Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 503

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 503: Whoever plays with fire will perish by fire

At that time, the unarmed young man suddenly made an astonishing move.

He took out his battle robe and taking a step forward while enduring the pressure of this red robed old man, he said, “Outlying Islands Sanren, how about we make a bet?”

“Oh, what bet?” Outlying Islands Sanren was somewhat surprised, then he smiled, showing the expression of a cat toying with a trapped mouse.

“You and I have a battle, if I lose, you can kill me, but if I win, hereafter, we will keep out of each other’s affairs, how about it?” The young man replied. His cultivation base was at most Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, it was not that outstanding, but he was daring. Even though he didn’t have a sword now, he still dared to challenge this red robed old man. He was loyal, unwilling to abandon his junior brothers and sisters and run away by himself.

This youth is pretty good!

Ye Chuan nodded his head and recalled Li Dingxi, the disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect. Like this youth in front of him, he was also daring and loyal. In this age, there were not many youths like this. Letting him die here just like this was too pitiful.

Ye Chuan who had just prepared to make a move stood still and watch quietly.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, boy, still want to fight with this grandfather, do you have the skill?”

Outlying Islands Sanren roared with laughter and as if he saw through this young man, he said, “Heh heh, aren’t you thinking of stalling for time, hoping for someone to come save you all? This old grandfather will tell you, that’s impossible. Also, don’t think about staying behind to stop me and let your junior brother and sisters run away, that is also impossible. Today, you all will not escape from my grasp! But, since you are courting death, then this old grandfather will help achieve your aim, making you sincerely convinced. Come, this old grandfather will only use one hand, moreover, I will only defend and let you make seven moves. Within those seven moves, if you, this Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect, can force me out of this circle, then this old grandfather will leave; but if not, then don’t blame this old grandfather for plucking flowers, hahaha……”

The red robed old man raised his dragon headed cane and drew a circle with the radius of one meter around him. This Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect basically didn’t even enter his eyes.

“Fine, that’s settled then!”

The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect turned around and took the sword from a junior brother. Then, without any superfluous words, he directly thrust his swords towards the glabella of this red robed old man. The vague sounds of thunderbolt resounded again. The strength behind this sword thrust was powerful. The eyes of junior brothers and junior sisters standing behind him shone as they saw a glimmer of hope.

Just looking at their cultivation base, the Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect was far inferior to this great devil Outlying Islands Sanren, but at this moment, the other party would only defend with his one hand, moreover, if he was forced out of the circle, then the Big Disciple would win. Thus, they saw the glimmer of hope.

The disciples of Thunderbolt Sect watched intently with expectation. And especially those two weak female disciples, they were pinning all their hopes on this Big Disciple. If the latter lose, then the two of them would suffer terrible humiliation. They would be defiled by this devil Outlying Islands Sanren. It was better to die than that!

The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect attacked ferociously, but, just the moment before the sword stabbing the glabella of Outlying Islands Sanren, the sword just pierced the empty void.

The old devil didn’t use his hand, he didn’t even try to block, he had just dodged it easily.

Rank 6 Daoist Master realm against peak Daoist Master realm expert, the gap between these realms was not something that could be made up by just courage.


The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect thrust his sword again, sparing no effort to attack, unfortunately, he just his empty void. This time, this blade just brush past the scalp of Outlying Islands Sanren, but he wasn’t injured at all, moreover, he wasn’t forced out of the circle too.

“Hahaha, useless, kid, admit your defeat, surrender quietly and strip your two junior sisters in front of this old grandfather, then I will spare you and accept you as my personal servant. Later, when this grandfather snatch respectable women, this old grandfather will pass you the benefit too, then with the duel cultivation technique I imparted to you, you will be able to enjoy with music and singing night after night, hahaha……”

Outlying Islands Sanren roared with laughter, and like a cat toying with a trapped mouse, he made fun of angry Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect. As for the latter, he had already made three moves, although his attacks appeared powerful, unfortunately, all failed to hit even the corner of this old man’s red robe.

“Kill, old man, I will fight you to death!”

The Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect gnashed his teeth. Although he also knew that he was not the opponent, he still tried his best. But, just when he was about to thrust his sword forward again, an aged voice came from the midst of the dense mist, “Fool, just attacking straight, do you know how to add spirit power and use your thought to control the sword move?”

The angry Big Disciple suddenly stopped, then, he continued to thrust his sword. This time, he had simply closed his eyes, he was using his divine sense to lock onto Outlying Islands Sanren’s position. He used his spirit to control his sword move.

In front of the ancient grave, a rumbling sound of thunder suddenly resounded.

Although this sword move was the same, the might of this sword move had increased vastly, giving rise to a clear thunderclap. In the past, although his sword move was swift and fierce and emitted rainbow-like radiance, he never used his thoughts to control it, as a result, his sword move lacked soul. Now, after using his spirit to control this sword move, the might was completely different.


Outlying Islands Sanren exclaimed in surprise. A hint of seriousness appeared on his face, but, he dodged this sword move of this Big Disciple.

“Thunderbolt Sword, Third Style, Backhand Sword, stab his lower abdomen!” The aged voice resounded again.

On the battlefield, the Big Disciple adjusted his posture without thinking and use Backhand Sword to stab. The rumbling sounds of thunder resounded one after another, and the sword bade approached Outlying Islands Sanren.

The careless Outlying Islands Sanren instantly felt danger from this sword thrust in the midst of thunderclaps. Previously, he carelessly drew a circle with the radius of just one meter around him and thought that there was no danger at all, but now, he tasted its consequences. He hastily raised dragon headed cane and block the sharp sword, but the rumbling thunderclaps hit his face and he felt like a thunderclap exploded in his brain. Instantly, his blood and qi churned and he vomited a mouthful of blood. His spirit was also chaotic as if it was about to be blown out by the thunder.

The overly careless Outlying Islands Sanren finally tasted the power of Thunderbolt Sword Technique.

The true strength of this sword technique was not swift and fierce sword moves, rather the rumbling thunderclaps. It would violently shake the soul of the opponent and could also scatter the opponent’s spirit.

Although the cultivation base of this Big Disciple was outstanding, he didn’t know the true mystery behind Thunderbolt Sword Technique. But now, under the guidance of that hoarse voice, he was suddenly enlightened and his fighting power increased sharply.

“Left Hand Sword, Thunderbolt Sword, Fifth Style, stab his glabella; Right Hand Finger Sword, Thunderbolt Sword, Seventh Style, stab his nether area!”

The aged voice resounded again, guiding this Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sword, not giving this Outlying Islands Sanren any chance to take a breather.

Simultaneously using two styles with right and left hand, these disciples of Thunderbolt Sect had never heard of it before, and they were stunned. But, the leader Big Disciple of Thunderbolt Sect just responded, and nearly accomplished this unimaginable instruction of doing two things at one time. Although his move was somewhat awkward, when all was said and done, he used both hands successfully, and the rumbling sounds of thunderclaps intensified. In an instant, it was like two disciples of Thunderbolt Sect had joined hands to initiate the attack, moreover, no matter the movement or timing, they were just right.

This Outlying Islands Sanren who was roaring with laughter just a moment ago was unable to laugh again, moreover, he instantly felt incomparable danger. It was like whoever plays with fire will perish by fire.

If he had fought with all his strength, even if there were two Big Disciples of Thunderbolt Sect joining hands, he wouldn’t have anything to fear, he could even win easily. But, before this battle, he had declared that he would use just one hand to defend and wouldn’t attack, moreover, he would admit defeat if he steps of that circle with the radius of only one meter. In addition, he looked down upon his opponent and basically didn’t have time to display his strength after getting caught unprepared. But, time wait for no one, the ferocious attacks whistled towards him and he was unable to endure.

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