Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 505

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 505: Taishang Elder

It was quiet with only dense mist all around. It seemed as if that mysterious expert had already left.

The red robed old devil, Outlaying Islands Sanren ferociously glared at the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect. His complexion gradually twisted and dense killing intent soared. Moreover, a red light circulated around the dragon headed cane in his hand as if it would transform into a real dragon and pounce on.

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect became all the more frightened, and all of them looked ghastly pale.

“Senior, since you are not showing up, don’t blame this grandfather for being impolite.”

The old devil lowered his voice as he said towards the left-side mist for the last time.

The defeat of just a moment ago was too embarrassing, the more he thought, the more he was unwilling to let this matter drop. He was reluctant to let these disciples of Thunderbolt Sect go, but he had some misgivings towards that mysterious expert, lurking in the mist. He didn’t dare to act rashly, and his heart was very tangled.

With dense mist all around, one could only see no far than ten meters away.

The surrounding was quiet as if the entire world was just a huge grave. It was cold and gloomy without any response. After a long time, the old devil raised the dragon headed cane, but when he was about to make a move, a faint sigh finally came from the midst of the mist, “One day on the mountain, one year below the mountain, I have grown old, I haven’t seen outsiders for a very long time. This junior, do you truly want to see me?”

The aged voice resounded again. This time, one couldn’t discern the origin of this voice. It appeared as if it was coming from somewhere near, but listening carefully, one would feel as if it was coming from above the highest heaven. And using one’s divine sense to discern, one would feel as if coming from the depth of the underground, making people unable to see through the origin.

The complexion of this old devil quickly sank.

When that aged voice had resounded, he had used his divine sense trying to lock onto the position of the other party, the result, he ended up empty-handed. He was neither able to learn the other party’s position nor cultivation base. Moreover, he was unable to any figure, only heard the voice.


He indeed is an expert!

The old devil was shocked. He felt that the cultivation base of the other party was unfathomable. Even when he was addressed as junior, he felt as if it was supposed to be like that.

He deduced that this person should be very old in age. He should be the old-timer that stayed in the nearby sea waters for several hundred years. But, if this mysterious expert lucking in this dense mist was truly the legendary Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, Venerable Thunderbolt, then in front of him, he truly was a junior.

The gaze of the old devil flickered and began to hesitate.

He was reluctant to leave just like this. If he let these disciples of Thunderbolt Sect go now, then it would be very hard to find this kind of chance in the future. But, there was a mysterious expert with unfathomable cultivation at one side, so he couldn’t act rashly, otherwise, he might have to pay a heavy price, and in the end, not only he would be unable to humiliate these disciples, he might even lose his life too.

“Senior, are you the legendary Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt of Thunderbolt Sect?” The old devil asked. The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect also listened attentively with clear excitement and expectation.

If that mysterious expert in the mist was truly the legendary Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt, then that would be an extremely big good news. In addition, not to mention they don’t need to fear this old devil Outlaying Island Sanren, their steadily declining Thunderbolt Sect could also invite this super-expert to take command. Then, their sect’s revival would be set on the stone. The no longer should fear the attacks of their enemies and great devils.

It was very quiet all around. That mysterious expert didn’t respond. He neither admitted nor denied as if it was not worth doing and also as if he had already left.

The old devil was somewhat mad. This mysterious expert was tormenting him. At one moment, he would speak and at one moment, he would remain silent, he was driven nuts. He was unwilling to leave just like this and also didn’t dare to make a move, he was feeling uncomfortable that couldn’t be described.

“Senior, the ancient cultivators says ‘grinding blood over palaces’, how should this word ‘palaces’ be interpreted?” After being entangled for a while, the old devil suddenly asked a question. On one hand, this was a doubt in his cultivation and on the other hand, this was also him beating around the bush to verify the identity of this mysterious expert.

“Grinding blood over palaces, it has three layers. The first layer is internal organs; the second layer is veins; and the third layer is apertures.” The aged voice resounded again. He was not silent this time.

This simple phrase ‘grinding blood over palace’ actually had three layers?

The eyes of this old devil shone. Although this expert had not appeared, those simple words were enough to show that his cultivation was profound. This was absolutely not something that ordinary cultivator could comprehend. After a pause, he memorized the words of this mysterious expert and asked, “Senior, that Ancient Avatar Technique’s heart bearing all creations, how could it be interpreted?”

“In fact, Ancient Avatar Technique is the wrong name. In ancient times, the correct name was Spirit Division Technique. As for the real avatars, after cultivating spirit to a certain realm, the result would be naturally achieved. After dividing spirit into two, one will have the first avatar; then, cultivating and being well-versed for a long time, two will bear three, this is the third avatar; then, three will bear all creations. On the analogy of this, finally refine one thousand avatars, becoming eternal. The so-called heart bearing all creations, in fact, is three bearing all creations, spirits and thoughts are the foundation, unfortunately, most people do not know the real cultivation method now. The avatars of many people are in fact just a puppet to deceive themselves.”

The aged voice came from the mist. And after explaining briefly, a faint sigh could be heard.

“Senior, then if the spirit is not sufficiently strong but still cultivated this Ancient Avatar Technique forcibly, then what would happen?” The old devil asked again, looking impatient.

“The path of cultivation is basically the pay of defying-heaven, it is the survival of the fittest.”

The mysterious expert faintly answered. His words were concise, but thinking carefully, it was cold and chilling. After a pause, he added, “Outlying Islands Sanren was it? Looking at your cultivation base, it cannot be considered poor, just half a step away from breaking through to Half Sage realm. But, it’s a pity that you might forever be waiting for that day in a vain. The Ancient Avatar Technique is not a technique that everyone can cultivate. Don’t you feel a vague tingling pain in your qimen acupoint? When you no longer feel that tingling pain, that would be the end of your life. Return and prepare in advance.”

After he finished speaking, the surrounding suddenly became silent. The mysterious expert no longer responded.

The old devil pressed his qimen acupoint and his complexion changed greatly, then turned away without uttering a word.

From the beginning to the end, the mysterious expert never showed himself, just spoke several words, but it was already enough.

The aged voice was proficient in the unique technique, Thunderbolt Sword Technique, of Thunderbolt Sect, in addition, his knowledge in cultivation as also unfathomable. Peak Daoist Master realm was not worth mentioning. Such an expert, other than the legendary Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt of Thunderbolt Sect, who else he could be?

This old devil Outlying Islands Sanren who ran wild in former days, after confirming the identity of this mysterious expert, he tactfully turned away. In addition, after hearing the last words of this mysterious expert, he panicked in his heart. Now, the most important matter was not exploring this racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, rather resolving his peril. Otherwise, his cultivation technique, Ancient Avatar Technique would bring his end.

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