Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 493

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 493: New talisman

On the dark and gloomy ground, Ye Chuan walked alone through the graves.

This mountain was very tall. Standing at the foot of this mountain, one couldn’t even see the top of this mountain, it had disappeared into the clouds. It looked like this majestic mountain connected heaven and earth. The more he walked towards the top of this mountain, the narrower his field of vision, and the denser the mist covering the sky looked.

Not mentioning this mist affected the line of sight, it also vaguely suppressed the energy fluctuation within his body, clearly was a restriction. At the foot of the mountain, Ye Chuan had tested it. Even after circulating nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he was unable to soar in the sky, and even if he used Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, he was unable to fly. And at the same time, the range of his divine sense was also greatly weakened, he couldn’t sense anything even after he spread his divine sense.

The sky was gloomy and overcast, in addition, he could only see graves around with ancient restriction everywhere……

This peculiar ancient space could make people afraid and alert. If an ordinary person was here instead of Ye Chuan, then his legs might have gone soft already. But, Ye Chuan was moving forward. As Heaven Concealing Great Sage of the past, he had experienced many ancient ominous domains. But, his speed was getting slower and slower and his heart was also feeling heavier and heavier. This place was too strange, even of Zhu Sijia, Rain Demon and others were transmitted here, it was very unlikely to find them. Looking for them was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Ye Chuan sized up all around and suddenly stopped.

He then took out a large number of crystal stones and arranged a simple demon annihilation formation, then he stuck Iron Blooded Banner in the key point of this formation. After that, he sat down cross-legged leaning against the Iron Blooded Banner and took out Qingtian Wardrum he had forcibly seized.

The danger in the front was unfathomable, so Ye Chuan decided to refine this Qingtian Wardrum first.

No matter what time it was, raising one’s cultivation and fighting power was the most important matter. Not speaking much, just breaking through a small realm or even condensing a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman might become very important at the critical moment.

Since he was surrounded by dense grey mist and couldn’t see anything in the distance, even if Qing Tianhou or State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng suddenly caught up to him, he would not be able to see them. Now, advancing forward was very dangerous and unfathomable, but stopping might be even more dangerous, still, Ye Chuan calmly adjusted his strategy. He didn’t even urgently refined, rather carefully sized up the wardrum first.

This wardrum was unique in shape. It was six or seven times bigger than normal wardrum. It needed several people to beat it. The surface of this wardrum was also made with unknown material. It was tough, tensile and very elastic. Even Dragon Slaying Flying Sword was unable to tear it, only left behind a faint mark. On the body of this wardrum, many profound lines were engraved. It seemed to resemble some kind of formation, but the method was clearly different from the methods of Wilderness World. Clearly, it was the method of Outer World. Even with the rich experience of his previous life, Ye Chuan was unable to comprehend it in a short time.

He lightly hit the wardrum and a low drum sound pierced through the grey mist, and his divine sense could actually pierce through this grey mist along with the drum sound. This drumbeat had marvelous power. It made him recall the frightening might of this wardrum which made it possible to stop the frightening beast wave before.

“Qing Tianhou, Qing Tianhou……, is this wardrum a big killing weapon he brought from Outer World or the treasure he refined in person?”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and after observing for a while, he began to refine.

From the palm of his hands, a scorching hot flame quickly rose, and under the heat of this flame, this wardrum began to soften. Then, when the heating was just right, he dripped several drops of essence blood on it and then sprayed a mouthful of origin life aura……

Generally, refining different treasures required different techniques. Now, Ye Chuan was using the most common technique of Wilderness World, This technique was nothing special and the refining speed was also slowly, but the effect was very good. The main requirements for a Refining Master were strength and flame control. If one’s cultivation was not sufficiently powerful, then one could only sign helplessly. If one’s cultivation was sufficiently powerful, but was not good enough in flame control, then one might just exhaust one’s vitality and gain nothing. Often, the more common and the more ordinary a technique was, the more experience one needed, it was even more difficult to be proficient.

Fortunately, although the current cultivation of Ye Chuan was not high, it was just enough, and as a Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he didn’t lack experience in flame control.

The mysterious Qingtian Wardrum slowly changed under his refinement and blood red light appeared on its surface.

Roar! A furious roar suddenly came from the depths of this wardrum. This was the spirit brand left behind by Qing Tianhou. It shouted, “Brat, you dare to refine the treasure of this Lord Hou?”

A divine sense transformed into a blade light and suddenly shot out from inside the wardrum towards the neck of Ye Chuan.

A wisp of divine sense along with the spirit brand was an avatar! Even millions upon millions of years ago, ancient sages would use this means!

The spirit brand left behind by Qing Tianhou in wardrum suddenly initiated a swift and fierce attack at Ye Chuan.

The more powerful a treasure was, often it would contain more unknown dangers, especially ancient treasures that couldn’t be seen through, they were even more dangerous. Historically, there were many well-known Refining Masters that didn’t die in the hands of their enemy, rather died in the process of refining weapons. This was the reason.

The attack of Qing Tianhou’s spirit brand was especially ferocious, but Ye Chuan was already prepared. The Iron Blooded Banner behind him suddenly screamed, then the banner rapidly fluttered and smashed the spirit brand of Qing Tianhou that had transformed into a blade light flying.

“I am refining your treasure, what can you do?”

Ye Chuan sneered, then biting the tip of his tongue, he spat out a mouthful of essence blood as he circulated nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans. Soon, the spirit brand of Qing Tianhou inside Qingtian Wardrum was completely eradicated, then a red light flashed and the huge wardrum shrunk into a red dot and entered the body of Ye Chuan. Immediately afterward, a majestic energy erupted out from Ye Chuan. A portion of it fused with his flesh, blood, bones and limbs, but the majority of it fused with qi cyclone beside several Heaven Swallowing Talismans in his dantian, causing this qi cyclone to fluctuate continuously, showing the sign of new Heaven Swallowing Talisman condensing.

“Give me strength, let me breakthrough!”

Ye Chuan seized this opportune moment and swallowed down a bottle of Pei Yuan Pills he had refined personally and roared. He then took out Cyan Lotus Lamp and chanted Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets.

The cyan light of this simple and unadorned Cyan Lotus Lamp suddenly rose sharply.

And under the illumination of this cyan light, the energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan rose steadily. And when the energy fluctuation rose to the extreme level, he suddenly trembled and forcibly broke through to Rank 6 Daoist Master realm from Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, and in the next moment, the qi cyclone in his dantian condensed into a wardrum shaped talisman.

Now, with a thought, this wardrum shaped talisman would quiver and a low and powerful drumbeat would spread all around and dense grey mist would ripple all around.

The tenth Heaven Swallowing Talisman!

After refining the treasure of Qing Tianhou, Qingtian Wardrum, Ye Chuan pressed on to make a breakthrough and also condensed a new talisman he was longing for a long time. One Heaven Swallowing Talisman gave him the strength of 18,000 jin, now with ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans, he had the terrifying strength of 180,000 jin!

Ye Chuan who had entered Lost City at the final moment had yet to find any sealed treasure of Sea Demon Clan, but he obtained an unexpected fortune. Refining this wardrum of Qing Tianhou meant seizing a portion of his origin energy and even fate in a sense!

At the horizon, an ear-deafening furious roar, pierced through the grey mist and resounded. In addition, dense killing intent rippled in the air.

This time, it was not some avatar, rather the true Qing Tianhou was howling.

The matter Ye Chuan was worried the most had happened. Sure enough, Qing Tianhou used a great technique to rip the void and chased after him!

Without any hesitation, Ye Chuan put away Iron Blooded Banner and Qingtian Wardrum, and plunged into the dense mist.

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