Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 485

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 485: Hopeless situation

A cold blade light streak across the sky as Lord Qi initiated a ferocious attack.

After Old Demon of Mount Yin wrapped his wound, he rushed forward to help, but even after cooperating with Ye Chuan, they were not the opponent. They were forced to retreat until they reached the altar.

The complexion of Lord Qi was ferocious and his killing intent was rising. His attacks were also ferocious and he held nothing back. He used all his deadly attacks.

If he was unable to kill Ye Chuan’s group, then it would be impossible to calmly beat the Tianhou Wardrum; and without the drumbeat boosting the soldiers, it would be impossible to stop the attack of this beast crowd. And if the beast group successfully rush in and the defense of Bellowing Waves Island failed, he would be unable to explain himself to Qing Tianhou. Then, it was not difficult to imagine his bad end. Therefore, in order to complete the mission, and also in order to save his own life, Lord Qi completely went berserk. And once the fighting power of a Half-Sage realm expert was completely displayed, even with the cooperative effort of Old Demon of Mount Yin and Ye Chuan was unable to withstand. Soon, many wounds began to appear on their body.

Buzz! The sharp scimitar trembled, issuing a buzzing sound and Old Demon of Mount Yin was hit.

Many vines appeared outside Old Demon of Mount Yin and they tightly warped around his body like a vine armor.

But, the sharp scimitar cut open the layer upon layer of tough vines, then cut down slanted from his shoulders. He was nearly cut into two halves.

But, a blood-red banner suddenly appeared from one side and forced away the blade in the hands of Lord Qi.

And immediately after saving the life of Old Demon of Mount Yin, Ye Chuan took the advantage of this occasion and attacked ferociously. He swung Iron Blooded Banner with his right hand and punched with his left hand. In addition, there were extremely thin sharp blades between his fingers. He used them to use Inch Blade Technique to initiate a ferocious counterattack.

“Kid, I was waiting for this!”

Lord Qi coldly smiled and he suddenly accelerated to meet Ye Chuan’s attack head-on. In addition, the scimitar in his hands glimmered with pallid light and his energy fluctuation also increased sharply.

His primary goal had always been Ye Chuan. Inflicting heavy injuries to Old Demon of Mount Yin was just a show, his main objective was to attract Ye Chuan. Although that slash towards Old Demon of Mount Yin looked ferocious, in fact, he had left a lot of power to spare and was secretly preparing a real killer move. And as he had expected, Ye Chuan rushed over to save Old Demon of Mount Yin as he wished.

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk and his body suddenly swayed left and right, creating afterimages. He was using Cyan Feather Technique to dodge this attack of Lord Qi, but, no matter how he dodged, the sharp blade was still locked onto his body and it was getting nearer and nearer.

“Your Excellency, watch out!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin cried out in alarm, it was already too late to rush over. He could only watch the sharp scimitar approaching Ye Chuan.

In order to chop down the head of Ye Chuan, Lord Qi didn’t hesitate to risk suffering backlash and used a secret technique. His power instantly rose sharply and he erupted with shocking speed and power. Old Demon of Mount Yin who was standing at one side clearly had no time to react.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, along with sudden whistling sounds, over a thousand raindrop blades appeared out of thin air and shot towards Lord Qi.

Rain Demon finally killed the last remaining expert, and after seizing the Tianhou Wardrum, he saw Ye Chuan was in danger, thus without any time to take a breather, he spared no effort to use his deadly attack. Now, if Lord Qi didn’t change his move, then he could certainly kill Ye Chuan, but he would be pierced by those raindrop blades and become full of holes.

“Rain Demon, I will kill you, you traitor!”

Lord Qi angrily gnashed his teeth and suddenly jumped to one side to dodge the raindrop blades. And in the next moment, he rushed towards Rain Demon. He wanted to kill this traitor.

But, Iron Blooded Banner and tough vines came from one side with strong momentum.

Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin simultaneously made a move against Lord Qi who was rushing towards Rain Demon. Then, the three of them cooperated to fight against Lord Qi.

These three people were heaven-defying existences among Daoist Master realm experts. No need to mention Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon who were peak Daoist Master realm experts, even Ye Chaun was also terrifying. Although his cultivation realm was low, he had all kinds of killing moves and treasures. Even Half-Sage realm Ghost King they encountered in Cyan Sand Island might need to exhaust some strength under the siege of these three people. Lord Qi however was killing all around and these three people were in danger again and again. It was not because the cultivation of this fellow as higher than Ghost King, rather Lord Qi was going all out without regard for safety. He appeared as if he wanted to exchange life for a life, so no was able to hold him for a moment

Roar! Furious roars were resounding again and again in the sea.

When no one was able to hold Lord Qi here, Gnu Alligator King was also displaying his invincible might. Under its lead, the beast group attack even more ferociously.

“Brothers, kill!”

“Hold on, hold on for a little while, Lord Qi will come to help!”

The leaders of various armored warships were shouting loudly, trying to boost the morale of soldiers to fight back. And perhaps, they knew that there was no retreat route, the soldiers gritted their teeth and held on, withstanding the waves after waves of this beast group’s attacks. The earnestly hope for the reinforcement. They knew that there were many soldiers on Bellowing Waves Island making the second line of defense. If these soldiers rushed over, then they might be able to defend or even defeat this beast group.

But, something unexpected happened at that time.

The reinforcement the soldiers were waiting for didn’t come, but there was an unexpected disaster. No one knew when but seawater had suddenly leaked into the solid armored warships and they sank quickly. The soldiers standing on the deck didn’t even have time to react and the seawater had already reached their ankle, then knee, thigh……

The Five Step Fragrance with astonishing corrosive nature refined day and night by Zhu Sijia finally showed effect.

Li Dingxi and the other disciples of Bellowing Waves Sect lived up to expectations. They successfully collaborated with slaves on the lowest floor of warships, creating a hole on the bottom of the warships.

The soldiers who were still gritting their teeth and holding on, waiting for a reinforcement trembled with terror. They then screamed and dispersed in confusion.

The ferocious Gnu Alligators roared loudly and rushed forward seizing this chance. And the beast group was finally able to pierce through this line of defense made of armored warships. The vast and mighty beast group then rushed everywhere and massacred all soldiers around. The death of one soldier meant losing one, but Gnu Alligators were endless. It was impossible to kill all of them. At this moment, even daring soldiers gave up all hopes.

This army under Qing Tianhou which was known as Dingxi army that suppressed the Western Regions dispersed in confusion and collapsed thoroughly. Even after holding on for so long, they were unable to defend. It was a hopeless situation. Even the leaders of armored warships also ran all around.


Turning around and seeing the sudden changes in the harbor, Lord Qi shouted himself hoarse and his limbs turned ice-cold.

At that time, a hint of red light flashed and a figure shot straight towards Lord Qi.

Plague Archfiend Abasi who had been hiding all along finally made a move. He just had one mission. It was to give a fatal blow to Lord Qi at the critical moment!

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