Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 480

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 480: Unexpected disaster

The night got darker and darker. And in the harbor of Bellowing Waves Island, it was calm and tranquil even though it was filled with different sized boats. Among them, the most conspicuous were naturally those roughly 300 armored warships. This was the main force of Qing Tianhou’s army. Allegedly, each one of those armored warships was forged using more than ten thousand jin refined iron, in addition, Qing Tianhou had personally made a move to seize the iron ores and was also involved in their creation, consuming a large amount of manpower and materials.

Under the dim light of night, the soldiers who rarely had a chance to get together were partying throughout the night, but, there were still who stood fast at their post, merely, there were not many of them.

Some soldiers who had jumped into the sea to swim after having drunk and eaten to their heart’s content were the first people to discover the unusualness. After swimming for a bit, these few soldiers noticed strange waves on the sea surface. These waves weren’t high, but they came rapidly and they weren’t smooth. Those soldiers who were fooling around in the sea didn’t understand what was going on with this situation. It didn’t resemble a tidal wave and also didn’t resemble the storm, instead was somewhat similar to the ripples before an earthquake.

Immediately after these soldiers, a guard who was standing on the mast also noticed the unusualness. Due to the darkness, he couldn’t see anything in the distance, but he vaguely heard strange sounds. A series of muffled sounds vaguely came from the distant place shrouded with darkness. Those sounds resembled thunder and also resembled roars of yao beasts.

In the vast sea, there were many kinds of yao beasts. Allegedly, there were several times more yao beasts in the vast sea compared to the mainland. Therefore, after the nightfall, it was normal to hear the roars of yao beasts, but the guard standing on the mast was alert because of a very simple reason.

Since the army destroyed Bellowing Waves Seat and forcibly occupied this island, only a very few yao beasts come in the nearby waters. And especially tonight, since all the soldiers had returned, there was the entire army of 200,000 soldiers here, which yao beast didn’t have eyes and dare to come here? No matter the reason, for a yao beast to act wantonly in nearby waters now was odd.

The strange muffled sounds were getting clearer and clearer, moreover, those sounds were accompanied by the sound of something tearing through the wave.

The guard on the mast who was already somewhat drunk woke up with a start. He threw the wine pot away and then drawing his bow, he shot a specially made arrow towards the sky.

A dazzling light streak across the sky like a meteor, indistinctly illuminating the distant place shrouded in darkness.

The guard standing on the mast was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

With the help of the light of that arrow, he saw the most shocking scene in his life. At some distance, an armored warship had appeared at an unknown time. It was sailing towards Bellowing Waves Island at full speed and there was uncountable Gnu Alligators behind it. He couldn’t see the end of those thickly dotted Gnu Alligators. They were chasing relentlessly after the armored warship like a tide while roaring.

Who is that?

Guest Rain Demon, and……, deputy commander Liu Yuan?

The speed of the armored warship and the beast group was very fast. In the blink of an eye, the guard was able to vaguely see two familiar figures. Rain Demon and deputy commander Liu Yuan were standing on the deck. They were shouting something while waving a bright red flag which meant ‘sound an alarm’.

A hurried horn sound resounded throughout the night sky.

The guard standing on the mast finally came back to his sense and blew the horn hanging on his waist with all his might.

The very first reaction upon hearing the alarm was, those guards of various armored warships who were negligent in their duties hastily climbed up their warships’ mast, then whistling sounds of arrows resounded one after another. The specially made arrows shot towards the sky and dazzled the night sky. This time, the distance of the beast group was closer. They were less than ten li away and in the blink of an, it reduced to 7 li away.

Seeing the beast group behind that armored warship, all guards were dumbfounded, and soon, the sounds of horn resounded throughout the sky. Everyone was blowing their horn with all their strength.

“Enemy attack, it’s the beast group!”

“Board and start the warship, then lay out the defense lines to block that beast tide, don’t let them rush in, quick!”

“Board the warship, board the warship, quick!”


The leaders of different levels shouted loudly and the soldiers rushed out from the island in an extremely awkward position. They didn’t have enough time to wear a helmet or armor. They hastily boarded the warships that were docked in the harbor. Then, the soldiers at the lowest floor cabin began to crazily whip the slaves who were resting. After that, the huge armored warships began to move quickly.

The ear defeating roars as well as the earth-shaking sounds of sea waves were getting closer and closer. Even without the command of their leaders, the soldiers also felt intense danger and got into action in succession.

From the underground grotto, a tall figure rushed out.

With the help of sandalwood, Lord Qi had finally calmed down and meditate with great difficulty. But now, due to this hustling and bustling, he woke up, and he hastily rushed out and roared, “What’s the matter? Guards, what happened?”

A few bodyguards hastily rushed over, but not waiting for them to give a report, Lord Qi jumped onto a tall tree and clearly saw the situation of the sea.

In the harbor, armored warships were hastily setting sail and the soldiers standing on the deck were in chaos. There were many soldiers with naked upper body as he didn’t have time to wear anything, and some were even barefooted. The soldiers had boarded the warships, but they had left behind their weapons and armors. Now, they were looking for weapons in a great mess. Then, some li away, an armored warship was sailing over at full speed, and behind it, there was a close and numerous beast tide whose ends couldn’t be seen.

The limbs of Lord Qi suddenly become ice-cold. His face became pale and he sweated profusely.

Unexpected disaster, but this was absolutely a catastrophe that could be avoided!

The matter Lord Qi had been most worried about was happening. Looking at this yao beast tide gushing towards them, he knew that this was anything but reassuring. Clearly, the soldiers were not prepared and had just rushed to the warships to meet the enemy head-on, wasn’t his just courting death?

“Lord Qi, enemy……, enemy attack, the yao beasts are attacking!” The bodyguard captain finally reported to Lord Qi.

But, Lord Qi unusually didn’t utter a sound. He was silent in this critical moment. This made bodyguard captain feel far from good. He subconsciously looked up and just happened to see Lord Qi coldly looking over without any expression.

The robust bodyguard captain petrified as he muttered, “Lord……, Lord Qi, enemy……, enemy attack……”

“So, you also know the enemy is attacking?”

Lord Qi coldly said, “Before, didn’t I instruct you to transmit my orders? Did you truly supervise the soldiers? What exactly is the use for your eyes?”

“Lord Qi, I……” The bodyguard captain sweated profusely and trembled. He knew that this situation was far from good, but before he could explain himself, a cold light flashed before his eyes and his head was separated from his body.

Now, there was a scimitar glimmering with pallid light in the hand of Lord Qi.

With just one slash, this bodyguard captain who was a Rank 6 Daoist Master realm expert was beheaded. Let alone dodging, he didn’t even have time to scream.

“Transmit my orders, fight to the death, you must not let a single yao beast step in this island.” Lord Qi ordered in a low voice. He didn’t even look at the corpse of the bodyguard captain.


All the reaming bodyguards trembled and they hastily bowed to receive the order, then they turned around and left like fleeing for their life. Behind, the killing intent of Lord Qi soared and his face gradually twisted. The restriction of the Lost City was already weakened and the entrance will manifest in one or two days, at this moment, he absolutely cannot let these yao beasts rush into this island to ruin the big matter, otherwise, he will be the first person to be beheaded by Qing Tianhou.

Thinking about the means of Qing Tianhou, this ruthless Lord Qi also trembled with fear. He must defend Bellowing Waves Island at any cost.


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