Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 506

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 506: A hint of embarrassment in heart

“We pay respect to Taishang Elder!”

After the old devil Outlying Islands Sanren left, the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect finally sighed in relief, then they looked at each other and simultaneously kneeled on the ground.

They actually encountered the legendary Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt, could it be that this was fate, or the fortune the ancient people spoke of?

These disciples were very excited and looked forward to seeing the demeanor of Taishang Elder.

Deducing from the legend, Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt was already at least 7,000 years old, even the current Sect Master had not seen Thunderbolt Venerable. But, they accidentally ran into such a peak expert, this was absolutely their greatest fortune!

It was quiet all around without any response. There was only mist around as if that mysterious expert had already left.

These excited disciples of Thunderbolt Sect were disappointed, and especially the Big Disciple, he became crestfallen.

They had encountered the legendary Taishang Elder with great difficulty, and under his direction, he was able to display Heart Sword for the first time. So, he was looking forward to consulting about complete Heart Sword Technique, or even become the personal disciple of Taishang Elder; but beyond his expectation, Taishang Elder had left. Even if the Seat Master was here in their place, he would also be disappointed.

The higher the hope, the greater the disappointment!

In the dense mist, Ye Chuan slowly stood up and his figure swayed. But, just when he was about to use Cyan Feather Technique to leave, his footsteps suddenly stopped and looked at a handkerchief in the hand of one female disciple of Thunderbolt Sect.

This is……, Tuoba Xiaoniao’s……

Ye Chuan raised his eyebrows as he felt a wisp of familiar aura on this handkerchief.

After pretending to be the senior expert of Thunderbolt Sect and making Outlying Islands Sanren retreat, he was intending to leave, so as to avoid making this matter complicate by mingling with these disciples, but the lingering aura of Tuoba Xiaoniao on that handkerchief made him stop. He thought for a bit and disguising himself as an old man and wearing a big bamboo hat, he slowly walked out.

The rustling sounds of footsteps was very clear in this silent area. The eyes of the disappointed disciples shone and they looked over with rapt attention. They saw a cyan robed old man walking out from the mist. He was tall and wore a big bamboo hat. They couldn’t see his face, but his composed steps and fluttering cyan robe made them feel that he was an aloof and refined celestial being.

“Thunderbolt Sect’s Big Disciple, Big Waves pays respect to Taishang Elder!”

“Disciple Ye Lanqing pays respect to Taishang Elder!”


The disciples were overjoyed and knelt down in succession. In their heart, they already believed that Ye Chuan was their Thunderbolt Sect’s legendary Taishang Elder, Venerable Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt Sect was also a sect with a long history. It also had a brilliant and glory in the past. Unfortunately, after a long period of time, the disciples of the sect were getting worse with each generation. In addition, not to mention it was declining day by day, its enemy had destroyed their sect, forcing them to flee to Overseas World to take refuge, and the essence of their unique technique, Thunderbolt Sword Technique, was also lost. The sword technique manual in the hands of Sect Master was just an incomplete copy, lacking the crucial segment of the technique. The most powerful technique in the Thunderbolt Sword Technique was the heart sword. Now, only Ye Chuan who once had fought for three days and night against Thunderbolt Great Sage knew it.

Ye Chuan declined to comment, he neither declined nor admitted. He just walked straight to the front of the female disciple called Ye Lanqing. Then, he grabbed the void and the handkerchief that had fallen on the ground flew to his hand. He then placed it in front of his nose and smelled. He could clearly smell a fragrance, sure enough, that was the aura of Tuoba Xiaoniao.

The cultivation base of Tuoba Xiaoniao was not high, but she was wise and clever. She wouldn’t easily wander everywhere. So, at this moment, not to mention numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, there furthermore should be her father Tuoba Xiong beside him, how could her handkerchief fall in the hands of other people? Was it accidentally blown away by the wind, or did she encounter an accident?

Ye Chuan was worried. The circumstance of this racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan was far more complicated than he had imagined before. Not to mention the dense mist shrouded everything and there were graves and ancient restrictions everywhere, many overseas loose cultivators had also broken in. Although the group of Tuoba Xiaoniao and Zhu Sijia was large in number, if they encountered Qing Tianhou and similar level evil experts, then no matter their numbers, it would be useless.

“Taishang Elder, this disciple pick this handkerchief up on the road, is…., is there something wrong?” The female disciple Ye Lanqing was somewhat embarrassed and said with a red face.

Although this handkerchief had the aura of Tuoba Xiaoniao, she had placed it in her bosom, thus, it also had her aura and even her warmth. And seeing Ye Chuan was smelling this handkerchief like this in front of everyone, she couldn’t help feeling ashamed. But, after thinking the other party was Taishang Elder of their sect who was much older than her great-grandfather’s great-grandfather, and no one could compare to him in seniority, it was not that embarrassing.

Ye Chuan didn’t reply. After carefully confirming the aura of Tuoba Xiaonaio, he asked in his disguised aged voice, “This handkerchief, where did you pick it up?”

“Roughly ten li away, near an ancient grave.” Ye Lanqing answered, and after mumbling, she added, “At that time, this disciple saw that this handkerchief was embroidered meticulously, and the workmanship was unlike the workmanship that is frequently seen in Overseas World, so……, so……”

“Taishang Elder, this handkerchief is indeed unwittingly picked up by junior sister.”

That Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect, Big Waves, helped Ye Lanqing. Seeing Ye Chuan was completely focused on the handkerchief without speaking after coming out, he was puzzled because he couldn’t be anything strange on this handkerchief. If an ordinary person was in his, then he would have already regarded him as a person with mental disorder, but who was the person in front of him? He was the legendary Taishang Elder, from this ordinary handkerchief, he might have figured out something!

As the first impression was the strongest, after they firmly believed that Ye Chuan was their sect’s legendary Taisheng Elder Venerable Thunderbolt, these disciples were extremely respectful to Ye Chuan. They provided answered to any question, they didn’t dare to have air in front of him.

“What kind of grave was it?” Ye Chuan asked.


The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect looked at each other and failed to answer for a moment. In this mountain, there were graves everywhere. And since they had coincidentally passed by that grave, they were unable to describe what kind of grave it was.

“Was there any trace of fighting? Or to say, do you see any tomb passage, or the trace of someone entering?” Ye Chuan asked again.

“Right, right, there was, there was a tomb passage, we were surprised at that time, all grave robbers were running over there!” Ye Lanqing suddenly recalled something and hastily replied.

“Go, lead me there.”

Ye Chuan instructed and kept the handkerchief after folding. The disciples immediately walked forward, leading the way. And he leisurely followed behind them. The situation was far from good, Tuoba Xiaoniao, Zhu Sijia and others might have encountered mishap, so he was very worried in his heart and wanted to quickly rush over, but his experience told made him calmer the more worried he became. He knew that he must not panic at this moment.

“So powerful, Taishang Elder clearly is following behind us, but we cannot sense his energy fluctuation and aura as if he is not there!”

“Stop talking nonsense, Taishang Elder naturally is powerful, do you think you can sense him with your miserly cultivation!”

“Yes, if he was not powerful, then how could he scare that old devil Outlying Islands Sanren away? Since miserly has come out, this means the revival of our sect is within our sight!”


The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect talked in whispers while walking. They were unable to hold the excitement of their heart. Even the graceful female disciple Ye Lanqing couldn’t help turning around repeatedly to size up Ye Chuan walking behind them. In her heart, she was planning how to get close to Ye Chuan?

According to the legend, several thousand years ago, he had already broken through to Half Sage realm, not speaking much, as long as she could learn a few tricks from him, then she would be perfectly content and she will be able to defeat all the younger generation of all sects!

Ye Lanqing walked forward while planning inwardly, and recalling that scene of Ye Chuan smelling that handkerchief, for some unknown reasons, although she was fully aware that the other party was Taishang Elder, she still felt embarrassed and her beautiful face turned bright red.

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