Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 507

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 507: The grave of Great Monarch

With dense mist everywhere, it was harder to advance forward in this unfathomable mountain. In some places, there wasn’t even a road at all. The more one walked forward, the greater the chance of losing one’s direction.

After a good while, the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect finally found the way they had taken before.

“Taishang Elder, that grave is in the front.”

The female disciple Ye Lanqing finally found a topic of conversation to get closer. She spoke while slowing down her speed, wanting to walk side by side with Ye Chuan. But the result, Ye Chuan behind her suddenly stopped and the distance between them increased.

The pretty face of Ye Lanqing became red. She was somewhat embarrassed and somewhat awkward, fortunately, because of the dense mist, unless looked carefully, no one will know.

“Taishang Elder, what happened?”

The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect who was walking in the front stopped and turned around to look at Ye Chuan. He was puzzled. Ye Chuan had leisurely followed them until the very end. He just looked like a vague human figure when he was standing in the midst of the mist, it gave people an unreal feeling as if a phantom that would disappear at any time. Even after walking for such a long time, no one was able to clearly see his face or true features.

This person, was the truly the legendary Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt of their Thunderbolt Sect?

This thought suddenly appeared in the mind of this Big Disciple, but, he quickly denied it and reprimand himself. Weren’t true experts always mysterious?

After thinking about the legends of many mysterious experts in the history of Wilderness World, the Big Disciple tossed away the doubt in his heart.

“There is someone in the front, follow me.”

Ye Chuan faintly instructed and suddenly took the lead, detouring from the left side. But, not even after a while, he suddenly stopped and sat cross-legged on the spot, and silently used a technique to completely retract his energy fluctuation and aura.

“Eh, there really is someone!”

“Raging Inferno Sect, Cool Breeze Sect, furthermore, Snake Island Sect……, that……, isn’t that that old devil Outlying Islands Sanren?”

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect also stopped and looking in the front, they saw people around the grave not far away from them. They didn’t know when but a large number of people had gathered here. And after observing carefully, she saw many familiar faces including that old devil Ye Chuan had just forced to retreat.

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect became nervous. They immediately closed their mouth and stood behind Ye Chuan, carefully hiding in the dense mist.

Experts really are experts, even from so far away, he was able to sense, if it was not for the warning of their Taishang Elder, they would have encountered that old devil Outlying Islands Sanren again.

The disciples were too nervous and didn’t dare to walk out, but at the same time, they were also confused, they wondered why so many cultivators and devils had gathered here. Could it be that there was something fishy with this grave?

Recalling the odd behavior of Ye Chuan, these disciples had a thought, but they still stood in the midst of the mist and look from afar.

Looking around, they saw more and more cultivators around this ancient grave. There were disciples of the nearby sea area’s sects, loose cultivators and also infamous great devils. There were at least over a hundred people. Slowly, this place was getting noisy.

“Come, dig it out and see what is written on the stele.”

“Great… Monarc… Sea… Waves, my god, this really is the grave of Great Monarch, no wonder there is such a strong fluctuation of restriction underground!”

“Strange, when did Sea Demon Clan have such a Great Monarch?”

“What an ignorant fellow, don’t you know Sages and Great Monarchs have left millions of years ago?”


Outside the thick mist, people made remarks in succession. Some people dug out half the stone stele of this ancient grave from underground, and after discovering the four words ‘Great Monarch Blue Waves’, onlooking cultivators were excited.

The grave of any Great Monarch would more or less have powerful treasures sealed within it. Since this Great Monarch’s grave was inside the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, wouldn’t the treasures sealed inside be even more powerful?

The cultivators who had come to seize the treasures were very excited instantly after seeing this stone stele. Even before they entered this grave, some people were already coming to blows to seize this half stone stele.

The racial holy land of an ancient race, anything inside it might be a heaven defying treasure. Even ordinarily looking stone stele might contain profound mysteries, it might fetch high price outside.

“I will just take this tone stele, you all can take everything else!”

“Heh heh, this stone stele is mine, who dares to move?”


Many people vied for this stone stele and the surrounding of this ancient grave instantly became chaotic.

A grave of ancient Great Monarch, there were countless treasures sealed within, but there were also innumerable powerful ancient restrictions. Although all the loose cultivators and devils were eager to break in, they were not stupid, no one dared to be the first one to break in. They wanted others to explore the way first, and all harbored sinister designs. On the contrary, the fought to seize this stone stele which was already dug out. Soon, someone screamed and fell into his blood pool. Someone had finally grabbed the stone stele, the result, before he was able to put it into his space ring, he was killed under the joint attack of other loose cultivators and devils.

The complexion of these disciples of Thunderbolt was stretched taut, and after seeing the chaotic battle outside the mist, they were frightened.

This time, after hearing the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan had opened, they were ordered to go out to the sea to temper themselves. With the experts of their sect accompanying them, they just some disciples, so they had no thoughts to seize any treasure, they just wanted to experience and widen their knowledge. Just a moment ago, if it wasn’t for Ye Chuan’s warning to stop, not to mention, they would have gone over and encountered that old devil Outlying Islands Sanren, they furthermore would have been annihilated in that chaotic battle!

Not long after, several Daoist Master realm expects fell in their pool of blood, but more and more people made a move, and their cultivation was higher and higher. It seems all the experts and devils of within ten thousand li of this sea area had come here.

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect were shocked and frightened. Among the group, only Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed tightly. Although the scuffle outside was getting fiercer and fiercer, he appeared as if his spirit was traveling ten thousand li away. After seeing the handkerchief of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he had rushed over and finally arrived at the destination, but he was not impatient at all. He appeared as if he was waiting for something.

A loud whistling sound suddenly came from far away. It was accompanied by a mighty pressure.

The heart of loose cultivators and devils who were fighting against each other shook. All of them felt danger and became nervous. The eyes of old devil Outlying Islands Sanren however shone as he looked towards the origin of that whistling sound.

The loud whistling sound resounded once again, this time, the distance was much closer. It felt as if this whistling sound was resounding right beside their ears, making everyone feel tingling pain. And just after the whistling sound, a tall figure burst out from the dense mist, parting dense mist. He was tall and his complexion was ice-cold. He was holding a sharp halberd, in addition, he was emitting incomparable killing intent. Instantly, even peak Daoist Master realm devils shivered in fear.

Qing Tianhou!

Ye Chuan who had been sitting cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes, and looking at the unstoppable Qing Tianhou, his heart trembled as his face gradually stretched taut.

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