Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 496

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 496: One grave, one world

Hei Kui gingerly advanced in the tomb passage step by step.

As for Ye Chuan, he was prepared to rush over if something unexpected happened.

Making Hei Kui explore the path wasn’t treating him as cannon fodder, rather he had no other choice. This tomb passage was dangerous and unfathomable, if he personally charged in and was unable to come out due to something unexpected, then Hei Kui outside wouldn’t be able to save him. On the contrary, if Hei Kui met something unexpected, then his chance of saving him would be greater. Clearly, the old devil Hei Kui also understand this, otherwise, he would not have dared to enter.

Thinking about it, when they meet at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, the cultivation of Ye Chuan was inferior to this old demon Hei Kui’s. Ye Chuan nearly refined into a battle puppet by him. But now, the cultivation of old demon Hei Kui was still Rank 3 Daoist Master realm. He hadn’t advanced much. As for Ye Chuan, he had broken through to Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, far superior to him.

“Your Excellency, I am entering!”

Hei Kui stopped in front of the tomb passage and turning around his head, he looked at Ye Chuan. He then gathered his courage and step in.

The air rippled as if a piece of stone was thrown into a calm lake, then Hei Kui disappeared without a trace.

This is not a tomb passage but an illusory formation?

The heart of Ye Chuan shook, and he felt a heavy pressure. That ancient and worn out passage, bones scattered all over the ground, and even the bloody hand marks on the walls appeared so clear, but who would have thought that this was actually an Illusory Formation?

In his previous life, he didn’t specialize in formations and restrictions, but in the present world, even if his attainment in them couldn’t be considered very best, it was at least one of the best. But, he unexpectedly was unable to sense anything unusual about this illusory restriction in front of him. There was not even a bit of restriction fluctuation.

The ancient restriction of racial holy land was truly amazing!

Ye Chuan sweated while frowning.

The more he was unable to see through this restriction, the more danger he felt. Zhu Sijia and others were trapped inside here and he didn’t know their condition. And now, even old devil Hei Kui had also entered the trap, what should he do?

At that time, Ye Chuan looked at the damaged Dragon Headed Flying Crossbow in the tomb passage with a heavy heart and doubt suddenly appeared in his heart. If it was indeed illusory formation in front of him, then what was going on with that Dragon Headed Flying Crossbow inside the tomb passage? Was he mistaken or……

Even after the careful observation and calculation, this ancient tomb passage was still confusing.

After a long silence, Ye Chuan put away Six-Winged Golden Cicada and human-faced snakes, then holding Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, he walked towards the tomb passage. It was dangerous and unfathomable in front of him, but in any case, he also couldn’t look on with folded arms.

After taking a step in the tomb passage, Ye Chuan felt an indescribable energy fluctuation passing through his body like a burst of cold wind brushing past him. In the blink of an eye, his limbs became ice-cold and his consciousness seemed to have become blank. And in the next moment when he came back to his senses, he was already in another world. He looked behind him and saw boundless thick mist, and in the front, there was a vast desert. When the wind blew, dust and sand would fly all over the sky, piling up a new sand dune. That towering mountain had disappeared and those ancient graves all around had also disappeared.

One grave, one world! Outside and inside the tomb passage were two completely different worlds.

Ye Chuan squatted down and held the sand. The sand was burning hot. After examining his surrounding carefully, he was certain that this was not an illusion, rather a real world.

Inside the illusory formation, a real world was actually sealed?

Ye Chuan was greatly shocked. It was absolutely impossible for average people to do this. Even if a large number of ancient Sage realm experts might not be able to do this.

Ye Chuan looked into the distance and could only see the vast desert. He then suddenly roared, then flew forward.

Before, he had always been cautious of falling into trap, but now, after experiencing such a massive structure inside the ancient tomb, his fighting spirit was ignited. He wanted to see more powerful means. This roar was to encourage himself and also was calling Hei Kui, Zhu Sijia and others. He didn’t care about exposing his whereabouts.

In the vast desert, Ye Chuan flew like a bird. He appeared more than 10 meters in one second and appeared more than one hundred meters in another second. He was drifting like a weightless leaf and although his movement looked leisurely, his speed was astonishingly fast, even faster than a flying sword.

After he made up his mind, he no longer deliberately hid his whereabouts. Ye Chuan spread out his energy fluctuation without any restraint as he used Cyan Feather Technique to fly through the desert.

Since he couldn’t find Zhu Sijia, Hei Kui and others, the next best way was to make them find him.

Ye Chuan rapidly flew forward. His energy fluctuation could be felt from several hundred li away. But, even after flying for three days and three night straight, he still gained nothing. Not to mention he didn’t find any trace of Hei Kui, Zhu Sijia and others, he also had yet to pass this desert. This desert seemed boundless.

But, Ye Chuan was not discouraged, he continued to fly forward, laying out a formation every 70 li. First, it was to avoid losing direction, and secondly, it was to leave a mark so that Hei Kui and others know where he was.

On the seventh day, when Ye Chuan felt tired and prepared to rest, he finally saw a large shadow in the front.

From this distance, that shadow resembled a fierce tiger sitting on the desert, but after getting closer, it turned out to be a city. Just the city wall alone was over 100 meters tall and it covered the area within the diameter of roughly 20 li. It was huge and majestic, unfortunately, after so many years, the rocks that were used to build that wall was already half withered. Many places were already buried under the yellow sand. Now, one could only see its vague majestic outline.

The time was actually the most powerful restriction in this world. It can wipe out everything. The glory, sadness and grief of once period could all be wiped out by time.

Ye Chuan arrived in front of this ancient city and sighed with emotion. He then carefully observed it for a while, then putting away Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, he took out Iron Blooded Banner and walked forward. He could tell why, this was just an instinct, but this ancient city that was nearly submerged by yellow sands gave him a bad feeling. He vaguely felt as if a pair of eyes was staring at him from somewhere.

In this ancient city, there were many building and streets that extended in all directions. Although many years had passed, one could still see how flourishing this city was.

Could it be that this was the real Lost City?

Ye Chuan had a thought, and carefully sized up the buildings around. And after walking for a few steps, he arrived in front of a store and entered it. A superb collection of swords and armors were hung on the walls, and on the counter, there was still a ledger. One could tell that this was a Weapon Shop, but there was no sign of life here.

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