Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 488

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 488: White Haired Devil

In the underground grotto, a stone wall where the bright red ‘喜’ word was stuck before was cracked and a passage emitting multicolored radiance had appeared. The majestic ancient energy fluctuation that spread all over Bellowing Waves Island had come out from inside this passage.

The group of Zhu Sijia and Sea Demon Patriarch were guarding this passage forming a semi-circle in front while blocking the attacks of the experts. At the entrance of this passage, Hai Lili with pale face repeatedly looked outside the grotto while covering the wound on her wrist. After dripping essence blood of Sea Demon Clan, she had already opened the ancient passage leading to Lost City under the direction of Sea Demon Patriarch. Now, they were just waiting for the arrival of Ye Chuan.

The first people to intrude the underground grotto were two overseas loose cultivators. One tall one short, they were wearing standard armor of the soldiers. No one knew when they infiltrated the military camp. As soon as the passage was opened, they quickly rushed over from the military camp.

Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows roared, releasing arrows.

Now, these one hundred crossbows brought out by Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia from Heavenly Yao Sect had transformed into even more powerful Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows under the hands of Ye Chuan. The operation this time was divided into two. For insurance, Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia separately led fifty Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows. Once the figure of those two overseas loose cultivators appeared, those already prepared disciples of Cloud Mist Sect pulled the triggers.

The cultivation of these two overseas loose cultivators was quite good, both were Rank 6 Daoist Master. In the past, they had occupied an island and had even sought to dominate a sea area. With their powerful cultivation base and swimming ability, coupled with their familiarity of Bellowing Waves Island, they quietly infiltrated the military camp. They had believed that they would be the first one to enter Lost City as a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first, but they had never thought that, they would be welcomed by a dense arrow rain. They were unable to dodge quickly and were forced to retreat dripping with blood.

After these two overseas loose cultivators retreated, a devil with white hair rushed in.

This devil seemed very old. His entire face was filled with wrinkles and his white hair reached his waist. Moreover, his eyes were white, unexpectedly was a blind person. One wondered how he came here. But, the surprising matter was, even without eyesight, this old demon easily flashed through the whistling arrows. He was able to distinguish the position of the arrows even better than seeing with eyes just listening to the sounds. He then laughed out loud and rushed towards Zhu Sijia and others. He was wearing gloves with steel claws and just his light touch could tear off a large piece of flesh. One of the sea demon warriors was unable to dodge in time and his entire body was torn into two pieces.

Compared to those two overseas loose cultivators who had retreated just a moment ago, this old devil was clearly more powerful, was at least a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert.

After the passage to Lost City was opened successfully, a fierce fight ensued.

The group of Zhu Sijia shrunk the formation, not daring to press forward and attack this old devil. They gave priority to stability and put forth their strength in using crossbows and flying swords.

Even though the sky was filled with arrows and flying swords, this White Haired Devil casually moved around while continuously laughing loudly and attacking the warriors in the periphery. After the third sea demon warrior fell, Sea Demon Patriarch finally was unable to bear. He personally went to battle, holding a steel fork, wanting to kill this White Haired Devil.

From the mainland to here, Sea Demon Patriarch had rarely made a move in person, but his cultivation was also extraordinary. Like Old Demon of Mount Yin, he was also a peak Daoist Master realm expert. His cultivation realm was even more powerful than Ye Chuan. All along the road, no matter whether they encountered Ghost King Dusen or the experts of east sea Blacksnake Clan, all were dealt by Ye Chuan. He only reinforced using sea dragon boat. But now, Ye Chuan was not here and Zhu Sijia and others’ cultivation realm was insufficient, so he had to step up.

The White Haired Devil who was laughing heartily just a moment ago quickly feel into tough straits.

Although Sea Demon Patriarch didn’t make many moves all along the way, as the patriarch of Sea Demon Clan, he was very experienced. The ordinary steel fork in his hand became a big killing weapon. Soon, wounds appeared on the body of White Haired Devil. Zhu Sijia and others also helped from one side. They used Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows and flying swords, making this old devil unable to laugh again.

If this went on, before long, this White Haired Devil will be killed by everyone.

Along with loud whistling sounds, several powerful auras came outside the grotto, then several loose cultivators rushed in at the same time. There were men and women armed with Fochen, Iron hook and wooden club as their weapons. They were on guard against each other, but when they saw multicolored passage behind everyone, their eyes shone and they rushed over wanting to become the first person to enter Lost City. Their cultivation realm wasn’t low, all of them were at least Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert.

The situation changed suddenly. The group of Zhu Sijia who held advantage just a moment ago quickly fell into a disadvantage.

Sea Demon Patriarch gritted his teeth and recklessly stepped forward. He blocked White Haired Devil and another peak Daoist Master realm expert. He firmly entangled with these two most powerful experts. But, not mentioning how he was in danger again and again, he was unable to nothing about the overall battle. With the addition of several overseas loose cultivators, Zhu Sijia and others were clearly not their opponents. Soon, several disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors fell in their blood pool.

Only an expert could deal with an expert. Without Ye Chuan and others, these ordinary disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors were unable to stop these ferocious devils even after they went all out risking their life. Hai Lili who was standing in front of the entrance had a deadly move, but she had lost an excessive amount of blood to open the passage, therefore, she was weak and was unable to use that technique. At this moment, she could only watch anxiously and helplessly.

One human and one dragon suddenly appeared in Hai Lili’s field of vision when she was nervously looking around.

At this critical moment, Ye Chuan finally arrived.

“Noble son Ye……” Hai Lili was excited.

Ye Chuan didn’t have time to reply. He directly jumped off Little Long’er and rushed over to the side of Sea Demon Patriarch. Under the attack of two powerful Daoist Master realm experts, the old man was panting and was already dripping with blood. If he was a bit late, then he might have already turned into a corpse in the hands of these two devils.

Bang! Along with a muffled sound, White Haired Devil was sent flying and slammed against the hard stone wall.

Ye Chuan didn’t even have time to take out Iron Blooded Banner, he ferociously punched and sent this White Haired Devil flying.

This punch had appeared suddenly but was powerful. With nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulating, the strength of 162,000 jin had erupted. Even a person made with iron wouldn’t be able to block this punch!

“Where did this kind come from, I……” The White Haired Devil angrily shouted and stood up wanting to rush towards Ye Chuan. The result, before he finished speaking, he felt pain in his chest and his entire body lost strength. He looked below and saw a black vine sticking out from his chest.

“Kakaka, the blood, qi and essence of peak Daoist Master realm expert truly taste good, I need more, kakakaka……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed as he absorbed the essence, qi and blood of this White Haired Devil. Now, the sign of breaking through to Half-Sage realm was even more obvious. He then rushed towards the other peak Daoist Master realm expert that was fighting against Sea Demon Patriarch. His eyes were glowing like he had seen a treasure, making the latter tremble with fear.

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