Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 511

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 511: The calamity of fire snakes

After walking a short distance, a flame valley appeared in front of everyone.

In the valley, there were some fiery-red small grasses and the entire valley was filled with a special fragrance. Even from far away, Ye Chuan recognized them. They were rare Fiery Dragon Grass. Many loose cultivators and devils who had rushed in first were looting madly while coming to blows with each other.

The efficacy of Fiery Dragon Grace was unique. It could be eaten directly and also could be used for refining medical pills. It was a good remedy for expelling the cold qi from one’s body. Especially to heal the injuries from yin attributed techniques, it was essential. Many cultivators drag their injured body all around to look for a single root of Fiery Dragon Grass. Unfortunately, in the mainland and Overseas World, Fiery Dragon Grass was very rare and hard to find.

Now however, they suddenly encountered so many Fiery Dragon Grasses in this ancient land, so people were madly vying with each other, and very quickly, people began to die.

Someone was able to grab a Fiery Dragon Grass with great difficulty, but in the next moment, before he could even put it away, he suffered the joint attack of several people, thus lost his life. There were some great devils who powerful. They didn’t go to personally dig out Fiery Dragon Grass, they just snatch it from other people. They were ruthless and their gain was also big. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen corpses appeared in this valley.

Ye Chuan quickly stopped and led these disciples of Thunderbolt Sect to stand outside this valley and watch critically.

“Elder, what are those herbs, making them fight against each other?” The female disciple Ye Lanqing asked. The remaining disciples also looked over, quietly waiting for the answer of Ye Chuan. Although they had grown up in nearby sea area, they after all were still young, they didn’t recognize many worldly treasures. So, seeing everyone was fighting a bloody battle for those herbs, they were terrified and also confused.

“Fiery Dragon Grass, a kind of yang attributed herb, it can be refined into Fiery Dragon Pill. It is very useful to heal damaged vitality and expel cold qi from the body. For some people, it is a poison, but for other people, it is a priceless treasure.” Ye Chuan replied and took a glance at these disciples with a meaningful glance. The Thunderbolt Sword Technique was violent and potent, if one swallowed a Fiery Dragon Pill refined from Fiery Dragon Grass, then one’s yuan energy would become firmer and cultivation would also soar.

“Fiery Dragon Pill?”

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect exclaimed in unison with excitement. They had not seen Fiery Dragon Grass before, but Fiery Dragon Pill was very important and well-known in Thunderbolt Sect. Allegedly, in the history of Thunderbolt Sect, they once possessed many Fiery Dragon Pills to nurture the younger generation. Unfortunately, along with the decline of Thunderbolt Sect, the numbers of experts in the sect decreased generation by generation, and Fiery Dragon Pill gradually became a legend. The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect had only seen the description of Fiery Dragon Pill in the ancient books of the sect, but no one had seen it.

As it turned out that those Fiery Dragon Pills were refined from these herbs! If they were able to snatch those herbs, not many, even if only ten stalks and brought them back to their sect and give them to Sect Master, then wouldn’t it……

Some disciples were unable to endure and were eager to rush out. Especially Big Disciple Big Waves, he pulled out his sword and took a step forward with dense killing intent. But, seeing Ye Chuan hadn’t moved, he suppressed his impulse. At the critical moment, he remembered the instruction of Ye Chuan and didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Elder, let’ strike!”

“Yes, Elder, we should also rush over!”


The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect eagerly requested to enter the battle. Although it was dangerous inside the valley, they thought that if they cooperated and with the addition of this legendary Taishang Elder who had already broken through to Half Sage realm several thousand years ago, it would be easy to grab some stalks of Fiery Dragon Grass. There were some loose cultivators who grabbed some stalks of Fiery Dragon Grass and ran away, if they waste any more time, then they would be too late to obtain anything.

“No, don’t move!”

Ye Chuan commanded. Under the big bamboo hat, his complexion as stretched taut and his glabella was twitching.

He scanned all around and didn’t see the figure of Qing Tianhou. There were also not many peak Daoist Master realm expert, but Ye Chuan felt danger and it was getting stronger and stronger.

“Kill, these Fiery Dragon Grasses are mine!”

“Hand over those Fiery Dragon Grasses or leave your life, hahaha!”

The battle inside the valley was getting more and more intense. More and more people were killed. Only a very few numbers of people had fled after grabbing a handful of Fiery Dragon Grasses. But, many were still eager to grab more after obtaining some. The greed of people could never be satisfied.

Like the entire Flame Mountain, there were big and small cracks inside the valley, and all cracks were filled with flowing and boiling magma. People were killing and fighting while dodging the cracks filled with magma. More and more people obtained Fiery Dragon Grasses, and losers fell on the ground with heavy injuries or were killed and some unfortunate ones were thrown into the magma. No one was able to climb out of the magma. There was one peak Daoist Master realm devil who accidentally fell into the magma under the joint attack of several loose cultivators. He roared angrily and forcibly climbed up, but there was nothing below his neck. Everything below his neck was melted, he died after wailing mournfully.

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect who were watching this intense fight from far away sweated profusely and secretly rejoiced that they didn’t rashly join this battle. Now, although they were far away from the battle and wouldn’t obtain any Fiery Dragon Grasses, they were also far away from danger.

But, when these disciples were rejoicing, Ye Chuan’s complexion was tightened and he became more and more solemn.

He felt an indescribable danger, moreover, it was getting stronger and stronger!

The glabella of Ye Chuan twitched wildly as he felt that terrifying danger was approaching. The intense battle and magma inside the valley were nothing to him, the real danger was still in the rear. Moreover, he only felt his danger, it was invisible.

Were some restrictions triggered, or was it Qing Tianhou……

Ye Chuan was uncertain in his heart, but he stood still. Finally, he closed his eyes and used his spirit to carefully sense his surroundings.

Within the radius of ten li, he couldn’t sense the aura of Qing Tianhou. He also couldn’t sense any yao beast, but slowly, a killing intent spread in the air and the ground was shaking lightly as if some kind of yao beast was coming out from the depth of underground.

Seeing Ye Chuan appeared as if he was facing a formidable enemy, the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect also became nervous. Gradually, they also sensed something unusual. Soon, the shaking of the ground became clearer and clearer. Those loose cultivators and devils who were fighting inside the valley stopped.  All of them looked pale and restlessly looked all around.

As the ground shook, the magma inside the cracks increasingly rose and overflowed. People hastily dodged the overflowing magma. Although there were cracks everywhere. There were some high places. They stood on it, but the following changes made everyone nervous and their heart jumped crazily.

A fiery red snake popped out from the magma and rushed towards people. In addition, the sky of this valley was filled with hissing sounds. In the blink of an eye, countless snakes popped out from the magma, surrounding everyone inside the valley.

These loose cultivators and devils who had come into blows for Fiery Dragon Grasses were instantly surrounded by snakes, suffering a great calamity.

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