Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 499

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 499: Arrangement

The Iron Blooded Banner suddenly fluttered violently and like the autumn wind sweeps away fallen leaves, it swept away the skeleton soldiers coming from all directions. These undead soldiers were large in number, but their combat power was very weak. They basically couldn’t withstand a single blow of Iron Blooded Banner.

But, the strength of sand demon was astonishing. It seized the chance and pulled Ye Chuan down with all its strength.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Chaun was pulled down to his calves, then knees. Once he was completely dragged into the yellow sands, he might not have any chance to come out.

And from under the yellow sands, the excited squeaks of sand demon came. The prey it had grabbed had never escaped and Ye Chuan was no exception!

“Humph, evil creature, die!”

Ye Chuan coldly snorted, and when the sand demon was excited, his spirit locked onto its position and he suddenly stabbed down the Iron Blooded Banner. The Iron Blooded Banner ruthlessly stabbed into the ground as if a spear.

A horrible shriek came from below the yellow sands and the red blood gushed out from the yellow sands like a spring.

The Iron Blooded Banner in the hands of Ye Chuan suddenly vibrated and his perlicue tingled. That wounded sand demon under the ground was unwilling to give up and struggled with all its strength. It instantly erupted with such a powerful strength that Ye Chuan was somewhat unable to endure, in addition, the Iron Blooded Banner creaked as if it would break.

“Come out for me!”

Ye Chuan roared and rapidly circulating ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he put forth all his strength to suddenly pull out the Iron Blooded Banner. And at the end of the flagpole, the sand demon was hung. This little monkey like yao beast spared no effort to struggle, but since it was suddenly pulled out along with Iron Blooded Banner and now was hanging in midair, its four limbs had nowhere to borrow strength, so all of its effort to struggle was useless. It then looked towards Ye Chuan with red eyes and gnashing its teeth, it screamed.

Even more skeletons sprang out from underground and rushed towards Ye Chuan.

It was already pulled up into the midair by Iron Blooded Banner, but this sand demon was unwilling to give up and ordered skeleton soldiers to kill Ye Chuan.

“It’s the end, little fellow, time to die!”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at the ferocious and cunning sand demon. He then swung the Iron Blooded Banner and suddenly retracting it, he palmed the chest of this sand demon.

Bang, the palm of Ye Chuan landed straight on the chest of this sand demon, but he only felt like he had palmed a solid rock. Not only the physical strength of this sand demon was astonishing, but its body was also especially doughty. Unfortunately, no matter how doughty its body was, it wouldn’t be able to escape death.

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk and palmed again. This time, his movement was a bit slower, but the power contained was even more amazing. With all ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulating within his body, the strength of 180,000 jin instantly exploded on the body of this little monkey.

The killing intent of Ye Chuan was soaring and he didn’t show any mercy.

If there was ordinary yao beast instead, then even if it was not powerful, as long as it had distinctive qualities, he would have tried to tame it and enlist in his Yao Beast Legion. This little monkey was able to manipulate quicksand. This kind of innate skill was extremely rare in yao beasts of Wilderness World. If he tamed it, then it would certainly turn into a great asset of Yao Beast Legion, and someday, it might even become a powerful follower like Super Electric Eel and Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, for some unknown reasons, this little monkey gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, so he didn’t even think about taming it and made a fatal move.

This cunning and ferocious little monkey wailed mournfully and looked at its cracked body in disbelief. It then looked at Ye Chuan with resentment and its head crooked to one side. It finally died. But, before dying, it spared no effort to grab Ye Chuan, wanting to perish together with Ye Chuan. Unfortunately, it was hung in the air by Iron Blooded Banner and it was unable to reach Ye Chuan. It was only able to tear a corner of Ye Chuan’s robe.

Ding, a conch with black light floating around it fell from the body of this little monkey. Then, the skeleton warriors that were swarming from all direction suddenly swayed and disappeared, turning into the dust. Even the sandstorm that was wreaking havoc all around, majestic ancient city and the vast desert outside the city walls rippled and distorted, becoming blurred.

Sharp-eyed Ye Chuan immediately grabbed that conch on the ground. He then felt as if the sky and earth were spinning and the scenery before his eyes changed back to the tall mountain shrouded with grey mist. He had appeared outside that strange ancient grave. He then carefully looked inside the tomb passage. Everything was as before. There were many skeletons scattered on the ground and there were many scratches and handprints on the walls and ground. In addition, he also saw broken Dragon Headed Flying Swords a bit far away. Compared to before, there was an addition of a piece of cloth beside the scattered Dragon Headed Flying Sword. Ye Chuan immediately recognized that piece of cloth. It was the piece of cloth torn off from his robe by that little monkey just before it died.

Ye Chuan suddenly felt chill and his limbs became ice cold.

Ye Chuan suddenly understood a lot of mysteries.

In the ancient grave in front of him, there was a powerful ancient restriction and that cunning and ferocious little monkey was the key to this ancient restriction. It would appear and triggers the ancient restriction. Only by killing it, one could barely escape this ancient restriction. The skeletons inside this tomb passage were very likely to be the people who were dragged into the sands by that little monkey, and they died after struggling in the sands. As for those broken Dragon Headed Flying Crossbow and the piece of his cloth, they were very likely to be intentionally placed at the end of the tomb passage by the restriction.

They were baits, deliberately luring people to break into this grave!

But, breaking in without sufficient strength was courting death!

The hair of Ye Chuan was standing on end, the ancient restriction of this ancient grave was far more powerful than he had imagined. This was a well-planned trap. And once one fell into this trap, one might be buried inside forever.

The great mist was dense and the surrounding was very quiet, this same was true for the tomb passage too. If it was not for the case of him still holding the conch with black light floating around it, then Ye Chuan might have doubted that he was just dreaming. In his previous like when he concealed the heaven, he had explored many ancient ominous domains and encountered all sorts of ancient restrictions. Although the restriction inside this ancient grave in front of him was not the most powerful restriction in terms of power, it was planned to the extreme, making people extremely dreadful.

One grave, one world.

Could it be that all the graves of this mountain had a world with different treasures sealed inside? Was the so-called Lost City an ancient city inside one of the graves? Or to say, the ancestors of Sea Demon Clan already knew that their clan would decline, so they intentionally used a great technique to hide their racial holy land inside the world of countless graves, increasing the difficulty for foreign intruders in finding their racial origin energy and racial scared item?

Looking at big and small graves around him, the heart of Ye Chuan suddenly moved.

Although Sea Demon Clan had declined now, like Cloud Mist Sect, it also once had a glorious history. There was no lack of heaven-defying experts that dominated the entire sea, and it was not impossible to foresee the decline of Sea Demon Clan and make an arrangement in advance. Like this, the origin energy and racial holy item would be passed down, otherwise, LOost City might have already been completely breached by outsiders.

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