Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 504

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 504: Venerable Thunderbolt

Roar! An angry roar suddenly resounded.

What a powerful old devil, he dodged at the crucial moment, passing through the crack between the two sword moves of this Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect. His heel just happened to step on the edge of the circle, but this was not against the rule.

If this goes on, wouldn’t he win?

The Big Disciple suddenly paused and his confidence received a blow. As for the other disciples, they looked pale.

The strength of Outlaying Islands Sanren was beyond their imagination, even after simultaneously making two attacks, he didn’t win, how could he wind this battle?

“Fool, how did you treasure teach you all, you all didn’t even know Heart Sword of Thunderbolt Sect?”

The aged voice resounded again and after a pause, it added, “Attack his throat with your left hand using thunderbolt style; as for right hand, use sword technique to stab his lower abdomen; listen carefully, I together with Thunderbolt Heart Technique, with thought as a sword, stab his spirit!”

A section of profound mnemonic chant suddenly appeared in the mind of this Big Disciple. Then, following that aged voice, that Big Disciple subconsciously made a move he had never imagined before. Not to mention making two moves at the same time, he had an illusion as if he had become a sword in his heart. Thunderbolt Heart Technique roused within his body and he spat out a mouthful of vitality.

The world suddenly became quiet, followed by a sudden ear-deafening thunderclap.

The complexion of old devil Outlying Islands Sanren greatly changed. First, he moved sideways to dodge the finger sword of Big Disciple, then raised dragon head cane to block the other attack. Although he had moved hastily, his strength was displayed. But the real test came at this moment. The heart sword spat out by Big Disciple had already arrived in front of him along with rumbling thunderclap.

Thunderbolt Sword Technique had three realms. The first realm was the powerful and dynamic sword moves, victory with a sword. The more powerful the sword in one’s hand, the more ferocious the attack. The second realm was to make any action a sword move, victory without a sword. In this realm, even a leave would become a deadly weapon. In the entire Thunderbolt Sect, only a few had reached this realm. As for the third realm, it was the legendary heart sword, attack with thought. According to the legend, after achieving success in the cultivation of this realm, one could kill people from a thousand miles away. It was very profound, in the entire Thunderbolt Sect, no one had comprehended it, it was just a legend.

The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect was the same, among the younger generation, he had spent the longest time in the sect and his cultivation was also the highest, but he had not even deeply comprehended the second realm, as for the third realm, he just regarded it as a legend. But, under the guidance of this aged voice, not only he was able to make two moves simultaneously, it could be considered that he had used the legendary heart sword. Everything had instantly happened subconsciously. Even he himself was in disbelief.

In the world, if there was something that was faster than light, then it was thought.

The killing intent of powerful experts could be easily sensed from more than one thousand miles away. Among the three big realms of Thunderbolt Sword Technique, heart sword was the fastest and also the fiercest.

The speed of Outlying Islands Sanren was also very fast, but, after dodging the two attacks of this Big Disciple, facing this heart sword attack, he didn’t have time to dodge. He also didn’t have time to think and subconsciously took half a step back, and that terrifying heart sword scraped past his earlobe, making him bleed a little. In addition, his spirit was shaken. He thanked his fortune, but lowering his head to look, his expression sank.

In order to avoid that terrifying heart sword, he had unconsciously stepped out of the circle. According to his own promise, he had lost the bet!

“Outlying Islands Sanren, you let me win!”

The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect was wild with joy. He was actually able to force out this old devil outside the circle. Even he himself was unable to believe it. He then subconsciously looked towards the direction from where that aged voice had come, unfortunately, he could only see the dense mist.

“Is the senior of Thunderbolt Sect here? Since you are already here, why don’t you come out?”

Outlying Islands Sanren first looked at the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect, then coldly looked at the left side. His eyes were red with dense killing intent.

This battle, he lost!

He was so conceited and arrogant before and declared that he would only guard not attack, moreover, not to mention using only one hand, he even personally drew the small circle, stating he would admit defeat if he stepped out of it. He had done so because he wanted to toy with these disciples, but the result, he lost his own game!

Outlying Islands Sanren was dejected in his heart, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Losing this battle made him very embarrassed, everything was the fault of the expert hiding in the dense mist. Deducing from that voice, he should be an old man, and seeing how he was able to give direction to the Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect, he was clearly the older generation expert of the Thunderbolt Sect. Perhaps, he happened to coincidentally come here, or, he was protecting these disciples from the dark.

But the surrounding was very quiet with only the dense mist around. It appeared as if there expert lurking in the dense mist had already left.

The expression of Outlying Islands Sanren became uglier, and he was so angry that he wished to kill everyone around, but after thinking about the means of this mysterious expert again, he didn’t dare to act rashly. As for the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect, they also didn’t dare to move randomly. They were worried that this angry Outlying Islands Sanren would attack them.

“Big sister Lan, you say……, is it Master Sect Leader?”

“It shouldn’t be, my father once told me that he hasn’t reach heart sword realm, moreover, a crucial section of Thunderbolt Sword Heart Technique is missing.”

“Then, who was guiding Big Senior Brother?”

“I don’t know, perhaps……, perhaps the legendary……”


The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect talked in whispers. They were guessing the identity of that mysterious expert like this old devil. At this moment, they just know that that mysterious expert was proficient in Thunderbolt Sword Technique and he had some relation with Thunderbolt Sect, but they had no want to tell who exactly he was.

Outlying Islands Sanren pricked up his ears and heard the words of these disciples. He then looked towards the dense mist and shouted, “Could it be that the senior is the legendary Taishang Elder of Thunderbolt Sect, Venerable Thunderbolt? Since senior has already honored us by your presence, why are you willing to appear in front of us?”

This Outlying Islands Sanren was an unreserved person. He didn’t even attach any importance to Sect Master of Thunderbolt Sect. But, what made him have misgivings were that legendary Taishang Elder Venerable Thunderbolt. According to the legend, he was a cultivator who had reached Half-Sage realm several thousand years ago. Now, it was very likely that he had already stepped into Sage realm. Towards this kind of personage, no matter if the legend was true or false, no one would dare to rashly make a move.

The dense mist was quiet, still no response. There was no energy fluctuation and also no living aura as if he had already left long ago.

“Senior, since you are not appearing, don’t blame me for being rude to these disciples.”

The killing intent of Outlying Islands Sanren soared as he suddenly turned towards these disciples.

He was too displeased for losing this battle, the more he thought, the angrier he became, however, he didn’t dare to act rashly due to the reputation of Venerable Thunderbolt. Still, he was unwilling to turn around just like this.

“Old devil, what are you thinking? Do you want to go back on your words?”

The Big Disciple became pale. Although his tone was unyielding, once could clearly see that he was nervous. Behind him, his junior brothers and sisters were huddling together in horror.

Just a moment ago, he was able to defeat Outlying Islands Sanren by fluke, but if this devil crazily began to kill everyone, not a single one would be able to escape alive from his palm.

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