Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 482

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 482: Qingtian Wardrum

The killings of the beast group and army became increasingly fiercer.

At this moment, Ye Chuan was also wearing armor, revealing only his pair of eyes. He was indifferently watching this fierce battle between Lord Qi and Gnu Alligator King standing on the deck.

Hard work pays off, this greater part of this action was successful, they were able to smoothly led this yao beast wave to Bellowing Waves Island. Even if Lord Qi was powerful, the army under him will definitely suffer heavy casualties!

“Noble son Ye, what should we do now?” Sea Demon Patriarch quietly walked over to Ye Chuan. He was also wearing the standard battle armor of soldiers.

As the patriarch of Sea Demon Clan, he had tread through many storms in the past and was very knowledgeable, so, he was somewhat proud of himself, but now, witnessing this fierce battle between the army and the beast group, Ye was completely convinced by Ye Chuan. Leading the calamity away, he made the army of Qing Tianhou suffer heavy casualties, who dared to think like that, and who could do that?

If ordinary people faced either 200,000 elites or the beast wave formed by over one million Gnu Alligators, they would flee at the mere sight of them. Even if they had eaten the guts of leopard, they wouldn’t dare to approach, who would dare have any thought on these two giants?

Not only Ye Chuan dared to have thoughts, he also truly accomplished that!

“Wait, it’s not the time yet, wait a bit more.”

Ye Chuan stood without moving and continued to watch the fierce battle between Lord Qi and Gnu Alligator King.

Although the main force of the army had already joined the battle, clearly, there were still many soldiers in the military camp, moreover, there was no lack of powerful experts there. Lord Qi was innately cunning and was the number one adviser under Qing Tianhou, thus, when handling matters, he would never risk everything on a single venture. He would always secure the room for maneuver. These 300 armored warships were just the first line of defense, on the island, there must be the second line of defense or even the third line of defense. If they rashly rush in, then they might suffer a powerful ambush.

Since the plan was already successful and Bellowing Waves Island was right in front of them, Sea Demon Patriarch and others were burning with impatience. They couldn’t wait to rush into Lost City. But, Ye Chuan maintained his calm. It was not that he didn’t want to enter Lost City in advance, rather with his experience, he knew that one should be calmer when the situation was more critical. One absolutely shouldn’t be rash. There were many experts who died at the last moment during the exploration of the ominous domains because they were too excited and impatient, turning extreme joy to sorrow.

Sea Demon Patriarch became silent, he didn’t speak again, but he repeatedly looked towards not far away Bellowing Waves Island. He clearly was very impatient. He wanted to enter Lost City now. The duration of the defensive restriction of Lost City being weak was limited, they shouldn’t waste time, otherwise, they might be too late to open the entrance and had to wait another one hundred years. But, after one hundred years, no one knew whether they would still be alive or not. In addition, no one knew what had become of Wilderness World.

The turmoil in Wilderness World not only deeply affected the overall situation, but it had even spread to Overseas World. The pressure on the steadily deteriorating Sea Demon Clan was very huge. If they didn’t enter their racial Holy Land and obtain their guardian holy item, perhaps, they will truly become extinct!

Since this was the matter of no concern to Ye Chuan, he could keep calm and continue to wait, but the old Sea Demon Patriarch who didn’t have much to live was clearly impatient.

“Patriarch, you say, who will win in this fierce battle?” Ye Chuan suddenly asked.

“These beasts for sure, the soldiers will not be able to keep up.” Sea Demon Patriarch answered.

Relying on his powerful cultivation base, Lord Qi gradually occupied an advantageous position and gave bloody wounds to Gnu Alligator King. But, looking throughout the battlefield, soldiers were clearly in the disadvantageous position. No matter how fierce the soldiers were, the soldiers were still a human and they feared death. But, the Gnu Alligators were advancing wave upon wave, they knew perfectly well that they would die, but, they still ran straight to the swords of soldiers, exchanging a life for a life. This kind of battle was very tragic and the bold and powerful soldiers were slowly getting nervous and fearful. But, what was even more frightening was, those Gnu Alligators were still attacking fiercely with no sign of stopping. If one was killed, another ten or even over a hundred would replace it and then attack ferociously. Looking around, there were still countless Gnu Alligators. As for the soldiers, the death of one was lacking one, moreover, accidentally falling into the sea was also certain death. If this continues, then the soldiers would be wiped out sooner or later!

“Not necessarily, Qing Tianhou had not appeared from the start and he had made Lord Qi deal with such an important matter, this meant that the latter definitely has a trump card. At the very least, there are still many experts on the island. Compared to ordinary soldiers, they are the true powerful force!” Ye Chuan said, looking at the military camp with many fluttering flags. He had seen many cultivators dressed differently than soldiers and also had sensed several powerful auras.

Ye Chuan kept his clam and watched every detail of this battlefield. Sure enough, before long, everyone understood that he was right again.

After a faint, Gnu Alligator King unexpectedly turned around and fled into the beast group. Since it alone was not the opponent of Lord Qi, it ordered the beast group to launch an all-out attack, wanting to use the number of Gnu Alligators to crush everything in front of them. For it, Ye Chuan’s group and these soldiers were from the same group, thus, it wanted to destroy all these armored warships and exterminate Bellowing Waves Island.

Along with an ear deafening roar, the beast group began to charge, and many Gnu Alligators jumped onto the armored warships ignoring the arrows and began to attack soldiers ferociously.


Lord Qi bravely stepped forward and actually entered this beast group by himself. He wanted to get rid of injured Gnu Alligator King. He swept away all obstacles in front of him and pushed forward, displaying the combat power of a Half-Sage realm expert. Compared to Ye Chuan and others, his attacks were more powerful. Unfortunately, Gnu Alligator King who had returned to the beast group was like a tiger that has grown wings. Moreover, it could hide among numerous Gnu Alligators, so, let alone killing it, it was basically impossible to find it.

After courageously charging for a while, Lord Qi knew that things couldn’t go on like this and he had to retreat. He then looked at numerous soldiers retreating again and again in defeat and hesitated for a while. After that, he waved his hand and shot an arrow towards the sky.

Dong! A muffled drumbeat suddenly came from the military camp of Bellowing Waves Island.

This drumbeat had a very powerful penetrating power, it was even more powerful than the dragon roar of Little Long’er. When this drumbeat rang, the heart of everyone including Ye Chuan shook. The effect on Gnu Alligators was even bigger. In the blink of an eye, their movement stiffened and they trembled as if their heart was blasted by that invisible drumbeat.

Dong, dong, dong……

The low and powerful drumbeats were getting louder and louder and also faster and faster. In the military camp, a huge altar slowly rose. There were seven peak Daoist Master realm experts standing on that altar. All of them held a wooden club that was over ten thousand jin heavy and they hit one bronze drum located at the center of the altar one after another. Their movement was uniform. It was unknown what materials were used to forge this bronze drum, but its drumbeat was low and powerful which directly shook the spirit of people. In addition, with every beat, it appeared as if the heart wanted to jump out following the beat and the blood boiled.


The soldiers roared loudly as their morale was boosted by these drumbeats and they became fanatical in succession. After that, they looked death calmly in the face and spared no effort to attack those Gnu Alligators jumped onto the deck. Some even jumped into the sea with red eyes and desperately attacked the Gnu Alligators.

Under the pressure of Gnu Alligators, Lord Qi was finally forced to signal the use of the trump card stationed on Bellowing Waves Island!

“It’s Qingtian Wardrum, I can’t be wrong, it is definitely that legendary Qingtian Wardrum!”

On the deck, Zhu Sijia exclaimed, recalling a report from a scout of Cloud Mist Sect.

According to the reliable information, Qing Tianhou who had suddenly rise to the prominence had swept through the western region and conquered numerous tribes with this Qingtian Wardrum. It was said that, this Qingtian Drum had the will of a big shot of the world beyond the highest heaven. In the battlefield, it was a big killing weapon to sweep through the enemies. Anyone who had this kind of big killing weapon as a trump card wouldn’t reveal it easily. Since Lord Qi had used this wardrum, it seemed that Lord Qi was also unable to hold on.

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