Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 502

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 502: Outlying Islands Sanren

In front of an ancient grave, a fierce battle was taking place. A red robe old man holding a dragon-headed Cane was moving around a few men and women. Even though it was a one against five battle, not only he wasn’t in the disadvantageous position, instead was leisurely. He was fighting while laughing heartily.

Under the cover of the mist, Ye Chuan quietly approached and watched critically, hiding at one side.

The red robe old man was robust and his energy fluctuation was surging. He unexpectedly was a peak Daoist Master realm expert. As for those five men and women, their cultivation also couldn’t be considered low, even the weakest was Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, but even though these five were cooperating, this red robed old man was firmly suppressing them. Looking at the standard battle robes of those five, they seemed to be the disciples of some sects.

“Hahaha, you five, be obedient and surrender without putting up a fight. This old grandfather will also not make things difficult for you all. Men just need to cripple their cultivation and as for women, they just need to accompany me for one night, hahaha……”

The red robed old man roared with laughter as he often looked lecherously at those two female disciples. He spoke rudely and had no misgivings, clearly was a great devil. It was unknown what the dragon headed cane in his hand was made of, but it was at least over ten thousand jin in weight. At that time, he brandished it and one woman didn’t have time to dodge and the sword in her hand was sent flying.

The laughter of this old man got even louder. The more he fought, the more daring he became. The five opponents were completely suppressed, they couldn’t even run away even if they wanted.

Ye Chuan stayed hidden in the mist without moving. He was calm without the slightest emotional fluctuation.

The situation of those five disciples was getting worse and worse. If this goes on, then they will become the captives of this red robed old man, then the end fate of those two female disciples will be unbearable. Ye Chuan looked down upon this kind of devils, but since this mountain was dangerous and the terrain was complicated, moreover, he didn’t understand the circumstance, he would not easily make a move. If he always sought justice upon seeing injustice along the road, then he would have already died countless times.

“Outlying Islands Sanren, I was the one who taught a lesson to your servant, it has nothing to do with my junior apprentice brothers and sisters. I will accompany you to a life and death battle, let my junior apprentice brothers and sisters go.”

A young man rushed out and stood in front of that female disciple who had lost her sword, then thrust his sword straight towards the chest of this red robed old man. This sword thrust was powerful, it emitted a rainbow-like radiance and was accompanied by vague thunder.

Eh, Thunderbolt Sword?

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, but after carefully looking at this sword, he shook his head.

Millions of years ago, Thunderbolt Sword Technique was a technique with an illustrious reputation in Wilderness World. Thunderbolt Sage walked unhindered in Wilderness World, relying on this technique. He also stood out among numerous Sage realm experts because of this technique.

In his previous life, before he became Heaven Concealing Great Sage that ruled Wilderness World, Ye Chuan had fought with Thunderbolt Sage, so he was no stranger to Thunderbolt Sword Technique. He knew very well that this technique was very powerful, unfortunately, although the sword technique of this young man in front of him appeared majestic, he in fact was far from being able to master the essence of Thunderbolt Sword Technique. This kind of attack might work on same realm inexperienced expert, but it wouldn’t work against any experienced experts.

Ding, sure enough, just after Ye Chuan shook his head, the young man was stunned still, the rainbow-like sword in his hand was sent flying by the dragon headed cane of this red robed old man.

The limbs of these five young men and women instantly became ice-cold and they became deathly pale.

Even the Big Senior Apprentice Brother who had the highest cultivation base among them had lost and his sword was sent flying, how could they fight now?

“Hahaha, hahahaha……”

In front of an ancient grave, only the laughter of this red robed old man echoed. “Hahahaha, you truly don’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth, with just that level of cultivation base, you still want to fight against this old grandfather, boy, are you qualified? Even your Sect Master is not qualified. We can talk about it if the legendary Elder Thunderbolt of your Thunderbolt Sect came in person, hahahaha!”

The red robed old man roared with laughter. He then walked forward holding dragon headed cane. His eyes were lecherously sizing up those two female disciples without even trying to hide his intention.

The two female disciples were terrified. Other than the leader Big Senior Apprentice Disciple, the other two male disciples were very thin and short. They looked young and immature. Their cultivation base was even inferior to those two female disciples. And suddenly encountering this kind of situation, they didn’t know what to do and were panic-stricken. All pressure was on this leader young man, unfortunately, although he had the heart to protect everyone, he didn’t have power. Looking at this red robed old man approaching, he also trembled like others.

“Outlying Islands Sanren, you……, what do you want to do?”

A female disciple mustered her courage and said, “Don’t forget that my father is the current Sect Leader of Thunderbolt Sect, you……, if you are too unbridled, don’t you fear that my father will lead the entire Thunderbolt Sect to annihilate you?”

“Fear? Since this old grandfather dared to make a move, will I fear? Hahahaha……”

The red robed old man roared with laughter and continued to advance, then with a cold expression, he ferociously said, “In these last few years, this old grandfather is already fed up with the damned airs of your Thunderbolt Sect. It is just a downtrodden low-grade sect, hiding in Overseas World fearing your enemies would annihilate you all, but you all actually don’t know how to exercise restraint and meddle in other people’s business. This old grandfather just wanted to pluck maiden’s yin qi and captured ordinary people but not your sect’s disciples, so why are you all meddling? In the end, aren’t you all bullying me? Heh heh, now, this old grandfather is under the command of Lord Hou. He wants me to rebuild the army and unify the sea area around this place, and the first one to get annihilate will be your Thunderbolt Sect. So will I fear your retaliation? Hahaha, truly a joke!”

The complexion of the disciples of Thunderbolt Sect become paler. They could neither defeat nor escape, moreover, the threat of the sect was also useless. This red robed old man was already prepared long ago, what should they do now?

These disciples were drenched with cold sweat and were at the end of their wits. All of them were terrified. But, at the same time, the eyes of Ye Chuan who was lurking in the dense mist shone.

Lord Hou?

Which Lord Hou was the Lord Hou mentioned by this red robed great devil, was it……

Ye Chuan thought and quickly recalled Qing Tianhou who considered himself best in the world. He had just annihilated the 200,000 soldiers of the latter, if he just let him put together another army to control the surrounding sea area, then all of his previous efforts would be wasted. In addition, Cloud Mist Sect was not far away from the coast, in the future, they would have enemy in the front and back. In the dryland, there would be the attack of Da Qin Dynasty, and in the sea, they had to face the army of Qing Tianhou. Like that, it would be even more difficult to develop calmly.

Looking at the laughing red robed old man, the killing intent of Ye Chuan suddenly soared and he slowly held the Iron Blooded Banner.

This mountain was dangerous, but the underground passage of Lost City was torn open by the cooperation of Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, he didn’t know how many overseas loose cultivators and the experts of other forces had entered, so he didn’t want to easily make a move. But, since this matter involved Qing Tianhou and the future strategy of Cloud Mist Sect, he couldn’t just look on with folded arms.

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