Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 484

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 484: You are screwed

The drumbeats suddenly stopped.

On the altar, the complexion of remaining five peak Daoist Master realm experts became pale as they struggled against the siege of Ye Chuan’s group. And in the blink of an eye, two more people fell, leaving behind only three people.

Like Rain Demon, these experts were also the guests invited by Qing Tianhou, spending a lot of money. Their status was aloof and they cultivated various kind of distinctive technique. Under normal circumstances, it was almost impossible for Ye Chuan’s group to defeat them, but this was not a normal situation. All seven of them were already exhausted, in addition, they were caught unprepared by Ye Chuan’s group, thus, the surprise attack of Ye Chuan was very effective.

Old Demon of Mount Yin’s laughter reverberated throughout the sky, but he no longer attacked the remaining three experts, he instead led everyone to intercept the attack of numerous guards under the altar. The three experts on the altar were set aside for Ye Chuan and Rain Demon. In this two against three match, although there was a disadvantage of one person and the cultivation of Ye Chuan was also comparatively lower, not only Ye Chuan’s group was not defeated, the more they found, they more advantage they seized. The extraordinary technique of Rain Demon was the main reason.

After taking specially made pill and submitting to Ye Chuan, Rain Demon was dead set on following Ye Chuan and he even exerted himself more than in the past.

He had already betrayed Qing Tianhou who was ruthless to betrayers. If this plan failed and he fell into the hands of Lord Qi, then only a tragic ending would be waiting for him. Thus, he had no choice but to exert himself more. A large number of raindrop blades appeared outside his body and he initiated a ferocious attack on those three experts at the same time. His every move was fatal, clearly displaying the true qualities of the peak assassin. At this moment, Ye Chuan who had rushed first to the altar became his support. He was waving Iron Blooded Banner to support from one side. Now, Rain Demon was the main attacker and Ye Chuan was the main defender. He waved Iron Blooded Banner to tightly defend their vital parts.


“Damn you, Rain Demon, brothers, above, kill this traitor!”

Under the altar, the guards rushed over one after another. Even the remaining soldiers of the military camp rushed over upon hearing the news. Among them, there was no lack of powerful experts. At this moment, everyone understood that they had made a fatal mistake. Since Ye Chuan and Rain Demon had infiltrated and seized Tianhou Wardrum right under their nose, the guards on the scene would not have a good ending now. After this battle was over, they were certain to suffer the corporal punishment that would make them feel death was better than life. Now, if they quickly rushed over and killed Ye Chuan’s group, they would have a slim chance of survival, atoning for a crime by good deeds.

The guards gritted their teeth and rushed over, trying to attack the altar, unfortunately, they were already late. Cloud Mist Sect had occupied the commanding elevation and under the leadership of Old Demon of Mount Yin, they blocked these guards.

Not far away, Sea Demon Patriarch and others didn’t waste the time and went straight towards the underground grotto in the middle of the military camp with deputy commander Liu Yuan leading the way. Since the campsite was chaotic and soldiers were rushing back and forth, no one noticed this group. Even if there was a guard, upon seeing deputy commander Liu Yuan in the front, they subconsciously let them pass, no one dared to stop them. But, they never thought that Liu Yuan had already betrayed Qing Tianhou like Rain Demon.

The group of Sea Demon Patriarch quickly went away. Only one person stayed behind, lurking near the altar. This person was Plague Archfiend Abasi who had the strongest cultivation base among the group of Ye Chuan.

Above and below the altar, the battle was especially fierce. Even Ye Chuan was in danger and nearly died again and again under the hands of these three experts. The numbers of soldiers who rushed over upon hearing the news were also increasing, as a result, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were feeling even more pressure. But, Plague Archfiend Abasi remained unmoved, he continued to lurk in the darkness. It was not because he was a coward or lazy, rather he had another task instructed by Ye Chuan.

Roar! On the sea, an ear deafening roar resounded again and the attack of beast group became fiercer.

Originally, under the effect of Tianhou Wardrum, widespread chaos had occurred in the midst of beast group, and there was even a sign of collapse, but immediately after the drumbeat stopped, Gnu Alligator King who was in the midst of the beast group quickly realized this opportunity. It ordered the beast group to initiate ferocious attacks again. Then, the beast group gathered together in a formation and attack the defense line of soldiers again with earth-shaking momentum. This attack was even fiercer than before.

The soldiers who had attacked fanatically for a good while quickly became tired and the sign of collapse appeared. Lord Qi repeatedly issued commands and he even rushed forward to attack the beast group in person, but it was still of no avail. Even if he killed a wave of beast group, the bigger wave of beasts would take its place in an instant. It was impossible to wipe out this fierce group of Gnu Alligators. And if this goes on like this, then it would not take long before the soldiers collapse completely.

Lord Qi suddenly turned around and returned to military camp holding his scimitar, then pounced onto the towering altar.

The key to whether he could win this battle or not was this Tianhou Wardrum on the altar. And if he wanted to successfully defend Bellowing Waves Island and rout this beast group, then he must kill the group of Ye Chuan first!

Under anger, the speed of Lord Qi was very fast. He flinted across the sky like a seabird and instantly appeared in the military camp. He then exerted power on his tiptoe and jump over towards Ye Chuan and Rain Demon on the altar. In the blink of an eye, now, there was only one expert on the altar. He was holding on with great difficulty. If this expert also fell, then Tianhou Wardrum would fall into others’ hand and he would completely lose all hopes to successfully defend Bellowing Waves Island.

A dark vine suddenly appeared in the sky and ferociously whipped towards Lord Qi.

Old Demon of Mount Yin intercepted Lord Qi while laughing. But, the complexion of the latter was cold, he continued to fly upward while spinning, easily dodging the interception of Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, just when he was about to continue forward in a spurt of energy, a tough vine swayed and rapidly bound his right leg.

In his heart, Old Demon of Mount Yin knew full well that he was not the opponent of Lord Qi, but he didn’t give up, he stubbornly obstructed the murderous Lord Qi.

The eyes of Lord Qi who was already burning with impatience flashed with pallid light. He flew into the rage and grabbing the vine that bound his leg, he pulled it and Old Demon of Mount Yin was pulled in front of him.

Then, a blade light made an arc in the sky.

Old Demon of Mount Yin let out a muffled groan. His chest was cut ruthlessly and he bled like a pig. He was nearly chopped into two with this single slash.


Lord Qi roared loudly and brandished his scimitar again, wanting to cut off the head of Old Demon of Mount Yin. This bade slash was even faster. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin didn’t have enough time to dodge because he was already injured heavily.

A blood-red banner hit the sharp blade of Lord Qi away.

Ye Chuan was already prepared. He left the final expert on the altar to Rain Demon and flew over to save the life of Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“Ye Chuan, it’s you.”

Lord Qi turned around and landed on the wooden ladder on the lower part of the altar. He looked solemn, surprised and also furious. Just seeing the blood red Iron Blooded Banner, he immediately guessed the identity of Ye Chuan.

“Hahaha, correct, it’s me. Lord Qi, we meet again.” Ye Chuan took off the helmet and faced the pressure of Lord Qi head-on.

“Good, good, actually bewitching Rain Demon into betraying us, boy, you truly have some skill. Last time, you almost died here, but you still dared to sneak in again, you are truly courageous. You have both courage and cunning, worthy of being the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, unfortunately, just like this, today, you are screwed! If I cannot kill you here, then I, Na Zhen, will not have any face to see Lord Qing Tianhou and commit suicide here on this altar!”

Lord Qi Na Zhen said word by word and before he hardly finished speaking, he ferociously rushed towards Ye Chuan, making a poisonous oath in public.

You will die here, and I will live!

Lord Qi initiated an all-out attack without holding back even a bit!

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