Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 481

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 481: Valorous and peerless

The speed of beast group was very fast. They ferociously collided head-on into the army just outside the harbor.

About a dozen of armored warships in the front was torn apart by the beast tide and sunk. All the soldiers onboard also fell into the water and they spared no effort to swim back. The result, in a single wave, those ferocious Gnu Alligators tore them into pieces and were dragged to the bottom of the sea.

Several thousand soldiers suddenly ceased to exist.

The soldiers on the other armored warships became pale. After witnessing the ferocity of this beast group, all of them trembled with terror, but under the shout of the leaders of different levels, they counterattacked like mad. Now, more than 200 armored warships tightly blocked the harbor and entrance to the island. The ballistae roared and heavy arrows frequently pierced through seven or eight Gnu Alligators before they lose power. The arrows that were shot from the armored warships came down in torrents like rain. Soon, the seawater was dyed red by blood and it was filled with floating corpses. Among these corpses, there were soldier’s corpses and even more corpses of Gnu Alligators.

With nearly 200,000 elite soldiers shooting the arrows, the destructive power was astonishing. It was incomparable to only 200 or 300 people of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon Clan shooting arrows.

Before, Ye Chuan had led everyone to meet this beast group head-on and forcibly crushed all the Gnu Alligators in the way to pave a bloody path. This attack was fierce and swift for the short term, but it wouldn’t last long, and it was even more impossible to completely block this vast and might yao beast wave like that. However, at this moment, the army under Qing Tianhou had done it. These 200,000 soldiers gathered together and forcibly stopped this yao beast wave regardless of their causalities.

Rows after rows of these Gnu Alligators fell, but armored warships also sunk and the soldiers onboard were submerged by this yao beast wave. Although this yao beast wave was blocked, the army also paid the heavy price.

At this moment, no one noticed where Rain Demon and deputy commander Liu Yuan were, and after the yao beast wave was drawn over, their armored warship had disappeared among the numerous identical armored warships. No one noticed that there was a somewhat distinctive warship among the many warships of the army. Although the warship was exactly the same and many soldiers also stood on the deck, unlike other soldiers who had hastily boarded the warships, these soldiers were fully armored. Their entire body was covered, revealing only a pair of eyes. Under the leadership of deputy commander Liu Yuan, they also drew arrows, but the arrows they shot were weak without any strength. No need to speak that it didn’t have enough power to kill Gnu Alligators, they often accidentally injured the soldiers of other warships.

Ye Chuan’s group wore the standard battle armor of the army under Qing Tianhou. On the surface, they pretend to attack Gnu Alligators to not get discovered, but their warship moved all around without any trace, in addition, they secretly snipe down the leader of various armored warships. In the midst of the chaotic warfare, the formation was basically disorderly, no one noticed the unusualness of this warship. Even if someone was discontented, upon seeing deputy commander Liu Yuan who was shouting loudly, they weren’t suspicious.

In order to avoid attracting too much attention and quickly give away his position, Ye Chuan’s group sniped mid and low level leaders of the warships. They intentionally didn’t snipe the main leader of the warships. For a short while, the effect was not very significant, but the effect slowly showed up. Without the command of mid and low level commanders, the attacks of soldiers began to get chaotic and were even interrupted, moreover, their cooperation became more and more rigid. Even though the main leader was shouting loudly, the lack of mid and low level leaders for cooperation made it harder to transmit the orders to soldiers. Slowly, the chaos spread, all armored warships fell into their respective battle. They were unable to concentrate on fighting against the ferocious yao beast wave.

Roar! From the midst of numerous Gnu Alligators, a thunderous roar resounded.

Gnu Alligator King who remained hidden in the midst of the beast group decisively seized this chance, it roared loudly and those Gnu Alligators attacked even more ferociously. Those yao beasts boldly rushed forward without the fear of death and suddenly split into three groups. One group still charged straight forward, one group jumped like a fish onto armored warships and the final group dived into the water, wanting to bypass this blockade of armored warships via underwater, then make a pincer attack.

The sounds of screaming suddenly increased.

This change in the formation of Gnu Alligators quickly obtained an outstanding result. This unforeseen attack made hit soldiers hard and suffered heavy casualties. At that time, a leader stood out, jumped onto the mast and ordered all warships to compress their formation and concentrate their power, the result, before he finished speaking, an especially large Gnu Alligator jumped up along with the sea wave and a white light streak across the night sky. The tongue it stuck out coiled around the mouth of this leader, it then bit his neck to death. After that, it raised its head and roared loudly while its dense killing intent spread all over. Next, numerous Gnu Alligators became fanatical.

Since Gnu Alligator King had stood out, this encouraged the morale of Gnu Alligators and under its command, their attacks became even more ferocious. Almost in an instant, 20 armored warships fell apart. Some warships were torn apart by this beast group and some warships were fine, but the soldiers standing on the deck were unable to hold on. They turn and fled, but those who were slow to jump off the deck were torn into pieces by Gnu Alligators.

“Audacious beast, this lord will peel off your skin today!”

On the sea, a robust and powerful old man holding a scimitar came stepping on the wave. People then only heard a buzzing sound of the blade vibrating, but that old man had already slashed Gnu Alligator King with his scimitar. The latter shook and some scales on its body cracked open. It was also sent flying as its badly mangled wound spurted blood.

Lord Qi jumped into the battle and personally made a move to deal with this overbearing Gnu Alligator King.

“Lord Qi is mighty!”


The soldiers cheered loudly and their morale was boosted. They immediately initiated a swift and fierce counterattack, blocking the attack of this yao beast wave once again. When the distance was close and they could no longer use crossbows, they just pulled out their swords and rushed up to kill the Gnu Alligators that had jumped onto the deck.

The arrival of Lord Qi greatly boosted the morale of the soldiers. But, Lord Qi himself however was not excited at all.

That slash of just a moment appeared ordinary without any profoundness, but in fact, it was already his full powered attack. He thought that he would be able to cut this Gnu Alligator King who was caught unprepared into two pieces with this single slash, then rout this beast group without a leader in a spurt of energy, but to his surprise, even his full powered slash was only able to give it a shallow wound. One could well imagine how hard the shell of this Gnu Alligator King was!

Roar! Gnu Alligator King roared and rushed over again, then initiated a desperate attack on Lord Qi. Although its realm was just equivalent to a peak Daoist Master realm expert, perhaps, it had innately valorous attribute, or perhaps, it was especially fierce after being injured, it was actually able to give a hard fight to Half-Sage realm Lord Qi for a short time. Then, the battle between the army and yao beast wave became even more tragic.


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