Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 49

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 49: Bluestone Field

With the lead of Liu Hong, Ye Chuan left underground Ghost Market, and entering into the vast sea of trees, they went straight towards the underground mine field of Five Style Sect.

Perhaps was in hurry or perhaps she wanted to test Ye Chuan, the footsteps of Liu Hong got faster and faster. And she would frequently look back at Ye Chuan with her watery big eyes, and also with a vague smile on her face.

Ye Chuan secretly enhanced his vigilance, and followed her with not fast not slow pace.

Looking from the back, the curvy figure of Liu Hong was thoroughly exposed, and it looked even more provocative. She had a very thin waist which could be held by a single hand, but her buttocks was very big and also pert, and the curves on her body looked soft and alluring. And while walking down the road, her plump buttocks would sway, swaying the heart of the people with it.

If there was anyone else in place of Ye Chuan, then he would have already had a red face and breathing heavily, he would have already pounced onto her long ago.

Ye Chuan nevertheless was calm and composed, as once venerable Heaven Concealing Great Sage, what kind of woman he hadn’t seen.

Since her seduction was not working, Liu Hong was at loss, and after setting foot into a maple forest, she suddenly stopped and turned around. Then sadly looking at Ye Chuan, she faintly said, “Noble son Ye, am I not beautiful?”

“You are beautiful, more beautiful than flowers.”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled, but his mouth spat out sweeter than honey words.

“Since I am beautiful, why aren’t you taking few more glances?” Liu Hong walked over, then looking at him with her watery big eyes, she asked, “Furthermore, between me and Tuoba Xiaoniao, who is more beautiful?”

“You know Tuoba Xiaoniao?” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised.

“Of course, we know each when we were a child, but afterwards, I continuously leave in Five Style Sect to cultivate with my father, and Tuoba Xiaoniao was taken away by a great expert, and travel outside for many years, returning back only recently.” Liu Hong approached nearer and nearer, and a faint body fragrance assaulted his nostrils. And she again asked right in front of the face of Ye Chuan, “Noble son Ye, you still haven’t answered, who is more beautiful between me and Tuoba Xiaoniao?”

“The looks of Tuoba Xiaoniao is not bad, unfortunately, Big Bird was feigning as a person, such wife is really hard to enjoy ah!” Ye Chuan answered.

Liu Hong chuckled. She naturally was very clear about the matter of Tuoba Xiong wanting to humiliate Cloud Mist Sect by forming an alliance by marriage, but it was unsuccessful, instead he himself had lost his face. She looked at Ye Chuan with a smile and said, “Who is your wife? Noble son Ye, be careful, the matter between you and Tuoba Xiaoniao isn’t over yet. The matter of alliance by marriage was the idea of Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Xiaoniao had just returned, she basically didn’t know a thing.”

“In the wedding night, the bride came, however she again left, ai, fate really is unkind.” Ye Chuan pretended to think deep.

Liu Hong smiled again, then sizing up Ye Chuan, her eyes shone again, “Noble son Ye, you are coming with me by yourself just like this, don’t tell me that, you are not afraid that this is a trap, or not afraid that you will be killed by us Five Style Sect?”

“Not afraid, if I can spend a pleasant night together with Miss Liu, then the trap is also worth it. Besides, if you kill me, aren’t you afraid of Tuoba Xiaoniao killing you to avenge her husband?” Ye Chuan answered with a smile.

“Bah, who and what pleasant night together?”

Liu Hong rolled her eyes, and turning around, she continued to hurry on with this journey. While walking, she used the corner of her eyes to secretly look at Ye Chuan. Although she seemed angry, but was really not angry, on the contrary, her eyes were limpid looking towards Ye Chuan.

There was a rumor that the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan of Cloud Mist Sect has always been slow-witted, but recently after he almost died in a remote mountain, he profited from a disaster, suddenly having his ideas straightened out. As it seems now, it really was not false. If nothing else, at least, he was much better than those hypocritical fellows.

“Miss Liu, you buttocks is showing.”

Ye Chuan followed up, and opening his mouth, he caused the heart of Liu Hong who was absent-minded to shiver, and her beautiful face also reddened. This was the first time she felt shy in front of a man, and she hurriedly pulled down the hem of her skirt.

“Don’t pull, now your buttocks is covered, but your chest is showing. Ai, never thought that the golden daughter of grand Five Style Sect is even more harshly treated by life than me, couldn’t even afford clothing to completely cover her body.” Ye Chuan evilly smiled, and openly appreciated Liu Hong’s curvy figure, while speaking. As for Liu Hong, she didn’t know what to do. With the one-piece dress on her body, she had no way to pull it down and pulling it up also wasn’t appropriate.

“Humph, underground mine field is still far away, don’t get lost!”

Liu Hong ferociously glared at Ye Chuan, then accelerated her speed, wanting to throw off Ye Chuan far behind. After running for a while, she turned her head and looked, and saw that Ye Chuan was leisurely following right behind her, and would always maintain nearly 10 meters distance between them. Moreover his gaze was very dishonestly wandering about at her thighs, buttocks and slender waist.

Trifling Rank 7 Wuzhe who had yet to break through to Xiushi realm, how can his speed be so fast?

Liu Hong was very surprised, then she initiated her full speed dash. She didn’t believe that Ye Chuan would still be able to keep up with her. Even if his speed was pretty good, how could the endurance of Wuzhe realm compare with her who was Rank 2 Xiushi realm?

Five Style Sect was good at Style Law, and Liu Hong who was going all out to run, her speed actually was comparable to the speed of ordinary person using a flying sword. Sometimes she would use Earth style, and her body would suddenly sink, disappearing on the earth under her foot, then would suddenly appear from the ground 100 meters away; Sometimes she would use Wind Style, instantly downwind would blow her to 100 meters away leaving behind several afterimages to flash past.

After Liu Hong went all-out, sure enough, she quickly opened distance between herself and Ye Chuan, and leaving him far behind, she instantly disappeared. However, not giving her much time to be complacent, Ye Chuan neither slowly nor rapidly chased after her, his pace was constant. Although his speed didn’t seem much fast, but she was unable to completely throw off Ye Chuan, and his endurance was far beyond Liu Hong’s expectations.

Ye Chuan, who cultivate Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique and condensed Heaven Swallowing Talisman, was far more powerful and had far more endurance compared to the other people in the same realm.

Moreover after reincarnation, when he had to restart his cultivation, he did things steadily and surely, he cultivated every realm to its ultimate attainment. In the cultivation route, he chose quality, not the cultivation speed.

Again and again, Liu Hong repeatedly tried to shake off Ye Chuan with every means possible but was unsuccessful. After that Liu Hong finally lost heart and honestly led the way. After few hours, two people crossed over mountain after mountain and arrived at a barren land. Looking around, within the surrounding of 10 li in radius, there were only strange rocks, and there was not even a blade of grass grown. Moreover in the sky, there was a violent chaotic energy fluctuation.

In the distance, some people frequently came in and out, dispatching a cartful of ores from the entrance of the underground mine. After these ores were refined and processed, they would become crystal stones that were necessary for the cultivator.

The entire mine field had at least over hundred underpasses. There were more than ten thousand forced labors just on the ground, and groups of heavily armed guards moved back and forth who had the authority to kill any forced labors that tried to flee. In the middle of the mine field, there was a tall watchtower. And the body of this watchtower was carved with runes, clearly a powerful formation was overlaid on it. And from far away, dense somber and desolate aura was coming.

“This is our Five Style Sect’s largest underground mine field, Bluestone Field. How is it, isn’t it sufficiently big?” Looking at Ye Chuan, Liu Hong proudly said.

Among three great sects of Cloud Mist mountain range, Five Style Sect didn’t make pills, and also didn’t have the skill to refine weapons like Black Cauldron Sect, but it held the most mines including the largest mine. Five Style Sect’s disciples were exclusive assassins, and they had always been the nightmare of two other sect’s elite disciples. Furthermore they were even more like a stranded fish put back into water in wild.

“Not bad, it’s passable.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, and just when he was about to take a step forward, he suddenly felt a reaction from Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body.

Is there a treasure underground?

Ye Chuan was surprised, then walked back and forth on the ground.

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