Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 487

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 487: Monsters and demons

The ancient passage to Lost City that appeared only once every 100 years had finally opened!

Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were excited, but Lord Qi who was lying on the pool of his blood was gnashing his teeth.

This ancient passage originally should be his!

He forcibly occupied Bellowing Waves Island and sealed off the nearby territorial water, what was everything for? Wasn’t that just to find the ancient passage and enter the Lost City?

The ancient passage to Lost City had finally manifested, unfortunately, barely alive Lord Qi could only watch helplessly at this moment.

More than 200,000 strong soldiers under him were massacred by that beast group and he himself was also heavily injured and was on the verge of the death. He had racked his brains and busy bustling about for so many days, but everything became the wedding dress for other people in the end.

“Lord Qi, I will send you your way!”

Ye Chuan walked over and suddenly stabbed towards the badly mangled chest of Lord Qi with his Iron Blooded Banner, wanting to pierce through his chest.

The killing intent of Ye Chuan was dense, he didn’t hold back at all.

Since 200,000 soldiers had already collapsed and the passage was also already opened successfully, now, as long as he killed this Lord Qi, he could go to join the group of Sea Demon Patriarch and enter Lost City.

“Brat, you dare? Lord Qing Tianhou will not let you off!”

Lord Qi roared. He struggled to stand up and block, but it was difficult to move as his vitality was greatly damaged. Thus, he gritted his teeth and simply turned over just when the Iron Blooded Banner was about to stab him and rolled off the altar.

This altar was more than tens of meters tall. It might not be considered tall in other places, but it was already the tallest building in this Bellowing Waves Island.

Bang, Lord Qi slammed on the ground and his wounds cracked open and he bled.

For a cultivator, the height of tens of meters was nothing, they could easily jump up and down, but it was different from ordinary people who didn’t cultivate, they would become a meat pie if they fell off from such height. And at this moment, Lord Qi whose vitality was greatly damaged was inferior to ordinary people who didn’t cultivate. With new injuries on old injuries, his body almost fell apart. Fortunately, he had a good foundation, he actually didn’t die, moreover, he struggled to crawl away, leaving behind bloodstains on the ground.

Below the altar, there were still soldiers fighting with the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. When they suddenly saw Lord Qi falling from the sky with great injuries, no one stepped forward to save him, instead, they dispersed in confusion.

No one was stupid. At this critical moment, running away for their life was more important.

The army collapsed completely. As long as Lord Qi was still alive, the soldiers still had a hope of breaking out of this encirclement. And those bodyguards who were accustomed to the power of Lord Qi also didn’t dare to flee without authorization. When facing dangers, Lord Qi was their hope and trust.

But now, their only hope shattered.

The complexion of Ye Chuan was ice-cold. He held his Iron Blooded Banner, but just when he was about to jump down and finish off Lord Qi, he sensed something and looked up.

On the sea surface, figures suddenly appeared in twos and threes. Some sat on the small light boat and some directly stepped on the waves, but without exception, the energy fluctuation within their body was extraordinary. There was auras of peak Daoist Master realm experts and even the aura of Half-Sage realm experts appeared. Even though they were far away, he could feel intense danger. Some figures were coming from remote corners of Bellowing Waves Island and there were even some who rushed out from the nearby military camp, in addition, some were wearing standard armor of soldiers. But, all of them were stepping on a flying sword and flying straight towards the underground grotto where the entrance to Lost City was located.

“Hahaha, Old Three, hurry up, let’s enter Lost City together!”

“The first place is for this lordship, who dares to enter before this lordship?”


Almost at the same time, many experts and devils inside and outside of Bellowing Waves Island appeared in succession as if monsters and demons. They wanted to enter Lost City and snatch the treasures inside.

The worldly phenomenon that occurred upon the opening of the ancient passage to Lost City attracted numerous devils that were already glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey.

After the war, Ye Chuan practically put all his effort into dealing with Lord Qi, he was too busy to think about the opening of the entrance to Lost City. In the past, although scouts had reported the existence of many experts of unknown powers in nearby waters, he had not expected that they would come so quick!

“Hahaha, hahahaha, brat, since I cannot go into Lost City, you also shouldn’t think of going in. In the end, you are also making a wedding dress for other people, hahaha……”

Lord Qi roared with laughter while poisonously glaring at Ye Chuan. His laughter was uglier than crying and his face was twisted.

Since he couldn’t obtain it, Ye Chuan also shouldn’t think of obtaining it!

Screaming and fighting sounds quickly came from the underground grotto. The shouting and screaming voices of sea demon warriors could also be heard.

A devil who had rushed into the underground grotto was fighting against Sea Demon Patriarch and others!

Roar! An ear deafening dragon roar resounded and a demonic dragon suddenly rushed out of the underground grotto and flew towards the altar.

Little Long’er urgently rushed over and said, “Big brother Ye Chuan, the entrance to Lost City will manifest for only a limited time, His Excellency Patriarch ask you to immediately come over, otherwise, it will be too late, quick!”

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan glanced at barely alive Lord Qi who was roaring with laughter for a moment and turned away. He then put away Tianhou Wardrum of the altar and rode the back of Little Long’er. One dragon and one human quickly flew towards the underground grotto. Behind, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and Plague Archfiend Abasi followed closely. And further behind them, there were numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

Although Lord Qi was barely alive now, he was a cruel and cunning person. Leaving him alive was like leaving behind future trouble. If Ye Chuan had a chance, he would have naturally killed this fellow to eliminate all troubles, unfortunately, he had no time.

The entrance to Lost City would manifest for a limited time, and with more and more devils rushing over, Sea Demon Patriarch and others wouldn’t be able to last long. If he didn’t rush over now, then he would be regretting!

Ye Chuan was worried about the safety of Zhu Sijia and others, so he turned around and made a prompt decision. He didn’t turn back and looked at the chaotic battlefield again. He directly left. Behind, the complexion of Lord Qi who was standing on the pool of his blood looked gloomy and stopped laughing. He wanted to rush over and intercept Ye Chuan, but he lacked power, he could only watch Ye Chuan getting further away. The army was defeated, the defense of Bellowing Waves Island failed, and he also lost Tianhou Wardrum, and now, he still had to watch Ye Chuan going to Lost City. He had utterly failed this time. Even if survived, what could he do now? Did he have the face to go and see Lord Qing Tianhou? Or did he have anything to save his life?

Lord Qi’s heart became colder and colder. He then struggled to move his hands, but suddenly, a Gnu Alligator jumped over from behind and bit off his left hand. And under severe pain, even he himself didn’t know from where he got power but Lord Qi actually escaped by the skin of his teeth. He stumbled and staggered as he fled madly for his life. And he turned his head back to see, he saw countless Gnu Alligators were rushing into the island.

After massacring all the soldiers, the beast group finally rushed into the Bellowing Waves Island like a tide.

Then, angry roars and cursing sounds resounded as those experts that had appeared suddenly accelerated in succession, racing against this beast wave. They wanted to rush into underground grotto before this beast group completely submerge this Bellowing Waves Island and enter ancient Lost City.

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