Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 483

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 483: Deadly surprise attack

The drumbeats resounded throughout the sea and the soldiers became more and more fanatical. They were actually able to block the beast group again, moreover, even initiated a counterattack.

Now, the vast and mighty beast group that was unstoppable throughout the way was in chaos.

The roars of Gnu Alligator King resounded again and again, unfortunately, the attack of beast group appeared useless again and again. They were unable to rout the defense line made of armored warships.

On the warship, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors became nervous.

Once the beast group was defeated, their action plan would be greatly affected. Then, it would be difficult to say whether they would be able to enter Lost City or not.

The people who originally were impatient to disembark and immediately enter the Lost City became nervous. The same was true for Sea Demon Patriarch. As Ye Chuan had expected, Lord Qi was over suspicious and cunning. He left behind many experts on Bellowing Waves Island to form the second line of defense. If they had rushed up rashly, then they might have gotten wiped out!

“Your Excellency Patriarch, let’s start the operation now, I will take some people to kill those experts on the altar and seize that Qingtian Wardrum. You lead others to sneak into the underground grotto and open up the passage to Lost City. Liu Yuan, you will show the way to His Excellency patriarch; Rain Demon, you will come with me, let’s go!” Ye Chuan gave orders and everyone on the armored warship began to make a move, sailing towards Bellowing Waves Island.

And when they were 100 meters away from the opposite shore, everyone jumped off the warship, then dividing into two groups, one group followed Sea Demon Patriarch and proceeded towards the underground grotto in the middle of the military camp with Liu Yuan showing the way; as for the other group, it was led by Ye Chuan. They went straight towards the altar of the military camp with assassin Rain Demon leading the way.

When Sea Demon Patriarch was nervously walking back and forth, Ye Chuan who had been inactive before, suddenly made a move. Seeing there was an opportunity, he immediately moved.

The reason why the soldiers suddenly became so brave was that Qingtian Wardrum on the altar. This was the trump card of Lord Qi and also the second line of defense. Destroying this trump card would definitely deal a deadly blow to soldiers. And at the same time, he could lure the tiger out of the mountain, letting the other group smoothly enter the Lost City!

After Ye Chuan made a prompt decision, the entire group quickly arrived in front of the military camp.


“Deserting the battlefield, kill them without pardon!”

The guards standing in front of the big door pulled out their swords in succession and shouted loudly emitting dense killing intent.

According to the command of Lord Qi, once the war started, no one was allowed to retreat and all who disobeyed this order should be beheaded.

The soldiers that stayed behind on island were not only for the second line of defense, they were also for monitoring the deserters. If they found a deserter fleeing back, there was only one result, i.e., beheading in public.

Ye Chuan and his group wore standard armor and helmet of soldiers, so at first glance, those guards didn’t notice anything unusual and regarded them as deserters.

“Bastard, open your dog eyes and see who this lordship is.”

Rain Demon took off his helmet, and even while facing numerous soldiers, he forcibly led everyone forward with dense killing intent and said ferociously: “Lord Qi has ordered, experts of unknown forces have appeared in nearby waters, so he dispatched us back to reinforce the defense of the altar. Scram out of this lordship’s way!”

The killing intent of Rain Demon was surging. Although his hands were empty, just opening his hand, a dozen or so raindrop blades appeared on his palm. Now, he appeared as if he was going to kill everyone who blocked his way.

The soldiers defending the entrance hesitated and after looking at each other, they obediently moved sideways, opening the path.

The group of Ye Chuan rushed into the military camp like a gust of the wind and ran straight towards the altar.

On the altar, those seven peak Daoist Master realm experts were using all their energy to hit the wardrum. They ignored everything else. Their sole mission was to hit this wardrum, they don’t need to bother with other matters according to the orders of Lord Qi. But, even if they wanted to concern themselves with other matters, they didn’t have extra energy. The power of Qingtian Wardrum was extraordinary, and it was a big killing weapon on the battlefield, but to hit this kind of wardrum, even peak Daoist master realm experts needed to spend a lot of energy. Merely after a short time, all seven peak Daoist Master realm experts were already sweating profusely and their arms were aching and numb. Every time they needed to use all their strength to hit this wardrum.

There were also over a thousand elite soldiers strictly guarding around the altar. But, seeing the guards of the entrance had let them pass, they also followed suit. They didn’t dare to stop murderous-looking group of Ye Chuan and Rain Demon.

Rain Demon was the guest personally invited by Lord Qing Tianhou, in addition, he was counted as one of the very best assassins of Wilderness World, so everyone recognized this heaven-defying assassin Rain Demon.

Seeing Rain Demon had personally led the group and the group behind him was also wearing the standard battle armor, the elite guards simply weren’t suspicious at all. No one blocked their way and some even prepared to step forward and curry favor with them.

But, to the surprise of everyone, the group of Rain Demon didn’t stop at all. They also didn’t defend the altar, instead they jumped towards the altar, and when they were still in midair, they pulled out weapons in succession with dense killing intent. In particular, Rain Demon in the front was most eye-catching. Suddenly, over a hundred raindrop blades appeared around him, and they shot towards those seven peak Daoist Master realm experts on the altar along with whistling sounds. How was this coming to protect the altar, this was clearly coming to kill!

“Not good, enemy, they are traitors!”

“Rain Demon, you are bold, kill, brothers, stop them!”

The guards shouted loudly after noticing the unusualness. They then rushed over in succession to intercept. Unfortunately, they were already too late.

Ye Chuan who had been intentionally following behind Rain Demon suddenly accelerated and swung his Iron Blooded Banner. The heavy Iron Blooded Banner shot forward like a spear and ruthlessly stabbed an expert. The latter immediately lost his life.

Among the seven experts on the altar, each one was peak Daoist Master realm expert. In terms of cultivation base, Ye Chuan who was only Rank 4 Daoist Master realm was far from being comparable, but, at this moment, those seven experts had already spent a large amount of their energy to use Qingtian Wardrum, in addition, they were caught unprepared, thus, the sneak attack of Ye Chuan was successful.

The remaining six experts quickly responded. At that time, the raindrop blades of Rain Demon whistled. Although these six experts avoided injuring their vital parts, numerous bloody wounds appeared on their blood.

“Rain Demon, it’s you. You are so daring, I……”

Seeing it was Rain Demon, one of the experts flew into a rage and raising the heavy wooden club, when he was about to rush up, a tough vine suddenly sprang out of the flank below his legs and quickly bound his body.


This expert screamed, then this scream came to an abrupt stop. That terrifying vine had pierced through his mouth and enlarged in his throat to block his scream. Then, his robust body began to wither. All his qi, blood and energy was completely absorbed by a terrifying vine.

“Kakaka, let this battle become even fiercer, kakakaka……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and also rushed in from of Rain Demon, becoming the second person to stand on the altar after Ye Chuan.

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