Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 486

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 486: Ancient passage

Lord Qi who was driven to distraction suddenly sensed something and turned around. Then, he saw a three eyed toad had already arrived in front of him.

An ice-cold blade light streak across the sky.

Lord Qi who had become absent-minded after seeing the defeat of the army quickly responded at this juncture when his life was at stake. He subconsciously chopped down with his scimitar.

Ding, the sharp blade and a claw that was tougher than iron collided. The purlicue of Lord Qi tore and his scimitar flew out of his hand. Shortly afterward, the huge body of Three Eyed Toad directly collided against him.

In an instant, the blood and qi of Lord Qi churned and he vomited a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying to the edge of the altar. Looking down, he saw that his chest was badly mangled and nearly all of his ribs were broken!

The cultivation realm of Lord Qi was heaven-defying. As a Half-Sage realm expert, he stood out from his fellows. Even the combined effort of Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon was useless against him, but, Plague Archfiend Abasi was different. His single attack inflicted heavy damage.

Both of them were similarly Half-Sage realm expert. But, one was absent-minded and caught unprepared while the other was conserving strength and waiting for a long time to launch a surprise attack. The result was obvious.

The huge body of Three Eyed Toad gradually shrunk and turned into a humanoid form. Now, there was an addition of one tall ox headed man on the altar.

After successfully landing a hit on Lord Qi and inflicting heavy damage, Plague Archfiend Abasi was sure to win. Now, he didn’t need to display his true form to crush Lord Qi.

“You……, are you that Half-Sage realm expert beside Ye Chuan?”

Lord Qi stood up with a deadly pale face and blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth. He then took a look at the chaos of the harbor and his limbs turned ice-cold as he understood that he had failed to save the situation.

In the harbor, there were shipwrecks everywhere and soldiers were fleeing all around for their life. But, under the encirclement of this beast group, very few were able to escape with their life by luck. In addition, there were still countless Gnu Alligators in the sea. In this kind of chaos, let alone ordinary soldiers, even Daoist Master realm experts were unable to escape with their life.

The intense battle had changed into a one-sided massacre!

“Correct, that’s me.”

Plague Archfiend Abasi charged forward and attacked, wanting to kill Lord Qi, in order to avoid troubles that might appear due to delay.

Lord Qi just stood still and blocked this punch head on, but he was forced to take several steps back and he reached the edge of the altar. Now, if he took a step behind, then he would fall off the altar. At that time, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but blood gushed out of his open mouth.

In the sea, when he was fighting with Gnu Alligator King, Lord Qi had already exhausted a lot of vitality, then he returned to the military camp and suffered the siege of Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon. Although he seemed to have occupied the advantageous position in that battle, he actually was not relaxed at all and was exhausted further. And at that time, he became absentminded for a moment seeing the army was defeated, but Plague Archfiend Abasi dealt him a heavy blow seizing that moment. Now, he naturally was not the opponent of Plague Archfiend Abasi!

“Attack, kill him!”

Ye Chuan who was watching this battle from one side suddenly rushed up, holding Iron Blooded Banner.

The operation was a great success, but now, it was still not time to celebrate. He didn’t know whether Sea Demon Patriarch’s group had found the entrance to Lost City, but this beast group was about to rush into Bellowing Waves Island quickly. He had not time to waste.

In addition, he also didn’t know what was going on but a feeling of danger always shrouded his heart. And recalling that seven drops of blood on the tortoise shell, he felt ill at ease. Thus, he rushed forward, wanting to kill Lord Qi at the fastest speed and end this battle.

Lord Qi swayed and after dodging Iron Blooded Banner of Ye Chuan, he didn’t turn around and fled, he instead brushed past Ye Chuan. His target was Tianhou Wardrum at the center of the altar.

The defense of Bellowing Waves Island had already failed and the army was also defeated. This was a hopeless situation and he wouldn’t be able to turn around this situation. Now, he couldn’t let Tianhou Wardrum fall into the hands of Ye Chuan too. This was his only hope to reduce the punishment when he returned to join Qing Tianhou.

A dozen or so raindrop blades suddenly appeared out of thin air and whistled towards Lord Qi.

Rain Demon who just happened to be standing opposite to Lord Qi made a deadly move to intercept. These raindrop blades were faster than flying swords and their piercing power was also powerful. If they hit him, then his body would definitely be full of bloody holes.

The pupils of Lord Qi shrunk, he then suddenly jumped and dodged past those whistling raindrop blades. After that, he suddenly accelerated towards Tianhou Wardrum as he used the secret technique to stimulate his latent potential again.

Although he was already injured serious, moreover, was surrounded by Ye Chuan and others, Lord Qi still displayed his amazing powers and guts. Unfortunately, just when he was about to come into contact with Tianhou Wardrum, a vine suddenly appeared in front of him and wrapped Tianhou Wardrum away.

Old Demon of Mount Yin had suddenly made a move. He didn’t attack Lord Qi, but for Lord Qi, this move was worse than killing him!

“Give me Tianhou Wardrum!”

Lord Qi roared and rushed towards Old Demon of Mount Yin regardless of his safety, wanting to snatch Tianhou Wardrum. But, it was already too late. His glabella twitched crazily as he saw a hint of red light. Immediately after that, a tall figure collided against him like a mountain, in addition, a heavy punch landed on his chest. The body of Lord Qi curled up in pain and blood came out from his skin as his entire body quickly exploded. In addition, the energy fluctuation within his body became chaotic and he lost control over it.

Plague Archfiend Abasi had landed a direct hit on Lord Qi, leaving him barely alive.

“Old fellow, accept your fate!”

The complexion of Ye Chuan was ice-cold. He lifted the heavy Iron Blooded Banner and just when he was about to ruthlessly crush Lord Qi to death. The ground suddenly swayed and the towering altar also violently swayed and almost collapsed.

A multicolored radiance shot out from the ground not far away, becoming a rainbow in the sky.

On the sea, sea waves appeared, reflecting the rainbow in the sky. Then, the sea water fluctuated and it rotated clockwise sometimes, it stopped sometimes and it rotated anticlockwise sometimes. A dense vitality fluctuated between the heaven and earth, seemingly, the entire big ear whirlpool outside Bellowing Waves Island gad independent vitality. On the island, the vibration was getting increasingly intense accompanied by dull squeaking sounds as if some kind of mechanism was triggered to open an ancient passage. Moreover, an ancient aura just happened to come out from the direction of that underground grotto.

Sea Demon Patriarch and others have succeeded?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone with excitement. The vigorous vitality spread all over the air and that ancient aura proved that Sea Demon Patriarch and his group had successfully entered the underground grotto and opened the entrance to Lord City that only someone from Sea Demon Clan could open.

The ethnic holy land of an ancient race is in sight!

Ye Chuan who had explored many ancient ruins in his past life was also excited. All ancient race possessed a brilliant history and rich accumulation with unimaginable origin energy. Not to mention seizing everything, as long as one could absorb just one percent of the origin energy contained within the ethnic holy land, one’s cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds.

Imagining about rapidly breaking through the bottlenecks and condensing more Heaven Swallowing Talismans, Ye Chuan who had already experienced all kinds of storms in his previous life was also excited. He then held his head high and uttered a long, loud cry.

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