mouthful of vitality. And after coming into contact with air, this mouthful of vitality quickly changed into an invisible wind and vaguely evolving into a flame ball, it flew towards Ye Chuan’s group wanting to burn them to death. Other than scorching hot temperature, this wind had a foul stench, clearly was poisonous. The female disciple Ye Lanqing who had fallen behind felt danger and her nerves were stretched taut. She wanted to speed up, but to her surprise, the more nervous and fearful she became, the weaker she became. Moreover, the wind encroached her clothing and began to burn her.

“Continue to run forward, don’t stop!”

Ye Chuan shouted and grabbing the empty void, he pulled Ye Lanqing over. And at the same, he brandished his Iron Blooded Banner. Crash, that terrifying wind was shaken back. After that, carrying the injured Ye Lanqing, he continued to run.


In the valley, the blaze spirit that was standing on the rock watched the back view of Ye Chuan that was getting further. She wanted to chase, but it was already too late, so she could only roar ferociously.

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