Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 51

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 51: Swallow Water Bay

After leaving Five Style Sect’s forbidden ground Bluestone Field, and seeing the sky was still bright, Ye Chuan went towards the west, deep into the vast mountain. Without returning to the sect, he directly went to Swallow Water Bay mentioned by Liu Hong, preparing to try his luck to see whether he could find Qingyang fruit’s seeds or not.

Great Competition was right around the corner, and although Ye Chuan wasn’t afraid of any challenges and storms, but, he should still take every detail seriously. This was the habit of Ye Chuan, and also was the key point which made him able to defeat countless Sage realm formidable opponents to distinguish himself as Heaven Concealing Great Sage millions of years ago. And in this life, since he was starting from the beginning, his body was still very weak, so he naturally was more careful and prudent.

When the sun set behind the western hills, Ye Chuan was dashing off as if madly running cheetah in the lofty ridges and towering mountains.

A fine and continuous pure worldly spiritual qi was falling down from the sky, seeping into the body of Ye Chuan, nourishing his physique and blood vessels. Heaven Swallowing Talisman was rapidly rotating while emitting a burst of boundless energy fluctuation. This energy prompted Ye Chuan to accelerate. His muscles swelled, his blood seethed with excitement, and body as if torch burned with his speed becoming faster and faster!

When he was chasing after Liu Hong, the speed and endurance of Ye Chuan were already amazing enough, making Liu Hong greatly surprised. But in fact, that was not the limit of Ye Chuan, he had intentionally suppressed himself a bit in secret.

Now, running in an unmanned sea of forest, Ye Chuan didn’t have any scruple, and he thoroughly showed the power of Heaven Swallowing Talisman. As if he was using flying sword, he dashed through the lofty ridges and towering mountains like a hurricane.

All along the road, yao beasts were running wild. And Ye Chuan beheaded many Cloud Leopard, Gerbil, Black Crow and so on low-level yao beasts, while running straight forward.

And after crossing the pine forest, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped his steps.

In front of him, there was a small hill like mound. It was covered with bushes and stones. Originally, this was merely an unassuming small place in this vast mountain range, but Ye Chuan felt danger in this place.

Perhaps it was his misconception, but this ground suddenly shook, as if the forewarning of the earthquake.

Immediately after, a long crack appeared on this mound, and the stones tumbled down from the top of this mound in succession. The entire mound rose, rapidly changing into a mountain from a small mound. The bushes and stones were in the state of chaos, thoroughly changing beyond recognition.

Roar! From the depth of the ground, a muffled roaring sound came.

This sound was as if the muffled roar of tiger and dragon, but was powerful, which came out after piercing through a thick layer of soil. After that roaring sound reverberated, the yao beasts within the area of several 10 li of radius, all fled in panic.

Ye Chuan who had run wildly in the mountain finally encountered a big fellow!

Although yao beasts in the vicinity were running away wildly, Ye Chuan however stood still. Not because he was careless, rather because he was already locked onto by a powerful aura, so even if he wanted to run away, he was not able to.


The roaring sound got louder and louder, and not long after, the mound full of vitality suddenly blew open, revealing a huge head, then its body section. The eyes alone were as big as a lantern, and its big head had a pair of short robust ox horn. Its body sections had a layer of black colored scales and shells, which when colliding with stones issued a metal colliding sound. They seemed incomparably hard. Moreover, its each body section had a pair of legs. It seems strange, ferocious and frightening. It moved like a snake and also wriggled like a huge worm, gradually climbing out from deep inside the ground.

“Thousand Legged Monster?”

Ye Chuan promptly recalled an ancient yao beast.

Millions of years ago, when he was able to conceal heaven with his hand, he had once encountered this kind of giant yao beast in 72 Fierce Hall. At that time, he fought a bitter battle, and even he himself also nearly spill the blood then and there.

The longer the life of yao beast, the stronger its strength. And compared to that super yao beast of that time, this Thousand Legged Monster in front of him was clearly a lot smaller and roughly had only a 1000 years life. But even like that, its combat power was far above ordinary yao beasts. Once it completely climbed out from inside the ground, then even a Xiushi realm cultivators would be swallowed down in one breathe.

Ye Chuan suddenly moved, swiftly leaping towards Thousand Feet Monster. And with a flash, he took out nine extremely thin blades glimmering with pallid light between his fingers.

Although the body of Thousand Legged Monster was huge, but with its thousand legs, its running speed was alarming. Confronting such yao beast, hiding was not the best method.

Ye Chuan’s speed was very fast, in the blink of an eye, he reached in front of this Thousand Legged Monster. Then he didn’t meet it head on rather outflanked it, arriving at the back of the head of this Thousand Legged Monster. After that just like a slick loach, he stuck on the body of this Thousand Legged Beast. Immediately after that, it swayed its body.

Thousand Legged Monster had extraordinary strength, its running speed was also alarming, and its scales and shells on the body were also invulnerable. So encountering this kind of yao beast was an absolute nightmare for all the cultivators. But, this really doesn’t mean this yao beast was completely invulnerable. The body of this yao beast was too huge and too long, and for a period of time when it was climbing out from underground, its strength and speed would be greatly affected, precisely would be at its weakest state at that time.

Ye Chuan was experienced and he knew how to deal with this terrifying big fellow.


Thousand Legged Monster roared loudly feeling the danger. It violently shook and rolled about its body, trying to shake off Ye Chuan who was on its back. But, no matter how it swayed, Ye Chuan was stuck on its back just like a nail, making the sharp claws of Thousand Legged Monster lose its effect.

“Little fellow, you came out too early. If you had come out after another 1000 years, then even a Daoist Master realm expert would not have necessarily become your opponent, but it’s a pity……”

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, then making sure of opportune moment, his body suddenly slide up on the back of Thousand Legged Monster.

Under the setting sun, blade light suddenly flashed with a great elegance.

After that, the gigantic Thousand Legged Monster suddenly issued a blood-curdling scream. In the space between its head and neck, now it was dripping with blood in the link of two scales. The fragile cartilage under the scale was cut off at one stroke.

The black colored scales of Thousand Legged Monster was incomparably hard, even if a heavy hammer pound it, they wouldn’t break, and even a sharp sword also couldn’t stab through it, moreover it could block all kind of attacks of people. But, the link of two segment’s scale nevertheless was its fatal weak point. This link was very thin, it was as thin as the paper. Ordinary people didn’t know this weak point, so they will never approach it, let alone attack.

Ye Chuan however was different, he was prepared in advance.

All under the heaven, perhaps no one knows better than him about the strength and weakness of Thousand Legged Monster. This Thousand Legged Monster that was recuperating underground for 1000 years, if had met Xiushi realm expert, then it would have been able to call the wind and summon the rain, but meeting Ye Chuan, it however was its karma.

Fierce and swift dazzling gleam frequently streak across in the sky.

Ye Chuan would not raise his hand easily, but once he raised his hand, his attack would be more and more intense as if raging waves beating against the shore. His left and right fingers were clamping extremely thin eight blades, and a final one inside his mouth. Nine extremely thin blades and Inch Light technique just happens to be the bane of this huge monster, Thousand Legged Monster.

When two strong were confronting, cultivation and absolute strength were very important, but techniques having mutually inhibiting or checking effect was even more critical.

If Xiushi realm expert had suddenly encountered this Thousand Legged Monster, then perhaps he would have gotten buried in the wilds. But Ye Chuan whose cultivation level was only Rank 7 Wuzhe contrarily made Thousand Legged Monster powerless to resist.

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