Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 497

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 497: Yellow Sands Ancient City

Ye Chuan walked over to a wall and took a long sword.

The scabbard was filled with dust, and after he blew away the dust, its true features were revealed. Many lines were carved on the scabbard like some kind of decoration, but it also resembled a kind of formation.

Clang, Ye Chuan pulled out the sword inside the scabbard and suddenly, a pallid light spread all over the shop.

Even after so many years, although the scabbard was filled with dust, the sword inside was still sharp. Ye Chuan pulled out a hair and blew it towards the blade. This hair was cut into two half. He then flicked on the sword blade and this sword blade trembled issuing a buzzing sound. Its hardness and toughness were pretty good. Although it was a common product with common material, it was an excellent product. It could sell for many silvers in the secular world.

But, why did the owner of this shop left, leaving behind these good weapons?

What exactly happened in this Yellow Sands Ancient City? Where did Zhu Sijia, Hei Kui and others go? Were they in the other end of this Yellow Sands Ancient City?

Ye Chuan was confused. He turned around and left this store, then enter another store not far away.

This was a medicine shop. Immediately upon entering, he saw a medicine cabinet with name of the medicinal materials stuck on it.  At one glance, he saw Heavenly Sesame, Thunder Root, Dragon Withered Grass and other valuable medicinal herbs’ name stuck on the cabinet. But, when he opened the cabinet, he saw that all herbs were already rotten. Unlike weapons, even the best-preserved medicinal herbs were unable to endure the erosion of time.

“It’s a pity!”

Ye Chuan’s spirit had yet to recover completely, so he thought that he might be able to find some valuable herbs to treat his injuries, unfortunately, he celebrated too early. He shook his head and just when was about to leave, he suddenly stopped.

In the stove beside the counter, there was a kettle. And on one side, there was a tea table with two cups on it. On the kettle, there was Tieguanyin tea. It seemed that the shopkeeper was making a tea for his guest, then, he didn’t know what suddenly happened, but they ran away leaving everything. At one corner beside the tea table, there was a small desk and a small stool. On this table, there was a booklet and writing brush was thrown at one side with a pair of small shoes under the table.

An image suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan.

A very long time ago, this Yellow Sands Ancient City was full of vitality along with busy flow of people. The shopkeeper of this shop was drinking tea with his guests while discussing a business transaction. The hostess was busy in the kitchen while a child was sitting on this small stool while seriously writing something. Although this child was very young in age, he seemed intelligent. Suddenly, a catastrophe befell and everyone ran away and this city turned into a ghost city.

The gaze of Ye Chuan was deep, seemingly, his gaze pierced through the time and space and saw what had happened here. After he stood silently for a while, he walked over and picked up that booklet on the table.

This was a diary. It once was a treasure of a certain child. Unfortunately, after a long period of time, it was already eroded beyond recognition. Even the words written on it couldn’t be seen, and it would break into pieces when flipping it.

Ye Chuan carefully tried to find any clues on this diary.

This diary was also very simple. The child wrote a few lines every day.

The words on the first page were already blurred;

On the second page, it roughly stated a matter, saying he never wanted to go to school again. It seems this was a naughty and also somewhat playful child. Ye Chuan smiled, although he was already sufficiently careful, but every time he turned it, pages would break into pieces.

On the third page, that child made a wish, he hoped to have his own flying sword someday.

From this point, he could see that the parents of this child might be cultivators, or even the entire population of this Yellow Sands Ancient City might be cultivators or disciples of some sects.

Ye Chuan continued to turn the pages. Only trivial matters were recorded in this diary. In normal times, these matters were irrelevant. No one would pay attention to the world of a child. But this time, even these trivial matters written by a child made Ye Chuan be able to figure out what kind of world this very ancient city was.

Soon, the pages of the diary were almost over, but in the final few pages of this diary, Ye Chuan saw strange words.

On the third last page, the child wrote, today, father and mother are quarreling, the uncle and aunt next door are also quarreling, the parents of Little Ling are also quarreling, what happened to them?

On the second last page, the child wrote, today, adults didn’t quarrel, they are all calm but don’t talk. Everyone seemed to have lost their soul like the book says. Tomorrow is the day to worship Sand God, but this year, there is still no movement.

On the final page, there were several twisted words, Sand God is angry, quickly……

It was empty behind the word ‘quickly’. Perhaps, the child suddenly encountered a mishap and didn’t have time to write quickly run.

Quickly run, or something else.

Ye Chuan was confused, and after turning over the final page, the entire diary crumbled into pieces. At that time, a gust of wind blew over and Ye Chuan felt chill. Looking up, he saw sandstorm outside and the sky was covered with dust and sand.

And then, looking all around, Ye Chuan walked out of this medicinal shop and walked alone on this empty street.

Now, there were still many doubts in the heart of Ye Chuan, but he could vaguely feel that the current appearance of Yellow Sands Ancient City was very likely related to one person, that Sand God mentioned in the diary of the child. Perhaps, that was a heaven-defying expert that dominated this desert, or, was a cold-blooded peerless evil spirit, because some matter had enraged him and destroyed this city.

At this moment, the wind was getting bigger and bigger, the dust and sand covered the entire sky, making this ancient city pitch-black.

But, Ye Chuan continued to advance forward, looking for any doubtful points to see whether there were any signs left behind by Zhu Sijia, Hui Kui and others. The result, even after walking for an hour, when he reached the west side from the east side, he gained nothing. Inside this huge and magnificent city, it seemed that he was the only living person. And the entire world was very quiet with only the sounds of sandstorm wreaking havoc.

At that time, a thin and small shadow suddenly appeared and quietly approached Ye Chuan under the cover of this sandstorm.

But, Ye Chuan who was walking alone along the empty street suddenly turned around and saw that that shadow was retreating. In an instant, that shadow retreated more than 100 meters. It seemed that that shadow didn’t expect Ye Chuan sense him so quickly and in this unexpected situation, the shadow wanted to run away.

“Stop for me!”

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone as he chased after this shadow in the midst of sandstorm. He circulated all Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and his speed became faster and faster. Although he was unable to clearly see what that shadow was, whether the other party was a ghost or a demon, it was the only living being he encountered after stepping into this ancient city. It might very probably be the only key to solve all the mysteries of this ancient city.

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