Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 489

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 489: Qing Tianhou

After Plague Archfiend Abasi also rushed in, the battle inside the grotto quickly ended.

Regardless of Plague Archfiend Abasi, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon, all were ferocious and powerful. Although the overseas loose cultivators that rush into this grotto were powerful, compared to Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, they were a bit worse. And with all of them attacking, they were unable to resist and fell in their blood pool. After seeing the worldly change that appeared when the passage to Lost City was opened, they hastily rushed over in excitement wanting to be the first one to enter, but they lost their lives as a result.

Now, it was calm inside the grotto, but the group of Ye Chuan was not relaxed.

Along with whistling sounds, even more experts rushed over. Among them, there were experts of mainland, overseas loose cultivators with unique techniques and also infamous great devils. In order to charge into Lost City, these experts who were on guards against each other in former days threw down their prejudices and cooperated to initiate ferocious attacks. They wanted to break through the defense of Ye Chuan and others and rush in.

“This passage will manifest only for a limited time. After the energy of this Blue Sea Heavenly Crystal is used up, it will close. Ye Chuan, we will enter first, quickly follow after us!”

Sea Demon Patriarch instructed and entered the ancient passage leading numerous sea demon warriors. Hai Lili was unwilling to leave as she was worried about the safety of Ye Chuan and wanted to stay behind to wait for Ye Chuan, but the old man dragged her in.

“Jiajia, go first along with the disciples, quick!”

Ye Chuan instructed without turning his head. He then brandished Iron Blooded Banner to stop devils and ordered, “Little Long’er, you also go, stay close to Jiajia.”


Little Long’er didn’t dare to disobey and flew to the side of Zhu Sijia. He understood the meaning of Ye Chuan, he had to stick close to Zhu Sijia and protect her. Although his cultivation was not up to much, his physical body was innately extraordinary. When they truly encountered any danger, his physical body alone would become much more valuable than any treasure and technique. The physical body was the foundation of a cultivator!

The danger inside Lost City was unfathomable. The old man Sea Demon Patriarch was very cautious, naturally, Ye Chuan also didn’t dare to be careless.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you also hurry up!”

Zhu Sijia looked at increasing numbers of devils outside the grotto, then she turned around and followed sea demon warriors leading the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

Roar! Along with a thunderous angry roar, heavy and disorderly footsteps came from outside.

Under the command of Gnu Alligator King, the beast group also rushed towards the grotto. Perhaps, they wanted to kill all the living beings on the island, or perhaps, it sensed the aura of Ye Chuan, it was pursuing relentlessly. Looking down from above, one would see a dense beast wave of Gnu Alligators was gushing towards the underground grotto like a sea wave. There were so many Gnu Alligators that one couldn’t see the end.

A single Gnu Alligator was nothing worth mentioning. Any overseas loose cultivator and devil could kill it easily. But, when there were hundreds of thousands of Gnu Alligators together, even a Half Sage realm expert would get nervous. It was almost impossible to kill so many Gnu Alligators.

The attacks of devils became fiercer and fiercer. They wanted to break through the defense line of Ye Chuan and others and enter Lost City before the beast group arrived here. But, the small entrance was blocked by Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and Plague Archfiend Abasi, these four people. As a result, they were unable to enter.

At that time, a powerful pressure suddenly descended from the sky.

The space in the air suddenly twisted and a pitch black time and space rift appeared. Then, a youth wearing a black robe walked out from that rift. He was tall and he held a halberd with his hand. His eyes were blazing like torches and wherever he looked, all living being trembled involuntarily. Moreover, they wanted to crawl on the ground and prostrate themselves in worship. They didn’t have any willpower to resist.

The overseas loose cultivators and devils who were attacking ferociously stopped at the same time and felt their limbs were ice-cold. These great devils who arrogantly ran wild in former days trembled with fear at this moment. They felt intense danger.

The beast wave also suddenly stopped. If one carefully watched, then one could see that they were trembling as if they met their nemesis.

Who was this cultivator who directly ripped the void to come here? Who was this young man?

Ye Chuan was also nervous and his pupils shrunk.

In his previous life when he concealed the heaven, ripping void to move large distance within Wilderness World, he also had this kind of ability. But, each usage consumed an amazing amount of energy. In this life, he had to start everything from scratch, but even if he broke through to Sage realm, he might not necessarily be able to use this kind of means. However, the cultivation of this black robed young man who had walked out of the void couldn’t be considered too outstanding. From the energy fluctuation, he was at most Half sage realm like Plague Archfiend Abasi, but how come he was able to use such a heaven-defying means? Did he have some kind of treasure or some kind of heaven-defying technique?

The young man who walked out of the void gave Ye Chuan a bad feeling. His glabella was twitching and the feeling of danger was becoming increasingly stronger. On the other side, the expression of Rain Demon, Old Demon of Mount Yin and even Plague Archfiend Abasi was stretched taut. They were similarly feeling great pressure.

“Lord Hou, Lord Hou……”

Everyone was very nervous, but there was one person who was overjoyed and excited. He was none other than heavily injured Lord Qi. He suddenly climbed out from the pile of corpses and cried agitatedly while running to welcome the black robed young man, “Lord Hou, you finally came, finally came……”

He……, is he the Qing Tianhou who claimed to be supreme under the heaven?

The heart of Ye Chuan sunk, recalling those seven drops of blood that appeared on the tortoiseshell. It seemed the true danger of this operation was this Qing Tianhou! Since he used stratagem to wipe out 200,000 soldiers under him and also seized his Qingtian Wardrum, would Qing Tianhou let this matter drop? Would Lord Qi who finally got his backer let him off?

Sure enough, Lord Qi impatiently said before he arrived in front of Qing Tianhou, “Lord Hou, you have come at just the right time, kill that brat Ye Chuan, everything is caused by that brat. He is also the one that opened the passage to Lost City and is blocking now. Lord Hou, kill him, that brat intentionally attracted the beast wave and wiped out our army of 200,000 soldiers, kill……”

“200,000 soldiers dead?” Qing Tianhou slowly landed on the ground and he calmly looked at Lord Qi as if 200,000 soldiers were not worth mentioning in his eyes.

“Yes, dead, that brat Ye Chuan attracted this beast wave and wiped out our army! Eh……, no, not……”

At first, Lord Qi nodded his head, then he hastily shook his head and his complexion became deathly pale as if he recalled something. He then stammered, “Although the army is defeated and dispersed, not…. not everyone is dead, just dispersed. Lord Hou, just give me three days of time and I will gather the army, Lord Hou……”

Lord Qi who was excited just now suddenly felt ice-cold and his entire body was drenched with cold sweat. Even when he was about to be killed by Ye Chuan’s Iron Blooded Banner, he was not so scared.

“No need, 200,000 soldiers are dead, dead.” Qing Tianhou replied in a flat tone.

“Lord Hou, I should die, this subordinate should die, I beg you, please give me a chance, Lord Hou……”

Just after Qing Tianhou spoke, Lord Qi who set himself high above the masses and commanded over 200,000 soldiers in former days trembled. He then knelt down while begging loudly. The result, before he finished begging, he ceased to speak and lost his chance to speak forever.

A cold blade light streak across the sky like lightning.

Lord Qi who was kneeling on the ground suddenly stiffened and stopped moving. Then, along with the sea breeze, his body slid into two halves.

“Since 200,000 army ceased to exist, why on earth should this Lord Hou keep you?”

Qing Tianhou faintly said. His complexion never changed and he never moved from the beginning to the end. Including Ye Chuan, no one saw his movement of cutting Lord Qi into two halves.

An unprecedented chill suddenly appeared in the hearts of everyone present. At this moment, these ferocious devils also trembled with fear.

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