Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 509

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 509: This backer is not too stable

The complexion of Qing Tianhou was cold and expressionless. He just took a glance at this old devil Outlying Islands Sanren and said two words, “Let’s go!”

After confirming this was indeed the grave of Great Monarch, Qing Tianhou was excited and was impatient to break in. At this moment, where did he have spare time to examine this Outlying Islands Sanren?

The complexion of old devil Outlying Islands Sanren twisted, and looking at this overbearing Qing Tianhou, he was afraid in his heart, but he was reluctant to let go of this opportunity and pleaded, “Lord Hou, this little over truly has qi deviation, I beg you to help me. In the future, I will help you unify the Overseas World, and follow you for my lifetime!”

More than one hundred years ago, this old devil had accidentally obtained an ancient manual in an ancient ruin. That was the manual of Ancient Avatar Technique. Unfortunately, that ancient manual was damaged and he only obtained an incomplete copy, many key parts of this ancient manuals were already lost. Still, after cultivating it, his cultivation base advanced at an amazing pace and the sign of condensing avatar became clearer and clearer, however at the same time, all sorts of discomfort began to appear on his back.

Even before running into Ye Chuan, this old devil had already felt that something was wrong and was worried about the cultivation has gone awry. And after encountering Ye Chuan who was disguised as Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, he was even more certain without a doubt, he was having a qi deviation. At this moment, Qing Tianhou with unfathomable cultivation base was his sole backer, and he was the only one he could seek help, therefore, even though he perfectly knew that Qing Tianhou was angry, he had no choice but to toughen his scalp and stood out.

“You are fine, who said that you are having a qi diviation?” Qing Tianhou suppressed his anger and after taking a glance at this old devil, he didn’t flip out, but his tone got colder and impatient.

“A……, a peerless senior.” The old devil stammered as he sweated profusely.

“Oh, what kind of peerless expert?” Qing Tianhou sneered.

“The legendary Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, Venerable Thunderbolt, it is said……, it is said that he had already broken through to Half Sage realm several thousand years ago.” The old devil replied. The expression of Qing Tianhou made him more and more restless. He was terrified in his heart and was dying to turn around and leave far away. But, thinking about his qi deviation again, he had no choice but to toughen his scalp and stay there.

“The legendary Taishang Elder?”

Qing Tianhou sneered and a hint of disdain appeared on his face as he said, “If other people casually said anything, do you also believe them? Okay, this Lord Hou will say you only have three days to live, do you believe?”

“Lord Hou, I……”

The old devil sweated profusely and stuttered, but before he had time to provide an explanation, Qing Tianhou sent him flying, “Step aside, put off any matter you have until sometime later!”

Qing Tianhou directly hit the old devil who was blocking his way and sent him flying to one side. He then entered the tomb passage and disappeared. These loose cultivators and devil who had gathered first all harbored sinister designs, just for a trivial stone stele, they had come to blows, Qing Tianhou however had sensed a wisp of peculiar aura, that was the special aura of Sea Demon Clan!

So, in order to prevent Sea Demon Clan from taking the lead in successfully obtaining the racial sacred item sealed in the Lost City and then manipulate the power of restriction to deal with all outsiders, Qing Tianhou was unwilling to waste any time.

“Look, this is the end result of going to seek refuge with other people!”

“Heh heh, I thought that he had found a good backer, but who would have thought that……”

The loose cultivators and devils gathered around this grave of Great Monarch pointed at old devil who was getting up and ridiculed. These people who originally were jealous now were ridiculing.

The face of old devil suddenly turned red. He was incomparably embarrassed. He wished to find a hole to jump into it.

In the nearby sea area, he was a personage that command respect, but today, he was completely humiliated in front of these people.

At that time, an ear piercing sonic boom came from inside the tomb passage, followed by an earthquake.

Now, the people didn’t have time to ridicule humiliated Outlying Islands Sanren, they subconsciously jumped back and looked at that dark tomb path in fear.


Qing Tianhou……, did he directly break open the ancient restriction of this tomb passage and broke in?

The loose cultivators and devils gathered around this Great Monarch’s grave suspiciously looked over.

The ground was shaking more and more violently, then with a shattering sound, this shaking stopped as if the restriction inside this tomb passage was thoroughly destroyed, or perhaps, Qing Tianhou was trapped in this restriction.

“Let’s go to see!”

“Let’s go!”

The people were restless. They didn’t know what had happened inside the tomb passage, but after hesitation for a while, some great devils took the initiative to enter.

A grave of Great Monarch, was real Lost City sealed inside? What kind of treasure were inside?

The legend of Lost City gave many people unlimited ambitions and expectations. The dark tomb passage was unfathomable, but once someone took the lead, more people followed in.

In the blink of an eye, over a hundred loose cultivators and devils had already entered. As for old devil Outlying Islands Sanren, he had a pale face and he also entered after hesitation for a while. Now that Qing Tianhou was no longer helping him, he could only rely on himself. He hoped to find something in this grave of Great Monarch to resolve his issue.

In this place with dense mist, people were still rushing over in haste and they didn’t even look carefully before rushing into this grave of Great Monarch.

At that time, Ye Chuan stood up and walked out of the dense mist with the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect, but he didn’t enter immediately, rather carefully examined this ancient grave of Great Monarch.

At first glance, this ancient grave was nothing special. Only after careful sensing, one could feel a hint of restriction’s fluctuation coming from the depth of the ground. But, in addition to the restrictions in the graves of this mountain, there was a world inside. If it was not for that fragment stone stele dug out from underground, no one would have thought that this was a grave of Great Monarch.

“Taishang Elder, I pick up that handkerchief from here.” The female disciple Ye Lanqing took a few steps forward and pointed at a small hole.

Ye Chuan walked over, squatted down and after observing carefully, he could vaguely see footprints among the fallen leaves in the front. These footprints weren’t big, from the size and shape, he could deduce that they were clearly the footprints of a woman. And next to the footprints, he discovered a drop of dark red bloodstain. It was already dried. If he hadn’t squatted down and observed carefully, he would have basically missed it.

Ye Chuan reached out his finger, touched this bloodstain and brought it near his nose. After taking a sniff, a vaguely familiar aura entered his nose, that was……, the aura of sea demoness Hai Lili!

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone. Now, he was one step closer to finding Zhu Sijia and others.

The essence blood flowing in the body of Hai Lili was the key for opening many restrictions of Lost City. In the underground grotto of Bellowing Waves Island, it was her essence blood that opened the passage to Lost City. And here, the handkerchief of Tuoba Xiaoniao was found, in addition, there was the bloodstain of Hai Lili, this sufficiently explained that Zhu Sijia and others had definitely come here. It was very likely that they were inside this grave and real Lost City was also inside!

Ye Chuan stood up and after taking a deep breath, he walked into that dark tomb passage. Behind, those disciples of Thunderbolt Sect kept up the pace.


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