Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 491

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 491: Experts exchanging blows

Nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulated crazily.

Ye Chuan used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets to resist the might of Qing Tianhou. The energy fluctuation within his body rose, become more and more violent, and he began to tremble. But, he was unable to take that final half a step. The ancient passage to Lost City was right before his eyes, but he was unable to step into it!

The Blue Sea Heavenly Crystal left behind by Sea Demon Patriarch had already become dim and cracks began to appear on it. This was the sign of all energy being used up. If he didn’t enter now, then this passage would close very soon.

Qing Tianhou also noticed the unusualness of the passage, so while maintaining the pressure on Ye Chuan, he flew over, wanting to seize this final chance to rush in, “Kid, I have to thank you for making it possible for this Lord Hou enter Lost City, the Holy Land of Sea Demon Clan, so, I will give you a painless and quick death! Don’t think out struggling, it is useless, also don’t hope for any miracle to occur, it is impossible, no one can save you!”

Qing Tianhou raised the halberd in his hand and ice-cold blade light streaked towards the head of Ye Chuan.

This fellow already expected this?

Even after knowing the army under him was wiped out, did he remain unmoved and waited for Sea Demon Patriarch to open the passage?

Ye Chuan was shocked and biting the tip of his tongue, he circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body at even higher speed. His body emitted cracking sounds as if his body was unable to bear the violent energy and wanted to explode. Then, his body instinctively swayed and the sign of dragon transformation appeared. On his skin, indistinct dragon scales appeared and he vaguely turned into a true demonic dragon.

Under this unprecedented pressure, the comprehension of Demonic Dragon Sutra advanced further and at this critical moment, this technique activated.

“Eh……, this is demonic dragon’s aura, kid, could it be that you are……”

Qing Tianhou exclaimed in surprise and hesitated, even a hint of fear appeared on his face. But, after hesitation for a moment, he continued to slash Ye Chuan.


Although Ye Chuan was unable to move, his energy fluctuation continued to rise, and just a moment before he felt that his body was about to explode, he finally regained the movement of his limbs. He then subconsciously held his head high and roared. Unexpectedly, this roar turned into a dragon roar and his entire body was covered with dragon scales. He then punched and the powerful fist wind changed the direction of the halberd.


This punch, just how powerful was it?

Outside the grotto, the complexion of onlooking overseas loose cultivators and devils changed as they were greatly shocked by this punch of Ye Chuan.

Rank 5 Daoist Master!

Under the pressure of Qing Tianhou, Ye Chuan didn’t collapse, on the contrary, he forcibly brokethrough the bottleneck. Unfortunately, although his cultivation realm rose, he was unable to condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talismans. He still had nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans and a vague qi cyclone. This qi cyclone was changing continuously, vaguely resembling Little Long’er when he transform into his dragon form.

Could it be that the new Heaven Swallowing Talisman condensed would be Demonic Dragon Talisman?

Ye Chuan was excited, but he didn’t have any time to think. Just when he was about to enter the passage, even more powerful pressure descended from heaven again.

Qing Tianhou’s expression sunk and looked solemn. He then rushed over with halberd in his hand, “Kid, you are amazing, in such a moment, you actually made a breakthrough. But, let alone breaking through to trifling Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, even if you instantly breakthrough to Half Sage realm, you are dead today. All Half-Sage realm experts under heaven are defeated under my halberd, they either surrender or were killed!”

Qing Tianhou had not expected Ye Chuan to be able to move so quickly. He immediately initiated a ferocious attack. And instantly, Ye Chuan was unable to move again after making a single punch. Before making a breakthrough, he was not the opponent, and even after making a breakthrough to Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, he was still not the opponent!

Looking at the blade light approaching him, a powerless feeling appeared in the heart of Ye Chuan and he felt hopeless for the first time.

It was not that he was not strong enough, rather Qing Tianhou was truly too heaven-defying and abnormal! Even in his past life when he concealed the heaven, he hadn’t seen such a heaven-defying fellow. Although his cultivation realm was only Half Sage realm, his fighting power was superior to many Sage realm experts!

Are all the experts of the world beyond the highest heaven so heaven-defying and abnormal?

Ye Chuan sighed as he finally experienced the power of the expert of the world beyond the highest heaven. It was no wonder that the cultivators of Wilderness world had misgivings towards them. In the same realm, they were not the opponent!

Suddenly, a powerful energy fluctuation descended from heaven!

“What a big tone, all Half Sage realm experts either surrendered or were killed by you? Qing Tianhou, are you going back on your word, do you want to publicly betray Da Qin Dynasty?”

A vaguely familiar voice resounded, followed by a whistling arrow. This arrow blocked the halberd that was about to reach the neck of Ye Chuan.

In the sky, a white-robed middle-aged man walked out from a torn void. He then stepped into the grotto, holding a simple and unadorned longbow.

State Teacher?

Seeing this white-robed middle-aged man, Ye Chuan and Qing Tianhou were shocked. They had never thought that State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng of Da Qin Dynasty had also unexpectedly come to Overseas World in person.

“State Teacher, even if this Lord Hou truly betrays, what can you do?”

The complexion of Qing Tianhou was solemn, but his tone was still insolent. Even in front of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, he spoke without scruple. In Da Qin Dynasty, there were over a hundred dukes, but only he alone dared to speak like this. He was incomparably proud, overbearing and insolent.

“Qing Tianhou, cooked rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be spoken carelessly. There is no harm to speak like this in front of this lordship, but if you are so wanton in front of His Majesty too, then no matter how powerful you are and no matter how deep your background is, you will also be dead.” State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng paused and added, “Considering it was difficult for you to cultivate to this level, let me remind you again, there are so many nobles in the world, but although the situation is unstable now, not a single noble dared to take the initiative to rebel, do you know why?”

“Why?” Qing Tianhou asked.

“Because, those who dared are already dead. The reigning emperor is unprecedented Da Qin King, is the real emperor throughout the ages. If His Majesty says you are a duke, then you are a duke, and if His Majesty says you are not, then you nothing. The experts of Outer World are amazing? Don’t think that this lordship truly fears you!” State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng looked alike a refined scholar, but the longbow in his hands gave a strong sense of danger. After he left Iron Blooded Banner in Cloud Mist Sect, he had found this even more terrifying big killing weapon for who knows where.

“Good, State Teacher Jiang, then let us fight! If this Lord Hou loses, this Lord Hou will leave; if win, then don’t blame this Lord Hou for being ruthless, hahaha……”

Qing Tianhou roared with laughter and suddenly rushing over, he ferociously slashed with his halberd. Then, in the blink of an eye, the blade light rose sharply. Compared to when he was attacking Ye Chuan, this attack was several times faster and the power was also on a completely different level. Even Ye Chuan could hardly see the movement of Qing Tianhou. He could barely see shadows.

Experts exchanging blows, it was extremely short and ferocious!

Facing well-matched State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, Qing Tianhou didn’t hold back anything. His single blade slash made overseas loose cultivators and devils standing outside the grotto tremble. All of them felt as if this blade was slashing towards them.


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