Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 50

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 50: Feng Ren

Cyan Lotus Lamp he had obtained in God Burial Valley not only had the world inside it, where he could put piggy, Golden Cicada King and other yao beasts, moreover it could also sense the location of treasures. The more powerful the treasure, the bigger the movement of Cyan Lotus Lamp.

This throbbing of Cyan Lotus Lamp suddenly spirited Ye Chuan.

The treasure that was able to make Cyan Lotus Lamp throb, all were definitely a kind of extraordinary treasure. He had still yet to step into the mine field of Five Style Sect, but there was already a good thing under his foot.

Ye Chuan repeatedly walked back and forth, roughly determining the direction of the treasure. Merely, the misgiving was this was the territory of Five Style Sect, so he couldn’t let out his spirit to carefully sense what it was. Indistinctly, he felt that the treasure was buried very deep, at least was 100 meters underground.

“Noble son Ye, what happened?” Liu Hong confusedly looked at Ye Chuan. The latter’s unusual action made her feel puzzled.

Ye Chuan raised his head, and said with an evil smile, “Nothing, too tired and my feet are a bit cramped.”


Liu Hong snorted disdainfully, she wouldn’t believe in the nonsense of Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan had a cramp? He could still run for three days and three nights without any problem. Although his speed was not fast, it was also not slow too, but his body was stronger than that of bison. She wondered how he cultivated.

“Who’s there? Who dare to crudely rush to my Five Style Sect’s forbidden ground?”

From tall watchtower, suddenly a loud shouting sound came. And a figure of a person jumped down from the 100 meters tall tower. And just when the head of this figure was about to collide with the ground, his body suddenly became wind-borne and floated up, and in a flash appeared before two people. The Wind Style of Five Style Sect was perfectly shown here.

A bamboo pole like thin grey-clothed old man seemingly bore out of thin air, coldly staring at Ye Chuan. With his glance, Ye Chuan felt as if a viper was staring at him. He was not unfamiliar with this kind of feeling. In the sect, Third Elder gave him this kind of feeling. Merely, Third Elder tried to cover up, but this grey-clothed person wasn’t hiding it at all.

“Elder Feng, it’s me.” Liu Hong stepped forward, and with her head high chest out, her boobies seemed to almost jump out of her clothing.

Grey-clothed old man greedily take a look at Liu Hong’s firm and upright boobies, and a trace of heat flashed past in his eyes, then pretending to just see Liu Hong, he slightly bowed and greeted, “It’s actually Miss, Feng Ren have committed a crime. Who is this young man, he looks very unfamiliar, which sect’s spy is he? Guards, come here and throw him into the jail.”

“Yes sir!”

A group of fully armed guards uniformly pulled out their sword and surrounded Ye Chuan, and as if wolf and tiger, they looked at him ferociously.

Bluestone Field was the largest mine of Five Style Sect, which yields highest grade crystal stones, so it has always been forbidden area of Five Style Sect which strictly forbids outsiders, and they would kill all trespasser on the spot. This place was not only underground mine which was coveted by everyone, but was also a heavily guarded prison, so killing several people was a commonplace here.

“Stop, Elder Feng, he is Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan.” Liu Hong hastily explained.

Among the numerous elders of Five Style Sect, Feng Ren was most vicious, he would kill people without batting an eyelid. Once, there was a group of outer sect disciples who didn’t understand the rules, and after they came to Bluestone Filed to work, they were not sufficiently fast, result, he killed all of them on the spot. Over hundred disciples ah, he killed all of them without even batting an eyelid, he was as terrifying as great devils wandering in the Wilderness World. Liu Hong had always done whatever she liked inside the sect, but even she was somewhat afraid of Feng Ren.

“What? Person of Cloud Mist Sect, moreover Big Senior Apprentice-Brother? Then we even more cannot let him stay, kill him without pardon!”

Feng Ren shouted ferociously. And after ordering to kill, he became just like a butcher’s sharp knife with dense killing intent. After that he slashed his right hand in the void, slashing out a swift and fierce wind blade towards Ye Chuan. That wind blade passed right beside the tip of Ye Chuan’s nose and landed on the ground, leaving behind a deep mark. If Ye Chuan was even a bit slower to dodge, then his head would have been cut off.

What an old dog, really was about to kill a person!

The eyes of Ye Chuan flashed with a trace of pallid light and murderous intent flourished greatly. He began to circulate Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, and also prepared to release piggy and Golden Cicada King from Cyan Lotus Lamp. The space between the eyebrows of Feng Ren who was emitting dense killing intent jumped, and a danger feeling appeared in his heart. Then looking at the fierce and swift gaze of Ye Chuan, his killing intent got even denser.

A trifling Wuzhe realm cultivator made him feel danger, this was an unprecedented thing to Feng Ren. And the thoughts of killing Ye Chuan suddenly got even stronger!

This person can’t leave!

Absolutely cannot leave!

The killing intent of Feng Ren greatly flourished. And a hurricane began to circle around him, indistinctly changing into thousands of wind blades.

“Stop, stay your hand! Elder Feng, we came here to find a person, after asking several things, we’ll go away.”

Liu Hong stood in front of Ye Chuan, and with her face covered with a layer of frost, she said, “Elder Feng, I know this is the territory under your control, but randomly killing people as you please, isn’t that violating the law of our sect? Do you still have my father in your eyes? Or, are you going to kill me as well?

“Humph, Feng Ren doesn’t dare, you can do as you please Miss. But, Bluestone Filed is strictly forbidden to any outsiders. If you want to find a person, Miss herself needs to go in and look for him, this Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple should wait outside.”

Feng Ren slightly bowed, and after snorting coldly, he turned around and left angrily. And in a flash, he reached the top of the tower and then coldly stared at Ye Chuan from the distance. And numerous guards who had unsheathed their swords also turn around and left, but they didn’t go far away, and each and every one of them glared Ye Chuan just like a tiger eyeing its prey. Even knowing that Ye Chuan was brought here by eldest Miss Liu Hong, they didn’t have any good complexion.

“Noble son Ye, please wait here for a moment, don’t walk around wildly.” Liu Hong urged again and again, then using Wind Style, she rapidly left, entering inside the underground ore mine to look for a person.

Behind, Ye Chuan stood outside the mine field, silently waiting. But the ice cold eyes of Feng Ren was unexpectedly staring at him continuously.

This old man is really tired of living!

Ye Chuan pretended not know that Feng Ren was continuously staring at him. Although his complexion was calm, his heart however already had dense killing intent. But he still silently sized up the environment around.

The techniques of Five Style Sect were distinctive, and always had been terrifying first-class assassins, but as a once venerate Heaven Concealing Great Sage, this small technique of Five Style Sect was nothing as far as Ye Chuan was concerned. If one really wants to talk about assassin skills, then he himself was even better than all of Five Style Sect. if it wasn’t for his current body with limited cultivation, then it was an easy thing to kill this Feng Ren on the tower.

Liu Hong quickly returned after a short amount of time, bringing back an information. “Noble son Ye, I am sorry, disciple Wu Feng said that he had already sold all the seeds he had to Exploiter Hu at a low price.”

“Not even a single seed is left?” Ye Chuan was somewhat disappointed.

Great Competition was right around the corner. And he had originally thought to restore his vitality with Qingyang fruit, or even increase his cultivation realm, but now it seems to be hopeless. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

“No, not even a single seed is left.”

Liu Hong shook her head, and pausing for a while, she said, “But, Wu Feng said that he accidentally found these seeds in the vicinity of Shallow Water Bay of the mountain behind. Perhaps, you can go there to try your luck.”

“Swallow Water Bay?”

Ye Chuan’s eyes shone, “Good, when I have time, I will go there, thank you, Miss.”

“Hereafter, call me Honghong. I am exhausted to death to ask this information, now say, how will you repay me?” Looking at Ye Chuan with a smile, Liu Hong’s big eyes had happiness circulating on them. Two different sect’s disciples were as incompatible as fire and water, but here she was doing everything to please Ye Chuan, don’t know what she was thinking.

“Here, in the place, I am standing, there is a treasure underground. Don’t miss it, quickly start the work to obtain it.” Ye Chuan replied, and just after he finished speaking, he turned around and left, disappearing in the mountains.

After thinking for a bit, he decided to tell his discovery to Liu Hong. This place was heavily guarded ground of Five Style Sect, and with a mad dog, Feng Ren guarding this territory, wanting to dig out that underground treasure was too difficult. And on the other hand, telling about it to Liu Hong, he would also be able to repay Liu Hong.

“Boy, how can you run away so fast, still running away from the control of this Miss? Sooner or later, see how you will be submissive……”

Looking at the direction where Ye Chuan had disappeared, Liu Hong had a smile on her face as if the overall situation was under her control. Then, she stared at the place where Ye Chuan was standing just a moment ago. Even after looking for a while, she didn’t see any difference, even her spirit sense also didn’t find anything unusual. If there really was a treasure underground, then wouldn’t that old man Feng Ren have already dug it out?

Liu Hong frowned, still although she didn’t have too much trust, but she still broke the message talisman to pass on the message to the sect, asking her father to send a group of trusted aide over here.

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