Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 498

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 498: Sand Demon

The sandstorm was raging and the sky of this entire ancient city was covered with sand.

Ye Chuan used all his strength to catch up, but after a while, not only he didn’t catch up, but that black shadow was also getting further away. Now, he couldn’t even see it clearly. That shadow resembled a child and also resembled a small hound and an evil spirit.

Ye Chuan continued to rush forward. He chased after that shadow while locking on the position of that shadow with his divine sense. But, after chasing for a while, he suddenly noticed that he had lost his way, he didn’t know where east, south, west and north was. Looking forward, he could only see sand all around. He couldn’t see anything that was more than 10 meters away. And after a careful examination for a while, he vaguely noticed sand covered residential houses, rocks and tiles.

The wind continued to blow and it seemed that there was nothing unusual around. The ancient city was already accustomed to such sandstorm. At that time, the glabella of Ye Chuan suddenly twitched as he felt danger, but he was unable to tell where the danger was. This was just his instinct.

A cyan light flashed and one Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared beside Ye Chuan. With the instinct of this yao beast, this Evil Eyed Cow Demon also sensed that indescribable danger and restlessly walked around Ye Chuan. After a while, under the command of Ye Chuan, this Evil Eyed Cow Demon took a step forward with great effort, one step, two steps……, gradually walking towards the entrance.

Was everything just his misconception?

Ye Chuan inwardly sighed in relief. But, just when he was about to follow up, something unexpected suddenly happened.

That Evil Eyed Cow Demon walking in the front suddenly fell to the ground. Then, the ground that was sandified long ago instantly engulfed its four limbs, then its stomach, leaving behind only its head above the ground. It wailed mournfully, but not long after, even its head was also sucked into the ground. It was thoroughly swallowed by yellow sands.

Ye Chuan paused. His entire body was drenched with cold sweat.

Restriction, this is the power of ancient restriction!

Ye Chuan quickly understood what was going on. He knew that he had accidentally triggered the ancient restriction of this ancient city. This ancient city that was abandoned long ago was far more dangerous than he had imagined.

At that time, the sand under his foot suddenly fluctuated. That feeling was just like standing on the water surface.

Ye Chuan immediately jumped up and at the same time, the sand below his legs caved in, and a majestic invisible force from below tried to pull Ye Chuan down.

The Heaven Swallowing Talismans within the body of Ye Chuan spun rapidly and he forcibly flew several meters away. He then leaned against the wall. Suddenly, his body felt light, that invisible force disappeared. And in the next moment, when Ye Chuan was just about to take a break, the wall behind him suddenly collapse and wanted to engulf him. This wall which originally appeared to be solid instantly became just like a marsh. There were yellow sands traps everywhere.

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed and struggling free from the invisible binding, he lightly drifted ten meters away like a feather. And when his toe touched the ground, he drifted again.

Cyan Feather Technique!

Ye Chuan decisively circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and used Cyan Feather technique with all his might to rush out of this dangerous place. But, even after he arrived at the street, similar scenes appeared in succession. As long as he stopped at one place for more than three breaths of time, the sand below his legs would immediately cave in. Not to mention a living person, even a huge rock would be instantly swallowed by the yellow sands.

The entire ancient city had suddenly changed into a human eating castle. The ground, walls and even the ceiling could instantly change into quicksand and swallow a person.

In the midst of this boundless sand, Ye Chuan continuously swayed to dodge the traps of sand while fleeing from this terrifying ancient city.

After running around this city for a while, he understood that the hope of finding Hei Kui, Zhu Sijia and others in this ancient city was very small. Even if they had come here, either they had already left or were already swallowed by the sands. It used a lot of energy to continuously use Cyan Feather Technique to move and dodge. In addition, with sandstorm wreaking havoc all around and a powerful energy fluctuation in the air, he felt as if an invisible rope was binding him. If he didn’t leave this place, then he might be buried here forever!

Now, with sandstorm blotting out the sky and the sun, Ye Chuan couldn’t differentiate the direction and he couldn’t find the right path, so he decided to run straight towards one direction. He thought that if he ran straight through this ancient city, then he would inevitably reach the boundary of this ancient and break out of this encirclement.

Squeak! Along with a strange cry, a small shadow suddenly appeared in the front. When Ye Chuan was about to break out of the encirclement, this fellow came out again.

Then, an ill wind suddenly blew throughout this ancient city.

And Ye Chaun who was using Cyan Feather Technique to break out of this encirclement suddenly saw a terrifying scene. Countless skeletons crawled out from the sands and rushed towards him holding a sword.

The Iron Blooded Banner in the hands of Ye Chuan fluttered and suddenly streak across the sky. Then, along with cracking sounds, a group of skeleton soldiers that crawled out from under his feet fell apart.

Ye Chuan then flew in the sky and suddenly accelerated forward.

This time, he finally saw what that mysterious shadow was. It turned out to be a little monkey. It was strangely fast and slippery. And seeing Ye Chuan was rushing towards it, it quickly retreated, then stepping on the yellow sands on the ground, it instantly disappeared. Ye Chuan reached the place where it had disappeared and saw that the ground formed from yellow sands had already solidified.

What was that?

Was it the legendary Sand Demon that could manipulate sands?

Ye Chuan was puzzled, and he quickly recalled that Sand God mentioned in the diary of that child. But, he didn’t have the time to think about it as the ground below his legs fluctuated. This solidified ground that was already hard as a rock changed into a loose quicksand again. It then suddenly caved in, and a majestic invisible force surged. And at the same time, a pair of hands sprang out from below the quicksand and grabbed the ankle of Ye Chuan, wanting to pull him down. This pair of hands was small and swarthy. They belonged to that sand demon that had just fled. Its bodily form was not big, but its strength was astonishing. Looking at just its strength, it was even more powerful than some Rank 7 Daoist Master realm experts!

The strange sand demon hadn’t gone far. It was lurking below the quicksand and it suddenly launched a ferocious attack.

Now, on the ground, countless skeletons with bone swords rushed towards Ye Chuan and heavily besieged him. Under the ground, there was a sand demon with extraordinary strength lurking and it was pulling him down. If he was truly dragged into the yellow sands, then even if he had nine lives, he wouldn’t be able to avoid death. In addition, the sandstorm was getting even fiercer. It appeared as if it wanted to engulf the entire ancient city with sands.

Ye Chuan who had entered this ancient city by himself fell into the most dangerous situation. If he paused for even a bit, then he would be buried here forever. And like the dry bones inside that ancient grave, he would turn into the ghost without any chance of reincarnation.

The sand demon lurking underground was even more ferocious and craftier than many millennium evil spirits!


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